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  1. ” Sarkozy has done nothing during his tenure to stop the mass invasion of arabs and blacks into France. Sarkozy said that the native Celtic and Germanic French should miscegenate with blacks and arabs- by force if necessary. ”

    That’s more-or-less true of all the leaders in the west – which is disappointing and extremely frustrating and I guess Brevik saw this across Europe. But, now its different because the National Front have his feet over a fire. Plus, once the economy tanks and unemployment hits 20 or 30% and there’s not enough money for the public pension plan, even the left-wingers won’t give a shit about immigrants.

  2. You do not have a response, then. I specifically addressed all the reasons, except possible relation to hillbillies. But nearly everyone in this entire region of the country descend from hillbillies and thus know all about the pure white trash that also lives there. And nobody but trash tries to whitewash hillbilly white niggers. Period. You have no such rational philosophical reason like you imply by saying I’d “never understand.”

  3. you wouldn’t understand because it’s a matter of kin and spirit

    those things clearly mean nothing to you so you wouldn’t understand

  4. Right. If one doesn’t identify with the very worst of white trash, then one doesn’t have the “spirit” required to advocate for a white world. I guess if one doesn’t spend time worrying about wanting the whites chronically in jail and in prison to represent the kind of people we want and are talking about with all this he or she doesn’t understand either.

    Your argument sounds a lot like the one used by DWL women whenever a man objects to their “Progressive” thinking. They always say such a man is a “hater of women.”

  5. ” Sarkozy has significant jewish ancestry. ”

    In the news this morning (Telegraph UK):

    ” Dominique Strauss-Kahn accuses Sarkozy allies of choreographing maid scandal – Dominique Strauss-Kahn has accused political allies of Nicolas Sarkozy of orchestrating the New York maid assault scandal that brought his bid for the French presidency crashing down. ”


    Its funny that DSK, who is Jewish, would accuse Sarkozy of this “encounter” he had with a black maid, who was apparently a muslim.

    This is twisted.

  6. Blacks have as a race no capability for abstract thought, none. Any attempt to instill in them as a whole some abstract non-sensical ideology will fail. Blacks only have “Race” and nothing else, not altogether bad especially since they are screwing up the left while they are at it. (taking liberalism down an alley and gang raping it to death). Even black conservatives plead their cases as how their particular brand of abstract hooey is “good for blacks.”

  7. my kin matter to me because they are my kin; you will never understand.

    your attempts to insult me are worthless

    we disagree, get over it; or is the mighty brutus to important to disagree with?

  8. I agree w/ RRS. (We live in the Age of Miracles!). This one Negrore may be a decent sort of chap – but he must go back with the other 999. He’s not US.

    The “good ones” are distractions. There are NO GOOD ONES.

  9. @Brutus

    “White trash” even at their worst, are NOT the same as niggers. Not even close. I was forced to grow up in a nigger ghetto, and I know better than anything, what the nigger is. In my entire life I’ve never met any “hillbillies” who, even at their trashiest, were anything approaching niggers. I would happily take the scummiest ‘white-trash’ family in the world as my neighbors, over the wealthiest, most ‘respectable’ black family, in a heartbeat.

  10. 313Chris: Spend a little bit of time in Appalachia and you might modify your opinion of White Trash. Everything Brutus said is true.

    My mother was from East Tennessee and she passed her opinion of White Trash hillbillies on to me. I still have some relatives in that part of the country and some of them are total White Niggers. They won’t keep a job, but they constantly whine because they don’t have a damn thing. I heard last week that one of the teenage girls had a baby and my first question was, “What color is it?”

    Stonelifter can keep his precious White Trash kin if he wants to, but I’m all for loading every last one of mine onto the car hauler ships with the niggers if that day ever comes.

    I don’t know if Black Trash has any say in their situation or not, but I know that my White Trash kin had a choice. Every family in that branch of my kin had kids that grew up and went to work, and kids that grew up to be pale niggers. The good ones always end up moving away from the trash.

    The only reason I know anything at all about those shit people is that my oldest sister took on the job of family historian, so she keeps in touch with some of the ones who are semi-human.

    Fuck White Trash. They need to be put on the extermination list right in between Black Trash and Mexican Trash.

    Trash is trash. What difference does the color make?

  11. @PBR

    “Trash is trash. What difference does the color make?”

    The worst white-trash couple can have white children that have the inherent biological capacity to be civilized human beings. But even the most civilized nigger couple will spawn offspring who’s natural, dominant, biological impulses are for destruction and savagery.

  12. 313Chris: Would you prefer to have your electronic shit ripped off by a nigger who’s gonna trade ten grand worth of shit for a hundred bucks worth of crack rocks or a White Trash piece of shit who’s gonna trade your stuff for a hundred bucks worth of Oxy.

    Personally, I think the only sensible answer is NEITHER.

    Trash is trash.

    Kill ’em all in a giant TRASH compactor.

    My area code used to be 313, too. I’ve known the same kind of niggers you’ve known. However, since then I have had the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life in every region of this country and I can tell you firsthand that their are plenty of Browns and Whites that will give those 313 niggers a run for their money when it comes to being pieces of shit.

    We are going to have to be more inclusive when the culling starts.

  13. I won’t begrudge the situation poor whites find themselves in(be it self inflicted or otherwise and both situations surely exist), thanks mostly to the fact that they aren’t the ones being shipped around the country via section 8.

  14. I pains me to see in this day and age that small minded bigots are still allowed to exercise freedom of speech, when the speech exercised is idiotic in nature.

    The funny thing is you spout on about mass killings of niggas as you put it or mexicans. Engage your brain for a second. Who comes after mexicans??????

    Surely not white people with brown hair, green eyes maybe even ginger.

    The fact you can’t figure out that you too, would no doubt eventually to be extinguished baffles me!!!!! The ignorance you portray only cements my opinion that all that is happening in the world today, is in some part down to your mis-guided opinions and in all totality primative nature. With the likes of yourselves walking the earth the end of days couldn’t come any sooner. Let me tell you though with unabating certainty, when that day does finally arrive, be sure it shall.


    You have chosen your path and the heat will forever engulf your heart and spirit.

    p.s def trasha. Empty words or ideas.
    b. Worthless or offensive literary or artistic material.
    c. Disparaging, often abusive speech about a person or group.
    4. A person or group of people regarded as worthless or contemptible.
    tr.v. trashed, trash·ing, trash·es

    kind of describes you guys better than I could ever do myself.

  15. Coonsby Agonistes

    Sing to me Muse of a negroed man who was driven to far places
    Where his black tumescence plundered the loins of vestal maidens
    Attracted to his bestial lair by cunning supplications and potent sauces.
    His pretentions lectured fellow blacks in righteous hypocrisy
    But he was destroyed by his own wanton recklessness and false made fame.
    No shill could change the lyrics of the mocking tunes sung by the racist choir.
    He never spoke of guilt but instead buried his woolly head behind the skirts of an old negress
    Branded forever a hollow coward that no amount of gold and silver could redeem.

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