Millennial Racial Attitudes

United States

Jamelle Bouie at The Nation writes:

“The results weren’t heartening. Overall, 46 percent of Millennials agree that the government pays too much attention to the problems of minorities, with 49 percent who disagree. 48 percent also agree that discrimination against whites is a genuine problem. When you disaggregate by race and count only white Millennials, the picture is much worse.

A solid majority of white Millennials, 56 percent, say that government has paid too much attention to the problems of blacks and other minorities. An even larger majority, 58 percent, say that “discrimination against whites has become as big a problem as discrimination against blacks and other minorities.”

The “War Against White People” is a meme that resonates with a solid majority of White Millennials. This poll also needs to be seen in the context of the study that was released last year which showed that the perception of anti-White bias is increasing and is now considered a bigger problem than anti-black racism.

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  1. it is fair in a sense to say that whites can have less racial solidarity but I agree it is inaccurate to say we have ‘inherently’ less racial solidarity.

    Then we agree, because I’m absolutely not saying Whites aren’t currently in a state of racial anti-solidarity or racial surrender, or that Blacks don’t currently display many more ostensibly racial-collectivist traits than Whites.

    I’m saying it’s not some genetic trait. If RRs, WNs, and ethnopatriots want to put their finger on some individual, fatal weakness of the European race(s), he should try “Jews look enough like us to pass.” That’s our biggest flaw.

  2. “Indeed, you don’t have to look far for examples of young people acting with an eye toward ignorance. There’s the “ironic racism” of Girls writer Leslie Arfin, the incredible outpouring of hate toward African-American actors in The Hunger Games and the annual stories of kids who throw blackface parties or complain about Asian students for existing.”

    There’s that “ignorance” word again. Always and everywhere, the same word, “ignorance.” Don’t libtards even own a thesaurus?

    Just like the meme “racist” is anyone winning an argument with a liberal and
    “anti-racist” is just a code word for anti-White,
    we need to start a meme that “ignorant” is just someone suffering from Nigger Fatigue.

    When they call us “ignorant,” we should just come back with “ignorant” is just somebody who’s heard all the black whining and is tired of it.
    You guys are witty. Help me make this pithy, and let’s use it.

  3. “Racism” to blacks is a metaphysical condition or phenomenon, DWLs spend an inordinate amount of their energy trying to put logic to this, but as we at BUGs have found out, the white anti-whites are basically completely clueless. If they have maybe two sentences of political rhetoric dealing with “racism” they are doing well.

    Now the blacks overplay their hands frequently so as to completely embarass the DWLs (see the post HW made about Piers Morgan and some jewgroe hybrid).

    If we think the young white kids response to blacks and diversity is negative now wait till we destroy the moral supremacy the left holds over our heads.

  4. I find it implausible that Whites are actually inherently less racist/collectivist than Blacks AND Yellows. That doesn’t pass the smell test for me.

    It has always been a weak argument. You could only believe it if you rule out the facts that whites want to live around whites, send their children to schools with whites, marry other whites, and so on. Whites are the *most likely* of all groups in America to express a preference for their own kind, be it in living arrangements, education, dating, etc. This doesn’t support the claim that “whites are least racist” – in fact it suggests something quite different.

  5. Whites bend over backwards excusing and enabling black dysfunction. Destroying themselves in the process.

  6. Thank you, Denise! Lots of white Millenials at church this morning. Lot of politically incorrect dialogue afterwards.

    Tick, tick.

  7. You guys go on about blacks all the time, and I suppose there’s some value to venting and some analysis to be had from it. But the fact is blacks have been here with us in this country all along. They’re your fellow Americans (well at least the non-immgrant ones are).

    Meanwhile look around. Your universities are packed with Asians and subcons. Same thing for all the leading-edge industries like IT. All your entry-level and service-level jobs are packed with Mexicans. A white college kid or high school kid used to be able to make some money or get started out working as a cab driver say or in a restaurant kitchen. No more. Can’t remember the last time I saw a white truck driver or road maintenance worker.

    Meanwhile all your heavy industry is packed off to China, leaving you with an economy based on usury, public relations, petty commerce and bureaucratic cubicle farms. To say nothing of the “Islamic Cultural Centers” popping up like mushrooms in places like Montana and Tennessee. Why on earth is there a single Muslim, Sikh or Hindu in TENNESSEE?

    We no longer have a country, we have an airline terminal. It isn’t a country any more, it’s just a bunch of random real estate, and the rest of the world thinks it’s up for grabs.

    Blacks didn’t do any of this. Back when this was an 85/15 white/black country, black issues were capable of being managed. Of course it usually wasn’t approached intelligently, but the numbers made it possible. I can live with a certain amount of affirmative action, say, in a country that’s actually filled with Americans. Why I should give place to some Hmong or Guatemalan or Egyptian is beyond me.

    First order of business: sand-blast that dopey poem off of that statue in New York harbor. Anyway it’s technically called “Liberty Lighting the World,” not the Statue of Immigration.

    Let’s change the name to the Statue of Get Out of Here Now Before We THROW You Out.

  8. we at BUGs have found out, the white anti-whites are basically completely clueless.

    This is impossible to miss, after a while. “Completely clueless” pretty much captures it perfectly.

  9. You guys go on about blacks all the time

    This is a relatively new development for me. I tumbled to the fact that Blacks are the thin edge of the wedge. Believe me, I know where you’re coming from. Blacks couldn’t organize a lemonade stand without help.

    But DWLs are dumb. Far too dumb for weightier subjects. They have to be deprogrammed first. Blacks are the weak part of the wall. It’s not unmanly or wrong to attack the weak part of the wall. It’s good sense.

  10. Blacks are the rock upon which Racial Marxism perishes. They are just too fucking worthless for “education” to uplift to civilizational standards.

    I prefer old-time, country-assed blacks to any version of mestizo. At least they are funny.

  11. The vast majority of whites I know are opposed to racism. They go out of their way to be welcoming and smiley and interested in the non-whites that show up in their immediate sphere of co-workers, acquaintance, friends, and family.

    The vast majority of non-whites I know, however, don’t like whites. They’re always ready with the joke about how lame whites are, how uptight whites, how culture-less whites are, how bland what little culture whites have is, how racist whites are, how whites have committed so many horrible, racist crimes, etc.

    I know for me I’m sick and tired of it, and I’m hoping it’s an experience lots of whites are happening. Sick of being blamed for stuff that has nothing to do with me. Sick of my family and friends being victimized by non-white crime and then making excuses for the criminals – that the criminals are victims of white racism and so somehow we deserve in turn to be victims.

    I’m hoping that at least some significant number of white kids are seeing and understanding the disconnect between all the “we must never be racist” stuff they learn at school, and the reality on the street which is that “it’s okay for everyone except whites to be racist.”

    Hopefully this will seep up to the academic level where white kids will understand that they’ve been trained at the primary school level to not be racist while non-whites are plenty racist against whites, and that at the college level “anti-racist” ideology is teaching them to be actively hostile and hating of their own white identity.

    Academic “anti-racism” is actually an attempt to try to indoctrinate whites, to infiltrate white consciousness, with the same anti-white hatred of non-whites. It’s training a people to hate their own identity and to seek their own suicide.

  12. “*It’s the fact that Rushton’s Scale has so much predictive power that I find it implausible that Whites are actually inherently less racist/collectivist than Blacks AND Yellows. That doesn’t pass the smell test for me.”

    We do seem to be the leaders in conscientiousness, that appears to have been a survival trait in ice age Europe. We beat prisoners dilemma, but only among ourselves, and without some sort of defense mechanism that will go away. As far as tribalism goes, we are less tribalist today thanks to the Christian church spending 1500 years weeding out tribe building marriage practices. And racism is a word the communists invented, it means nothing.

    “Blacks didn’t do any of this.” On the contrary, the black/white racial issue is problem number one for all of that, and the blacks themselves are supporting all of what has transpired precisely BECAUSE it is anti-white. WHat is further doing the same also gave cover for a fundamentally anti-american elite to sell us down river. When they lose “infinite moral position” then we can begin to take back what should have been our country, and not one second sooner.

  13. I wouldn’t be so hopeful about the Millenials. Most are whiggers or nigger-lovers of some stripe. Black “musicians” and athletes are practically worshiped by the younger generation.

  14. “But the fact is blacks have been here with us in this country all along. They’re your fellow Americans (well at least the non-immgrant ones are).” – Oscar

    (Sorry, I’ve been busy. Here’s my two cents)

    No, Oscar they are NOT Americans. They never were and they never will be. They were nothing more than chattel, and that is all they ever will be. This country was founded for free, White, Christian Englishman. End of story.

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