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  1. May be these are the “aliens” that Farrakhan was referring to …..

    ” Farrakhan and The Islamic Spaceship of Death ”

    “Louis Farrakhan explains the great wheel hovering over the earth, the Islamic space ship of death that will bring destruction on all who oppose the NATION OF ISLAM.”

  2. These pieces of shit are just like niggers. They take over cities and terrorize law abiding citizens and the police do nothing.

    We are being told to take precautions during the NATO Summit. Fuck ’em. I’ll leave work to go outside in my required attire if I like.

  3. I was there in NYC with Joanna and NYICE that day from noon to about 4:15. Nothing was going on, we all thought they were a no show. This video happened about a hour and half after most of us left. I am kicking myslf for not staying.
    Well Joanna (The girl who had the sign ripped off from around her neck by the negro bitch) does a great job with her group. Just about everytime we are out there counter protesting the illegals in NYC we are attacked. But she will never quit!

  4. Tremley – bless you and the other brave souls. That Vermin horde cannot tarnish your Light.

  5. Ah, the New Left and its ability to articulate an intelligent point of view.

    And they are so brave! (when they have you outnumbered 20 to 1)

    Next year, I’ll plan on counter protesting come May 1.

    I already have some ideas:
    1. Carry an American flag. If they grab THAT out of your hand and trample it, the whole world will see just how “American” they are.
    2. Have a short slogan ready to chant. “American jobs for American workers”, for instance, or “You fools are Bloomberg’s puppets”. (The culture-commies lack the ability listen to a sentence longer than 5 words.)

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