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  1. http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-naked-ape/201104/is-lethal-violence-integral-part-chimpanzee-society

    Williams, Goodall and colleagues found that after illness (58 percent of deaths), murder by other chimpanzees was the most common cause of death (20 percent of deaths).

    It has been known for eons that animals will sometimes fight with each other, but systematic warfare was considered a uniquely human trait. It is now known that chimpanzees sometimes engage in long-term aggression with neighboring groups and will systematically murder each member of the “enemy” group. This is accomplished by a band of mostly males silently searching for isolated members of the rival community and killing them. Such campaigns can last months on end with frequently repeated excursions into the rivals’ territory.

    Now let’s see how taxonomists have classified Neanderthals. Until the 1960s, Neanderthals were classified as Homo neanderthalensis, a different species from us, Homo sapiens. But the genetic distance between Homo sapiens and Homo neanderthalensis (<0.08%) 20 is less than the genetic distance between the two chimpanzee species (0.103). 21 Today, Neanderthals are classified as Homo sapiens neanderthalensis, 22 a sub-species of our species, while we are another sub-species, Homo sapiens sapiens. The genetic distance between (sub-Saharan) Africans and Eurasians (0.2%) is more than twice the genetic distance between living humans and Neanderthals (0.08%) 23 so, at the very least, Africans should be classified as a sub-species, Homo sapiens africanus and Eurasians as another sub-species, Homo sapiens eurasianensis.

    Finally, the genetic distance between Homo sapiens and Homo erectus is estimated as 0.170 24 (mean given as 0.19), 25 about the same as the genetic distance between the Bantu Africans and the Eskimos, but the genetic distance between living Africans and Eurasians is 0.23 (Table 7-1, p. 45). Thus, Homo sapiens is more closely related to Homo erectus than Eurasians are to sub-Saharan Africans. Either erectus should be reclassified as Homo sapiens erectus or sub-Saharan Africans should be reclassified as Homo africanus. 26

  2. Sleep on Washington. And when it is 13% and your home is completely ruined, desperately create every explanation for why except admit and deal with the truth. This will make you a bonafide member of the grand looney-bin called BRA.

  3. I was thinking, how can this be? DC is full of niggers- “these stats don’t look that bad.”(Did I actually say that? ME? THAT’s how far a white man will go, to excuse niggers for their propensity to be…. well, niggers!)

    Then, it finally dawned on me. Washington STATE. Seattle, Green, libtards, and all the rest.

    never mind……

  4. Fr. John, I had the same initial thought. Really though what benefit does the presence of any Negros bring? Since sports mean nothing to me I can’t honestly think of one thing. It doesn’t take many to ruin everything. How much more in taxes and lessened quality of life does that 3.6% bring to the citizens of Washington state?

  5. White & Confederate:

    Niggers benefit society with jobs. Many positions would not exist without them.

    How many cops, firemen, EMT’s, Paramedics, emergency room staff, insurance adjusters, funeral home staff, home security systems installers and monitors, welfare hander-outers, Whitopia construction workers, gun sellers, lawyers, prosecutors, judges, jail and prison employees, CSI fuckers, KFC employees and guys at the Kool-Aid factory would not be getting a paycheck anymore if niggers suddenly disappeared.

    As a matter of fact, it just occurred to me that since most of our manufacturing jobs have been off shored, niggers are the backbone of our economy.

    Just watch. Now that I’ve figured out how valuable niggers are, the people who run shit will be off shoring them next.

  6. The Legacy of Martin Luther King and his Diversity Sons of Obama:

    Channon Christian, Eve Carson, Emily Haddock, Anne Pressley, Ashley King, Julie Love, Eugenia Calle, Kristen Warneke, Nancy Strait, Beverly Melton, Sandra Rogers, Lauren Burke, Carissa Horton, Brittny Watts

    “Whiteness is their guilty plea. Whiteness is implied consent. You can’t rape a White girl- she wants it. She may resist, but she’s just lying. She wants you unburden her from her segregated Whites Only sex life. She rejoices when you unburden her from her unearned White privilege. The Earth cries out in pain every time another White baby is born. Making White babies is a hate crime against global dignity.”

    -Bishop Tyronne Cedric Ceasar Solomon Jefferson Washington, “We can’t win until blue eyes are extinct,” 2008

  7. Playing Roots Backward, well yes there is the Broken Window ‘theory’ of economics.

  8. MLK didn’t say, we want to vote so we can behave ourselves.

    Oh no, he knew the chimpout would ensue.

  9. There was a protest outside Peabody Energy in St Louis. The nig protestors were complaining about STL cutting Peabody a break on city taxes.

    NPR had a nog protestor on wailing about how Peabody owes St Louis Schools $11 million.

    She actually said the

    “money should go to skoo'”

    I wanted to know exactly how many Coal mining engineers the nigfuxated school produce annually. Likely Zero.

    Why should an energy/engineering company waste cash on Dirty filthy nigs?
    11 million would be better spent on engineering apprenticeships supervised directly by the company. Instead the bouts want to throw good money after bad propping up useless student populations.

  10. ‘Then, it finally dawned on me. Washington STATE. Seattle, Green, libtards, and all the rest.’

    That is a DANGEROUS assumption.

    As someone who has been all over the Western USA I can tell you there are sections of Washington State with BRA-ized areas that are just as dangerous as any other Black hell-hole!

    Most ODers have heard about the Wisconsin Fair Black Flash mobs…. well years ago Blacks were rioting during Mardi Gras in Washington State, just look it up with a search engine!

    This video shows the dangers of public transport in Seattle (I have actually been in this tunnel myself before!) Fast forward to :38.

    (Black) Teen beaten in Seattle Bus Tunnel

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