Renaming Pretoria Tswane

South Africa

In one of the most foolish acts in all of world history, Afrikaners put their faith in colorblind democracy and handed over the keys of their nation to the Black Undertow:

“Since the coming of “non-racial democracy” in South Africa, ANC-led governing bodies especially at the local level have renamed numerous streets and other public facilities that formerly honored Afrikaner nationalists. Hence the country’s principal international airport at Johannesburg has been renamed to honor Oliver Tambo, a father of the ANC; it formerly was called Jan Smuts, after the twentieth century Afrikaner politician.

Now, prodded by the mayor, sentiment seems to be growing to rename Pretoria. Among those who want the change, a consensus favors Tswane, with suburbs (likely mostly white) retaining the name Pretoria. But, as Pretoria is the national capital, renaming is not only a local matter. The national Minister of Arts and Culture recently announced that there would be broad-based consultations on the name change, a process that he hoped would be concluded in June.”

What should we rename Detroit? How about New Kinshasa?

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  1. Detroit should be Molochville. New York would be Sharptown.
    Philly, Ta Neshi. LA would be Rodneyburg. Mississipi become

  2. Hunter, agree 100%! They were foolish. But the West twisted their arm, then spat in their face. Sometimes I think America, Britain and France are the biggest threats to Western civilization.

  3. The nigs are blowing up the infrastructure. It’s what they do!

    The humans have simply retreated and kralled.

  4. The national Minister of Arts and Culture recently announced that ….

    Most of the time I look people up to see what color they are, especially when they sound like public leeches. I am not even going tho look up this one. No White person would ever hold that title and think it to have any authority.

  5. The nigs are blowing up the infrastructure. It’s what they do!

    The humans have simply retreated and kraaled resources as best they can.

  6. “Why don’t the humans blow up all the infrastructure and take a powder?”
    They have no where to go. One applied to canada for asylum, and the ANC was quick to cry racism. Until we stop hating them they are trapped, but the second we stop hating them, it is their country again, so why leave?

  7. “What should we rename Detroit? How about New Kinshasa?”

    I beg to differ. After the coming race-war and Balkanization of America, I don’t think we’ll be considering any name that would appeal to niggers or their miserable tastes.

    No, we won’t be needing to. Ever again.

    In the near future, I will see my little feudal domain bear my name and family crest. But in a distant future that I won’t live to see, the land that Detroit now occupies, will be transformed into a city more fantastic than anything that came before it, anywhere on earth. I imagine skyscrapers that dwarf the Burj Khalifa, and municipal parks more beautiful than those in Barcelona. It will be clean and safe and prosperous, and no generation of it’s children will ever know the living hell of niggers in their midst.

    Shit outta names though. Hopefully it’ll be something pretty-sounding.

  8. “Shit outta names though. Hopefully it’ll be something pretty-sounding.”

    Detroit has a nice ring… as long as one’s mind isn’t infected with the current meme that is Detroit. It’ll take a good bath before anything you call Detroit can be associated with anything decent.

  9. You call South Africans foolish. They gave in to world pressure and handed over control to the majority (90%) indigenous black population.

    So tell me what you would call a 90% White country that would import a non-white majority and hand over control to it?

  10. I would like to use bio weapons to take back our once great cities to save as much of the remaining infrastructure as possible. I was recently looking at photos of New York from back in the day. It use to be a testament to our greatness

  11. It’s begun in our city. The local Negro Justice League has requested, nay, demanded, that the old pre-Interstate highway running through our burg be renamed as MLK Jr. Boulevard. It goes without saying the local spineless bureaucrats will lay flat for this idea. To vote against it would be, you know, racist. The thought of Angry Negroes and mobs of white college kids from the local school shouting “no justice, no peace” in front of TV cameras in front of City Hall leaves them with sphincters flapping. They’ll do it, all right.

    Fortunately, the road they want to rename is already the local skid row — a place of hookers, welfare motels, mini-storage units, and seedy dives — so they won’t have to wait for the MLK Effect to take place naturally.

    Our office is located just off this thoroughfare. Fortunately, all our correspondence is via post office box, so we’ll be spared the shame of having the words “Martin Luther King, Jr.” on our stationery and business cards.

    Up next: que viva la Avenida Cesar Chavez !

  12. Do not waste your time discussing issues with people of other races. Never discuss anything with those demonstrating evidence of White LiberalFemale Syndrome, WLFS. This disease is far more mind, and soul, destroying than a triple dose of PMS and tertiary syphilis combined. I have even known males to have it! (If you are married to one of these pseudo-testicles, it’s best to quietly disappear after putting one end of a curtain in the toaster and pressing ‘toast’. If you must discuss things more profound than a certain niggerball maneuver, make sure it’s another concerned white male. If anyone calls you a ‘Nazi’, then do as Savitri Devi did and respond, “Thank you. That’s the greatest compliment I could have received.”

  13. Some are not pleased with the idea that those left behind in SA deserve no support. The argument is that there are large numbers of innocent children which had nothing to do with the sell-out of their country. That’s true, but what does innocence have to do with anything? Are we to spend time scanning each and every individual to see if he deserves this or that? This is not a matter of individual combat, but one of a group for or against another group. When your sights are on some ‘enemy’ soldier, do you shoot him or send a questionnaire to examine whether he “deserved” to have his life shortened? When we bombed the ball bearing works at Stuttgart, on the Nektar River, we hesitated not, and wondered less whether the workers were “innocent” women. The object was to destroy the factories which I am sure contained an innocent variety of nearly everything which ever creeped or crawled. As Clint Eastwood said in the movie, Unforgiven, “Deserves has nothing to do with it.” In the same vein, Gene Hackman asked,” Innocent? Innocent of what?”
    Little kids often grow up to be Ted Bundys, Charles Mansons or Jeff Dahmers. I surely believe that at one time they were all cute little ‘innocent’ children. Would society have been better off if it got rid of them before they grew up? (The jews think so as they admonished Hitler’s friend, August Kubizek, for not killing the youthful Hitler when he had a chance.) There is no way of telling but there is this one thing — if selling out your own race represents a genetic defect, then why save the children? If those SA white kids could be whisked to safety, how could you be sure they wouldn’t just be another batch of sell-outs as their parents were?

    When one falls into the Zambezi River, not every crocodile will slap it jaws shut on your ass. Dozens will never take part. In that sense, they are ‘innocent’. But ALL crocs have a certain nature which we should be well advised to consider plus the fact that ‘cute’ teeny weeny itsy bitsy baby crocs GROW UP to be big and dangerous ones, as do pickaninnies. The doodles in SA come from a long line of people with mush for brains and there is no reason I would doubt that succeeding generations will be any different. It remains to be seen whether we are of similar stock.

    We are under no obligation to be concerned over the progeny of people who contribute not to our racial community welfare, even of they live amongst us. Many whites are so full of guilt — especially Germans — for things they had no part in, that they are dysfunctional to the point of not being able to make a decision about anything. It’s about time we cleansed our souls of this death-dealing rot.

  14. “They have no where to go”

    The Afrikaaners in South African cities could live together in their own areas, creating their own version of a “Chinatown” or “Little Italy”. In the countryside, the farmers could live together in communities like the Hutterites in Montana.

    Afrikaaners could create their own ethnic networking system. Instead, the Afrikaaner men practice a radical individualism that is making them easy prey to black killers. Afrikaaners continue to live isolated lives. The only way that Afrikaaners are going to survive in South Africa is if they work together as a group. Afrikaaners could do something to help themselves, but they refuse.

  15. Blackfacement.

    More cargo cult bullshit. What thriving city existed before the Afrikaners built Pretoria?

    These spearchuckers ought to have been wiped out.

  16. Y’all don’t worry about it. Things can be re-named by Whites too. Whites need to have these things rubbed in their faces.

    Tsane? Is that pronounced like Suwanee? lol

  17. The same thing is an ongoing fact here in the US. George Washington’s name has been removed from some schools. In Atlanta many of the streets and historic sites have been changed to some black or the others’ name. Most cases even the blacks don’t know who the black character is that this or that has been named for.

  18. Yet I suppose there are still some here who believe you can debate blacks as if they are a logical race. As a race they are no such thing, even Denise is correct on this point.

    The Mantra and Mantra logic cut thru that nonsense. Same with the jews, Spengler was right on that account, magian people. And perhaps most gentile whites are magian as well, but for some reason or another we actually have men and a few women who can logically move us forward and out of the pits of diwmwitted magic thinking.

  19. This is kind of like in the German-speaking world where street names are currently being re-named if the person they are named after is suspected of not being 100% pro-Jewish, such as the former Viennese Mayor Karl Luger or the historian Heinrich von Treitschke.

  20. L.A. is far from all Black all the time.

    Its not the White L.A. of my youth and its not that great but many parts are O.K. and its salvageable.

  21. honestly they should just enact the john carpenter “city prison” system in detroit, make it into a racial ghetto with consertena wire and landmines blocking the way out. they could mine the st. clair river and retool the michigan state police (who are essentially a parade unit) into a spartanesque kriptea or old school SADF Haznig brigade, kinda like russian OMNOM. i think it would only take weeks for detroit to totally resemble grozny or stanleyville. just send all niggers who have recieved welfare for over 10 years there and give them a machete, some rice and a lighter. plenty of rats to eat in detroit.

  22. “You call South Africans foolish. They gave in to world pressure and handed over control to the majority (90%) indigenous black population.”
    This is a tangent to the point you’re making but:
    1)the very first people to settle in that part of the world were the South Africans. There’d be nothing there but for them.
    2)They gave their country over not only to the migrant workers their economic activity attracted, but also to the refugees from other parts of Africa that were being returned to black misrule. Indigenous isn’t quite the right word to describe them.

    “Afrikaaners could create their own ethnic networking system.”
    They’d be naziswhowanttokillsixmillionjewsImeanblacks if they did that.

  23. Frankly I wish blacks WOULD rename the cities where they are the majority, it would be a scream to see the looks on all those denialist Republican faces. In particular I wish Washington, D.C. would be renamed Mandela or King City or what have you. Washington was a nasty old slave owner, after all, and wouldn’t it be nice if the capitol of the greatest country on earth was renamed Mandela to underscore the dedication the nation has to diversity. We should make a sly campaign out of it before D.C. becomes non-chocolate.

  24. they should call it TRAYVONIA, or TRAYVONIUM, you know to get back to their black roman roots, that YT stole back in 410. i’d be okay with calling the prototypical imperial capital, the house of the eunichs, somthing other than a name of a hard working white warrior man, heir to the mentality of crockett, forrest and LeMay (minus the german firebombing part, just the gook roasting, JFK killing part)

  25. “RobRoySimmons says:
    May 8, 2012 at 2:06 pm
    Yet I suppose there are still some here who believe you can debate blacks as if they are a logical race. As a race they are no such thing, even Denise is correct on this point.”

    I am going to kick you stupid ass in person one day – you jerk. Screw you.

  26. Afrikaners are very similar to Confederates. Apartheid was the mirror image of Jim Crow laws.

    They were systematically attacked by Europe, America and Russia for nothing more than EXISTING. Your next whether you know it or not.

  27. The way whites in SA happily stab each other in the back today to get a few more crumbs from the black elites is so horrifying. I think of it every time somebody mentions how US and Euro whites are about to “wake up”.

  28. Afrikaners are very similar to Confederates. Apartheid was the mirror image of Jim Crow laws.

    They were systematically attacked by Europe, America and Russia for nothing more than EXISTING. Your next whether you know it or not….”

    Many southerners seem more interested in the Afrikaners than in the current “americans.” They have more in common with them. Also in some ways, Australians, the colonial base in a large land space with “indigenous” populations. It is also a religious issue, too— as they left europe for religious reasons, many of them, especially south africans/ southern americans.

    The ties —in terms of what our populations have undergone— is similar across those groups. More so than the “immigrant” experience, for instance. Many have no identification with that, whatsoever. It’s a word that applies to other people. (Versus the identity of “bad white colonist.”)

    White americans fall onto those two lines: which WORD they identify with “colonist” or “immigrant.” Southerners are decidedly “colonists.” (slavers, rednecks, ignorant, and —which makes it funny— ALSO “aristocrat” planters). They are too rich, or too poor, but never just people. The west is more “pioneers,” which has a slightly different connotation, but overlap with the (previous) Appalachian frontier.

    The same exact program of vilification for S.A. is used on the most generational u.s. population.

  29. It was a Noam Chomsky movie, where he is seen going at a group of white South African students about their evil past that made that connection clear. Chomsky was speaking to them in the same way we were spoken to in school (like them, we are supposedly guilty of all the same crimes and worthy of being displaced whether we are indigenous to an area or not).

  30. SA will not exist in a few decades. It’s basically Nigeria south at the moment.

    Entropy will overtake the national institutions there. Then it will politically fragment.

  31. yep along Xhosa/zulu lines, all fighting like children over the bloody corpses jewlry in the ox wagon

  32. Chomsky to his credit applies this critique to Israel. He’s not a hypocrite.

    However, it would be interesting to ask him what he thinks about SA today. Ask him a few leading questions and zap him with the rape, murder, income inequality, Rotting infrastructure, poverty that charaterizes SA today.

    He’s not a liberal per se so he will engage an argument.

  33. Negroes will steal anything and everything. They’ll steal an entire country if no one stops them. So stealing a city or an airport by renaming it is petty thievery to Negroes.

  34. “You call South Africans foolish. They gave in to world pressure and handed over control to the majority (90%) indigenous black population.”

    They couldn’t hire cheap kaffir farm workers fast enough. The mexican analog, except MORE violent.

  35. Most of you have completely missed my point. I’m South African. My country is lost. We didn’t lose it to the kaffirs; we lost it to America, Europe, the whole world.

    According to Bob, that makes us all deserving of genocide. I don’t usually swear, this will be the first time in my life that I’ve written this word, but fuck you, Bob.

    You people all know what we should have done, what we should do, what we can do. You know nothing.

    I believe you have an expression, Monday morning quarterback. Instead of second-guessing South Africans, how about you save your own country? You have no excuse, we’ve provided you with the example, or rather the warning. Go to it.

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