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Kane/Iceman might find this interesting … it goes a long way towards explaining the whole “mainstream” racket, and how social media will destroy the reigning taboos over the long run:

“In the age of mass media, the press was able to define the sphere of legitimate debate with relative ease because the people on the receiving end were atomized– connected “up” to Big Media but not across to each other. And now that authority is eroding. I will try to explain why.”

Idiot's Guide to the Mainstream Media
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  1. Well obviously it is a function of centralization which affects more than just the dissemination of ostensibly legitimate public information. We see control centralization in finance, in social policy and most other institutions. These are symptoms of federal, even international mission creep, which is like a bureaucratic yeast culture expanding to fill and ultimately spill over its petri dish in its quest to keep infecting.

  2. I grew up watching the morning news, 6 o’clock news and sometimes the nightly news nearly every day with my entire family. I haven’t watched the news on tv in probably 4 years. Don’t miss it one bit.

  3. Also, I used to watch CSPAN, CNN and Fox constantly. I can’t anymore. It’s like a foreign newscast from India or Timbuktu or someplace.

  4. See I keep hammering this line about “material conditions” but this article helps my argument.

    It was the material condition of the internet that caused people to switch their ideologies from vertical to horizontal, just like it was the material conditions of color television that originally brought it vertically.

    The environment is very important. I think it’s hard to believe that genetics determine ideology.

    Wbat implications this has for my evolutionary theory, I am not sure. Maybe there are more opportunists out there than I think and people’s mind aren’t hard to change. This is an important question I am trying to resolve.

  5. The media still has incredible power, even power manners of speech and the words we use. I find myself having to consciously fight the tendency to use media approved phrases, simply due to no one using the alternatives.

  6. Ideology is the white man’s disease.

    I am not at all convinced blacks have the capacity to reason an abstract belief. The Japanese, Indians and Chinese share portions of the disease.

    According to Oppenheimer & Sykes in their gene projects we all (non subhuman humans) stem from an OOA of no more than few hundred fleeing individuals.

    Literally must have been the first version of white/yellow/brown flight.

  7. I think what we can deduce here is that people’s minds are hard to change, unless something happens to their lifestyle.

    Then, they are more likely to change.

    This isn’t absolute, some people bang their head against a wall and keep banging. But in general, people stay consistent until either they come up with some introspective idea or something happens to them.

  8. And even though society was vertically oriented, I don’t believe the bottom was controlled by the top. I believe it was a consensual hierarchy.

    Thanks, you caused me to think of some new ideas. That’s why I am a supporter of these discussions.

  9. I flipped on race questions quite suddenly.

    Bernal’s silly book about black Greeks made it impossible to ignore the agenda of gibmedat.

    People flip easy in a bit of adversity too– See Greece for example. It’s not a firey furnace there yet but nationalists are very strong suddenly.

  10. If the environment matters as much as I think it does, the only reason to support the survival of the white race is a populist style communitarianism. Kind of a brotherly mentality. The idea that preserving the genes just for their own sake is enough is falling flat.

  11. Drudge Report and Rush Limbaugh, I thought I was so informed. Damn what a fool I was. Thank you Jesus for the internet!

  12. I watch MSM to see what the Enemey is up to – and to taunt them. I had so much fun with the Trayvon mythos makers, and telling them what stupid poopyhead failures they are…

  13. Metalgear
    “The environment is very important. I think it’s hard to believe that genetics determine ideology.”

    Genetics determine the *limits* of idealogy. With closely-knit, inbred groups with very strong family ties their genetics will act like a gravitational field. Each group like that might have a slightly different idealogy but they will *all* be similarly family-centric and tend towards particularistic morality.

    Outbred groups don’t have that gravitational field so they could potentially adopt any of an infinite number of idealogies including a family-centric one if they so chose (but the choice would be a choice rather than determined by genetics). The idealogy they adopt will be strongly influenced by environment – which includes media, education etc – and can change dramatically when the environment changes precisely because they are potentially so adaptable.

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