“War Against White People”: 82 Year Old Nancy Newton Beaten To Death By Youth In Hoodie

Nancy Newton ... gone, but not forgotten


What kind of sick person could beat an 82-year-old woman like Nancy Newton to death in her own home?

A youth between the ages of 18 and 28, 5’3″ to 5,’8″ inches tall,  with a “dark complexion,” wearing a hoodie.

This is what happens to innocent and defenseless White people when George Zimmerman is not patrolling your neighborhood.

Note: Nancy Newton has been added to OD’s War Against White People Memorial. It is a place modeled after the SPLC’s Civil Rights Memorial that honors the victims of the Black Undertow. Readers are encouraged to submit names.

The SPLC has five stories on Hatewatch about J.T. Ready, the Brown Herring, but not one about Nancy Newton.

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  1. The old bitch probably exploited Haitian slaves on her plantation
    some time 230 years ago. Never trust white geriatrics.

  2. A hoodie? In Arizona’s heat? Only one group of criminals I know that does that. The same group that wears down-filled parkas in 100 degree heat.

    G-ddamned animals.

  3. Ah, what a surprise. Another filthy nigger unable to control his violent pitbullish instincts which never changed since his useless forbears left the forest. It’s getting closer to the time that it will be finally realized – there is no other possible solution other than total segregation, or placing all shades of Sambo into shackles and neckchains. They do no other good for humanity. Perhaps once again driven before us they may learn simple things such as manual labor. God I am so sick, disgusted and ANGRY

  4. Beating old helpless people is a Nigger Thang. Most Mestizos are not that depraved. Really – they are not.

  5. Nothing on earth is more depraved than blacks. Not even apache raiders at their worst. That was war.

    Then again, maybe this is too.

  6. They always talk about the “third-worlding” of America. But clearly that happened a long time ago.

  7. Gemjunior, manual labor has largely been replaced by mechanization. Negroes have no purpose in modern society.

  8. At this point we don’t know for sure (although I realize it’s likely) that the murderer is black. Did anyone notice the link on the same page where a black (for certain) badly beat, raped a woman in her fifties, and forced her to drink bleach? She was lucky her scheduled cabbie came by while the guy was in the shower, or she probably would have died.

  9. Lew, that’s “black male murders his formerly white wife”. Once they go black, they are black. No loss.

    Stonelifter has the right attitude.

  10. This site is a strange combination of fact, fiction, superstition, hate, and ignorance. No any white person who has had any personal relationships. – all non-sexual- could believe that the atrocities described here were committed by black people because they were black, because they are genetically deficient is beyond my comprehension.

    Such comments disfigure further the struggle these victims face, trying to become whole again. The majority of black people I know are polite with strong family ties, strong religious ties, hardworking, ambitious, humble, and unprejudicially loyal. I’ve lived side by side with black folks IN THE MISSISSIPPI DELTA AND IN MEMPHIS for sixty-five years. My opinion is supported by a stong, enriching experience.

    To judge the race by the actions of its misfits is unforgivable and counterproductive to at the very least, doing no harm to one another, to respecting others’ rights in private property which is the cornerstone of a free society.

    I did not need the pie graphs to tell me that the preponderance of interracial crime is black on white. I do not see on your site the fact that white people commit more crime than blacks, and that for every type of atrocity a black man commits, white men have committed that atrocity three times over. If my son takes a near-death beating like the Strange boy survived, my last concern would be the race of the perpetrator. If someone rapes my wife or daughter, how does the race of the rapist intensify the barbarity of the act?

  11. Whites commit more total crime because we out number negros by a large margin.

    However, as a % of our population, Whites commit fewer crimes and negros commit crimes in much larger numbers then their 13%.

    Our opinion on negros is supported by facts, as well as experiences. Race matters so your son and wife know to avoid the most dangerous demographic group in the world. You are to blind to use that handy bit of info, sadly for your sons sake.

  12. “This site is a strange combination of fact, fiction, superstition, hate, and ignorance.”

    superstition? Fiction? Ignorance?

    I admit to everything else.

    Nigs are disproportionately dangerous. No ifs, ands or buts. To think otherwise is to endanger yourself and your family. Even if you are yourself a nig.

  13. I surely hope that america is waking up to this horrible phenomena, even as mainstream media tries so desperately to hide these types of incidents, while exacerbating any thing that might smack of white racism. The facts are these: 90% of ALL interracial violence and crime is BLACKS attacking WHITES, and with a population of 13%, that should tell you a lot. Blacks teach their children to hate whites. I’ve personaly seen this and have even been told that by a black man. With black teenagers committing more frequent and heinous crimes against whites, one has to wonder just what those who run and own mainstream media are ultimately after. It is mainstream media and Hollywood (both owned by zionist jews) are largely and ultimately responsible for this. I realize this sounds like more conspiracy theory nonsense, but it IS TRUE. Martial Law and Police State seem to be their objective. In the meantime, white Have to start protecting themselves, or become prey to these animals without a conscience.

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