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  1. It figures. You know, about 15 years ago or so, Saint Rosa Parks herself was robbed in Detroit. By blacks!

  2. The only thing that needs to happen is for blacks to continue arrogantly thinking they can keep this shit up. It’s brilliant, these people are incapable of thinking two seconds into the future. They must actually believe that everyone is as stupid as they are. They must actually believe that everyone is terrified of their awesome negro super fighting skills. Everything they think is wrong.

  3. Like this wasn’t bound to happen ….

    But he is the former DPD Chief, so he should probably be investigated anyway to see how much he stole.

  4. “Blacks to continue thinking they can keep this shit up”
    With the jewish media and jewish civil rights lawyers on their side, why can’t blacks keep this up? Blacks are doing the dirty work for the jews.

  5. Why do Northeast reporters always talk in that whiney nasal voice? Also, their command of the English language is incredibly poor and full of slang.

    It’s amazing that, in the 60s, they actually told Southerners to lose their accents, or they would not be employed and so on. They truly demanded that Southerners talk like this, as if they all had serious nasal problems and with bad grammar.

    Why would they do that?

    Why would anyone rather listen to that nosey twang than a person from Mississippi?

    It’s amazing to me that people would prefer that— just don’t get it. Doesn’t it grate on the listener’s ears?

  6. The Southern voice is so much more melodious, isn’t it? The vowels are more fluid, the pitch lower and more soothing, leaving the impression that you’re in a world where leisure and intelligence exists, time for contemplation— versus this fast-clippy snippy nasal harangue. —nothing worse than a clippy-snippy-bossy voice coupled with know-it-all incompetency AND the sappy moralism, which all adds up to what is often meant by “yankee.”

  7. Yes, “melodious” is a good description. What gets me is now Yankees take it on faith that anyone with melodious, southern way of speech is trying to sound like a nigger.

    Uhm, no.

  8. “terrified of their awesome negro super fighting skills”…..That’s a laugh. Jigaboos are only “brave” if they can get you from behind or sucker-punch you. Or if they have a weapon. If the odds are equal, the ‘groids will knuckle off looking for easier prey. That line was a good laugh, though!

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