Should We Use The “N Word”?

United States

As the summer approaches and we face the prospect of many terrible Black-on-White hateful crimes that are not “hate crimes”, flash mobs, Eric “My People” Holder’s (In)Justice Department persecuting our people, Jessie and “Rev. Al” doing what they do, it’s tempting to – “call a spade a spade” and use….

“the N word”.

Do OD readers think this is a good idea?

In my own experience – I can only remember publicly using the “N word” once in my life. When I was 14, playing one on one basketball with a 16 year old, Black, spoiled son of a famous Black Jazz musician. I was about 5 ft 2, 145 lbs, he was ~ 6 ft 1 – 220 lbs. I was beating him 14 points to 5 in a game to 15 and he refused to finish the game.

So I called him the “N word”. He proceeded to grab my index finger and twist it so to this day it points crookedly right. But, there was no further violence and for some reason, no one ever gave me any trouble about using “the N word” in this way. Perhaps it’s because most people didn’t like this spoiled rich Black kid who drove to high school in a Cadillac Seville and many Blacks students felt that a 6 ft 1 inch 220 lbs Black guy shouldn’t be getting decisively beaten by a 5 ft 2 inch White kid (I grew nearly a foot between my Sophomore and Junior HS years – I’m now 6ft 1). I do note that this “N word” has great power to shame and or enrage Black people.

One person who has made very good use of the “N word” is Black, African American comedian Chris Rock. Chris notes that there is a great division in Black America between:

Black people

Chris Rock thinks the N****** have got to go – which is something I think most OD readers would support. Just one minor problem – where would they go? Who would take them off our hands?


  1. Ok, guess I’ll weigh in on the White Trash issue.

    Funny, with the discussions about coal mining there, it brings to mind a documentary I saw a couple of years ago on Appalachia. The coal mine in the documentary couldn’t hire enough workers, despite the surplus of healthy men who lived nearby! Why? Because they require a drug test and there aren’t enough men who will pass the drug test to fill all the positions in the company! Despite the fact that the jobs pay VERY well!

    They are everywhere, not just Appalachia, of course. But they’re still white and should be helped, if possible. I believe if we eliminate mass welfare programs, they won’t be able to breed endlessly. I agree with Fr. John that churches should regain their role as charities and be effective gatekeepers of who receives charity. Then, as Denise pointed out, parasitical behavior will not be tolerated.

    Thanks for the tips on “The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia,” I will watch it.

  2. “You White Trash lovers can have all of those White Brothers. I still want to throw them in the trench with the niggers”

    But, why? Assuming we ever regain control such that throwing nigs in trenches is realistic, we will also be in a position to regain control of our poor White lowlifes. We throw the incorrigibles into prison; we sterilize the imbeciles, and the rest we put to work. (With whatever level of coercion is necessary to GET them to work.)

    Consider: Even WITH robotics, there will ALWAYS be occupations that are mostly rote but do require an occasional simple decision that robots cannot make. Jobs like janitor, mildly complex repairs, etc., that folks with an IQ of 80 are capable of doing. If we breed out our simple-mindeds entirely, then you will be asking IQ 150s to do those things. Which bores and vexes said IQ 150s muchly, whereas IQ 80 sees it as challenging and fun.

    We DON’T want nigs around to do the work. We tried that with slavery — and the long-term consequences were disastrous. That’s why we do need a few of our own people with low cognitive ability around.

  3. “Anon: Now compare your wishful thinking numbers to the numbers for the semi retarded kids in Eastern KY.”
    If the results were faked, there would be every reason on planet earth for the media to debunk them. They are desparate to prove that what you are saying is correct. Instead they keep finding that whenever black students do as well as poor rural whites on average, it is because of a cheating scandal.

    “A 75 IQ is a 75 IQ, no matter what color of the unfortunate bastard that has it.”
    Not necessarily. Is the 75IQ individual dumber because he and the population he hails from lacks a bunch of IQ related genes entirely? then there is nothing to be done. But if the individual is merely not expressing these genes because they are recessive, then he can still pass them on to his kids, and even better pass them on in an expressed manner. This is why I keep saying regression to mean. I’m not saying we need to waste trillions on them, but writing them off entirely may be premature.

    “even though it is hard to REALLY tell how many tards there are due to the endless reclassifying of who is and who isn’t, there is a real good chance that the number of White retards is close to the number of nigger retards.”

    the definition of retard is 70 IQ(it used to be 85), so for blacks, that is all those -1 Sigma, or about 15.8% of their total population(male and female is a little wonky so I’ll just go with male ~20M) ~316 thousand. for whites, it is all those -2 sigma, or about 2.1% of our total(again male #s here ~100M), ~2.1 million. So you are more than correct, there are way more white retards than black ones. If the definition were the 85 # it would be ~15.8M whites and ~10M blacks, closing the tard gap somewhat in percentage terms.

    “rjp: Isn’t going down in a pitch black, poorly ventilated, barely shored-up hole kind of an IQ test?”
    It is, the survivors are the smart ones who go on to propagate their genes, and the dead are the dumb ones who by and large don’t. The fact that fewer and fewer accidents are happening says something about the people who are willing to go into those holes.

  4. Correction for the above, I was off by a factor of 10 for the blacks below 70 IQ number, its 3.16M, so depending on which standard one uses there are either half again as many black retards as white retards, or vice versa.

  5. Stonelifter says

    “that’s what everyone says about hillbillies until you want them to leave the mountains and fight foreigners for you.”

    No, no, no.

    We are talking very specifically here. Pay attention. As I heard an old hillbilly from Hazard tell a Yankee one time: “There are two kinds of hillbillies.” The one kind is what you must have in mind. The other kind is what I have been discussing. And every hillbilly or mountain folk I ever met knew precisely what I and PRB are saying and often said loud and clear themselves. So, again, I fail to understand your objection here. I lived for over 12 years in these areas and virtually everyday the “good” hillbillies wore me out with talk about the “no accounts down in such and such.” I heard it in TN. I heard it in West V. I heard it in Virginia. I heard it in Ky. I heard it in Arkansas. They talk about the white trash as much as WN’s talk about the Jews. So, again, why are you acting like you don’t know what we are talking about here? Going to fight wars? Are you joking? I don’t recall any of the specific group under discussion ever being in the service. I doubt it is possible. Hillbillies, yes. Hillbilly trash, I doubt they can muster up the discipline to make it past(literally) even the recruiting *desk*. They sure will not pass the piss test these days. Most won’t have a diploma or GED. Many could not pass the physical. Even if they did manage to get in, they would be a nightmare for military commanders and make Gomer Pyle look like the soldier in excelsis of Navy Seal or SAS caliber.

    I’m not going to write any more about this. I have labored it enough. But if anyone doubts my analysis, simply ask me in a post and we will arrange a method of contact and communication. I will be glad to schedule a road trip with you and I will SHOW you.

  6. Said by Playing Roots Backwards says: rjp: Isn’t going down in a pitch black, poorly ventilated, barely shored-up hole kind of an IQ test?

    Yes it is.

  7. Should conservatives take God’s name in vain and use “expletives” of copulation and the elimination of waste as the Africans constantly do?

  8. @Mosin Nagant

    IF it works and if that is what it takes to get the attention of people and to show our enemies that we mean business this time, then YES, by all means swear and cuss. I have long been convinced that a big part of the problem and why the culture war was lost was EXACTLY because too many “Conservatives” would rather lose everything than to be seen as not being a “gentleman” or some such bullshit. Simply read people like Thomas Fleming and posters there at Chronicles to see precisely what I am talking about.

    Fuck that. I have to live in this shitty world they let happen. I intend to do something about it and let all and sundry know exactly my opinion and estimation of the value of their “ideas” and ideology. I am not going to cut myself off at the ankle just to fit the Thomas Fleming’s of the world’s idea of how someone should approach these matters. Him and you may rather let a loudmouth liberal or nigger run roughshod over you and FORCE their way by EFFECTIVE means because to combat it effectively would be beneath your dignity, but not me.

  9. But let us respect the name of the Almighty, and the Africans’ dirty “language” is mostly meaningless and not an effective weapon.

  10. @Mosin Nagant

    When I was 7 years, my neighborhood was invaded and destroyed by an onslaught of some of the most filthy, vulgar, violent niggers this side of Africa. Not once did “the Almighty” float down from heaven and do a fucking thing about it. So I’ll tell you what — if and when “the Almighty” ever get’s off his pompous, cowardly, hypocritical, rear-end and demonstrates that he gives even the smallest of shits about my well-being, then I’ll respect his name. Until then, FUCK the Almighty.

  11. I dunno. My reading of the Old Testament showed a hell of a sadistic bastard if ever I saw one. Supposedly Jesus was good, but he let him die a hell of a death, and though it is true it is said he resurrected Jesus it is 2000 years now and he has not been sent back.

    I have been with several people as they died. About half of them, it is true seemed to be in a nirvana and talked like they might be getting ready for something good, but it is also a stone cold fact these were doped to the gills on extremely powerful pain medication. The others, who were not drugged, did not strike me as being at all happy with whatever they must have been experiencing or seeing. The last was the damnedest thing I ever saw or ever heard. If she was not trying like hell to get away and was scared to death, I don’t know what. She was practically up the wall with her feet on the death bed with the most horrifying look on her face imaginable. I have thought a lot about her. A lot. And I can think of no reason why that should be. She was not that old. Nobody can think of anything. She even went to church and as far as anyone could tell, she was genuine in her faith. Saved and all that. No one can remotely think of anything that would have damned her. But I’ll be damned if it didn’t look like something came to get her, and it was not Jesus, unless if the Bible is a hell of a lie about him and his nature. It was nothing good.

    So I do not know about all this.

  12. Barb: This is absolutely my last comment on this off topic discussion about White Trash.

    Is there really such a shortage of intelligent White brood stock that we need to try to make ice cream out of horseshit by selectively breeding members of a dead end bloodline?

    I don’t think you really understand what we are dealing with here. The bloodlines of the Appalachian White trash developed in isolation with a small gene pool that was doomed from the start by low intelligence and a predisposition for addiction.

    Inbreeding CAN be a very positive undertaking with fantastic results. Every breed of cows, pigs, chickens, horses and goats is the result of inbreeding carefully selected specimens. I have seen Pit Bull six generation pedigrees that only listed two males, their sister, and daughters that resulted from breedings between the two brothers and their sister.

    Inbreeding in Appalachia didn’t involve mating together specimens that had desirable traits. It was based primarily on who lived nearby and maybe on who could outrun who.

    Do that for a while and you can intensify some highly undesirable traits, such as low IQ and grown up teeth that don’t last much longer than baby teeth. Kidneys that don’t last long are also a problem in that population.

    If you were going to breed Greyhounds, would you start with the slowest dog on the yard and say, “This is a damn good place to start!” Probably not.

  13. Go to work, go to school, get a job and buy a house instead of a 30 year old trailer? “Getting all above your raising” and “forgetting where you come from” is common chastising amongst those folks. I don’t know if the kids Barb mentioned she helped are like the white trash or just rednecks, but if they are like the white trash, I guarantee most of those kids got a good and long and sustained “getting all above your raising” from the “kin.” And most of your work was for naught.

    The damnedest thing I ever heard was a hillbilly woman bemoaning “people forgetting how they was raised” in connection with a much needed turnoff lane being added to highway 27 through Somerset, Ky.

  14. Brutus, I appreciate what you say about what we “don’t know about all these things.” Nevertheless some Western people still take the position of FAITH. Some hypocritically or inconsistently, but some really do “live out” the Christian faith to their best knowledge.

    Not only the Old Testament but also the NEW Testament enjoins “sound speech that cannot be condemned,”and it is the right of Christian conservatives to refuse to adopt the “un-sound” speech and other immoral habits of the Africans and urban multiculture.

  15. You don’t have to call a nigger a nigger to enrage him. Look a buck in the eye and THINK the word nigger and it will become enraged. It’s like they can read your mind when you think that thought.

  16. Jews, Blacks and Browns take up for their own, NO MATTER WHAT. OJ trial anyone? Blacks weren’t surprised at Casey Anthony and if she were black, they would have cheered the not guilty verdict.

    All this white trash bashing to me is simply unwarranted. What is white trash? A working woman who lost her job and is getting food stamps? A man or woman who has been in prison? Someone who is less intelligent?

    All you white trash haters can bash me all I want. I don’t care. I don’t plan on hanging out with white scum, but I’m not going to throw them in the pit with the niggers. Yeah I said the word, so what?

    Define intelligent? I’ve worked with plenty of DWL’s in corporate offices who were smart on paper but retarded in real life.

    Many of these so called elite smart white men and women were some of the most mentally ill maladjusted suck-ups I’d ever met. Brown nosing, SSRI taking, going to the shrink screw-ups unlike anything I’d ever seen. Now they would make fun of my southern accent but had no qualms accessing my brains when their financial statement didn’t balance.

    I call them the white office drones. I’ve worked with hundreds of them. All over the country, NYC, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Seattle, Phoenix, Portland, I’ve lived all over the country. I know of what I speak. Many of them couldn’t keep their hormones in check and I can tell you several instances in which these so called “white” elite offices where the boss or the manager was screwing someone else and it wasn’t their spouse.

    These 9-5 drones have Bachelor’s and masters degrees, smart with a computer. Dumb-ass on everything else. Many of them couldn’t hold on to their marriage or their relationships. One man I worked with whacked off to internet porn because he couldn’t sustain a normal healthy relationships. (he was caught and work and promptly fired)

    They all hate each other and would turn on each other in a dime if it meant a raise or a newer office. As a woman who worked in forensic accounting they’re thieves. I’ve worked in several different offices where the educated white man or woman was stealing the company blind. Yet it was the Southern girl (me) who found it. Funny how that works.

  17. All this white trash bashing to me is simply unwarranted. What is white trash?

    Pretty sure some of it is trolls spreading divide and rule. Rural, poor and working-class Southerners are part of ODs potential audience. All this white trash talk does a good job driving them away.

  18. Annie Oakley: You didn’t do well on the reading comprehension tests in school, did you?

  19. “Pretty sure some of it is trolls spreading divide and rule”

    Thanks, Lew.
    I need to distill my arguments.
    I think it’ll end up something like this:

    We need to embrace and defend and express sympathy for our so-called “White trash” simply because our enemies hate them. Sort of the converse of the Left’s refusal to criticize their own radicals and idiots and thugs and domestic terrorists under a paradigm of “No enemies to the left.”

    IOWs, anyone who is pro-White, even if unsavory in other ways, is no enemy of mine.

  20. Hmmm. It’s hard to believe that this is the same bunch of crackers who get their panties in a bunch when the semi-normal niggers stick up for their Black Trash.

    Anon: Consider this the following the next time you decide to quote results from any broad-based statistics such as nationwide results of SAT scores.

    If I were to line up 100 guys and all of them were 6’2″ except for one guy who was 5’0″. The average height for the group is 73.86″, just .14 of an inch under 6’2″.

    Does that mean that there isn’t a short fucker in the room?

    Consider also that, like semi-retarded niggers, few of the people I was talking about ever take SAT’s.

  21. Folks should remember there is a group far below “White trash”.

    The order from top to bottom, goes this way:

    Good Ol Boy
    White Trash

    I can’t imagine anything White, that is worse than a…


  22. Jack Ryan: Careful now. In a few minutes you will probably have OD readers that belong to the SAVE THE WIGGERS COALITION all over your ass.

  23. “If I were to line up 100 guys and all of them were 6’2? except for one guy who was 5’0?. The average height for the group is 73.86?, just .14 of an inch under 6’2?.

    Does that mean that there isn’t a short fucker in the room?”

    No it does not mean that there aren’t short fuckers there, but your plan to just get rid of one generation of short people has a crucial flaw however, it just doesn’t work. Moving a group racial mean either way takes serious time and effort. All you’d accomplish is freeing up marginal land that the next generations of (infinitesimally less stupid/criminal/shortsighted)people would squat on, and they’d probably even recreate the specifics of the white trash culture.

    In reality height is controlled by a multitude of genes, and if they all fire at once the result would be an extremely tall body with severe health issues. Even just breaking the limit on how tall we grow(gigantism) is ultimately fatal to us. Our bodies can’t handle that. Likewise being too short is an issue as well. Tallness settled around where it did because that was the optimal place for it to be given the environment we evolved in. Similarly our brains growing too large, or using too much energy, or generating too much heat will kill us/make births impossible/make our dietary requirement prohibitively expensive, and so on. There is a good reason the bad genes exist, namely because natural selection is a random crapshoot. So you’re not getting rid of those bad genes, not entirely. Even the Ashkenazi Jews have only reduced the number of those bad genes as far as intelligence is concerned(over the course of thousands of years),in addition for selecting for a bunch of other problems for themselves. Lastly it is important to note that IQ is merely a correlation for other values. I’d rather have a stupid person with future time orientation, conscientiousness, empathy and so on, than a smart thug, it just generally works out the other way around. All of this applies to blacks as well, they were optimized for Africa, where much of what we consider good and worthwhile simply could not have survived. And if those good blacks do want to lift up their cousins, they are welcome to it, just not by infringing on our rights, which does not help them in any event.

    Our culture, as it existed did the best job promoting eugenics while stepping on the fewest toes. Obviously today the welfare state and other issues are promoting dysgenic ends, I don’t support that, that would be foolish. That is, in my view, the proper way to marginalize badness to the lowest level it can be marginalized.

  24. PRB – I normally love your stuff -but you certainly have an axe to grind when it comes to lower order Whites.

    We all know that there are bad, stupid, trashy Whites – but as Annie so deftly points out – not all of them live in trailers – and the one’s with the degrees attached wreak a lot ore damage to our Race than the double-wide types.

    You really need to give it a rest – and stick to Nigger bashing.

  25. “Iforgot says:
    May 13, 2012 at 1:26 pm
    You don’t have to call a nigger a nigger to enrage him. Look a buck in the eye and THINK the word nigger and it will become enraged. It’s like they can read your mind when you think that thought.”

    Indeed. They function on animal senses. I’ve written MANY times that oyu can control them with body language, facial expressions, and certainly tone of voice – but you have to MEAN it. One flicker of fear or doubt -and they’re on you.

  26. et tu Brutus

    I have long been convinced that a big part of the problem and why the culture war was lost was EXACTLY because too many “Conservatives” would rather lose everything than to be seen as not being a “gentleman” or some such bullshit.

    I was watching old Lawrence Welk reruns last night and those were my thoughts. Being nice supersedes reality or even survival! The conservatives I have known over the decades- all nice and polite. Bullshit! Those things are not virtues! Grabbing reality by the horns is the basic virtue! Survival! Then we can be oh-so-polite AFTER VICTORY HAS BEEN ACHIEVED.

    I have this recurring fantasy of being in an emergency room and asking for a doctor.
    Out comes a nigger- I scream “I want a real doctor not a savage!” I’m rude enough to do it. It is the fear of making a scene that holds us back. Conservatives would literally rather die than make a scene.

    Nice conservatives are the actual white trash!!!

    And now let us say goodnight with the Lawrence Welk family:

  27. Denise: Annie’s boys in the suits aren’t out there breeding like niggers. Her version of Evil Whites aren’t regularly out on the road, fucked up on meth, whiskey and pain pills in an uninsured beater with half-assed brakes.

    Annie needs to get out of the fucking office and wander on down to one of the “hollers” to see who she can outrun. Do you think she really believes that you can fix 20 generations of inbreeding by specimens with low IQ’s, a proclivity for violence, a predisposition for addiction and a rate of paranoid schizophrenia that is ten times higher than the national average easier that you can fix an office nerd with an internet porn addiction?

    Did you ever hear the old southern saying, “You need to clean up your own back yard before you come pointing at mine.” White people will never be taken seriously when they point out the many shortcomings of niggers if we aren’t willing to address similar shortcomings in people who share our complexion.

    Why don’t we widen the field of who deserves to be off limits for criticism because they share our skin color? Why don’t we just expand our circle of brotherhood to include all Caucasians? Arabs are Caucasians. So are Jews, even the Sabras. And let’s not forget the folks like Gunga Din. Rudyard Kipling said Gunga Din was as black as any nigger, but those lower cast Indians are Caucasians. Then there are the Iranians, comrades of Hitler. They used to call their country Aryan. We have to let the Iranians in the fold.

    Any sonofabitch who regularly bitches about all of that free stuff that the goddamn niggers are getting while they have White friends and relatives who are sucking government tit is nothing but a piece of shit hypocrit. It’s that simple.

  28. Anon: Quit spouting theory and go visit the people that you are speaking so fondly about. I can point out dozens of places where you can get your head shook and your money took by people with your complexion just as fast as it would happen in any nigger-infested hood.

    White people in general have developed mating habits that promote dysgenics. I have worked with young men who weren’t from where they were living who married young girls who also weren’t from where they were living. The result was that neither of them got to meet the other’s family.

    At the very least you should meet the girls mother so you can gauge what your betrothed will look like in 25 years. It would also be nice to know if there is a history of large-scale retardation and/or psychosis in your new family to be.

    Lots of White folks don’t shop that well for a mate nowadays. They just marry each other, and then when they finally meet the in-laws and their ever present cognitive dissonance helps them believe that their wonderful mate didn’t inherit a single gene from the guy in the recliner, in underwear, who is talking gibberish to you because his teeth are still in the glass on the coffee table.

    Rich Whites still make their kids go through the motions, and they seldom let their kids marry the blonde from the Crab Shack who has three kids by three different dads.

    Ashkenazi Jews enforce a code of strict eugenics. Dullards don’t get to marry unless they leave the fold and marry a dullard Shiksa. (I could send them to a region of Appalachia where those dullard Jew genes would actually RAISE the IQ level of the locals.)

    Even affluent niggers in the nice zip codes on Long Island (pronounced “Lawn GUYland”) tell their kids to “marry light” because they want to limit the number of nigger genes in their bloodline.

    This whole White Trash debate has been very revealing. I am now convinced that even if we were to rid ourselves of the descendants of cannibals that we will still be headed in the fast lane towards “Idiocracy”.

    I still want to put the White Trash in the trench with the niggers, but I’ll tell you what, Anon: You go travel around East Tennessee, Eastern KY and all over WV and get to know the folks that remind you of either the Wild and Wonderful Whites or Snuffy Smith, then make up a Schindler’s list of who you want to save. I promise that if in the unlikely event that I would be the fucker who decides who goes in the trench, then I will honor your list and save your chosen White Trash from death. However, you have to marry them off to your close relatives within ninety days or I will order my brutal henchmen to dig another trench.

    The good thing is that I will turn 59 in a couple of weeks so I will be gone long before the descendants of those you hold in such high esteem start watering the crops with Gatorade.

  29. PRB – reading comprehension? Blow it out your ass you snob.

    Rather than attack my ideology or opinion, you choose the low road and attack me personally, something a NIGGER or a JEW does, not a smart white man.

    In a debate I’d mop the floor with you. Don’t even go there with me, you will not win.

  30. Just watched “Wild and Wonderful Whites.” I’m shocked. Hard to believe the level of depravity, sloth and violence.

    One thing I noticed that both enraged me and gave me hope. They’re all on government assistance. The patriarch was a coal miner. After having been ripped off by the coal mines that forced you to buy your groceries at inflated prices at the company store, he decided to just game the system and got all his children on Social Security disability, paving the way for them to get other government assistance, no doubt.

    What gave me hope was the realization that once the rug is pulled out from under them, they will no longer be able to breed with impunity and perpetuate that morally bankrupt lifestyle. This can be stopped.

    Interesting that Hank Williams III befriended these people and wrong a song(s) making them sound like heroes:

    “Way down in West Virginia
    There’s some people who are one of a kind
    They don’t need nothin’ from nobody
    Cause they’re already doin’ fine………….”

    Really, Hank III? “They don’t need nothin’ from nobody”… except their Social Security checks, Section 8 vouchers, EBT cards, Medicaid, free rehab on the taxpayer’s dime, etc etc etc….

    I always have something to say when I hear about one of the in-laws or a friend’s family member having kids out of wedlock, engaging in miscegenation (married or not), and accepting any kind of public assistance. We’re white. We should be better than that. All of us.

  31. “Any sonofabitch who regularly bitches about all of that free stuff that the goddamn niggers are getting while they have White friends and relatives who are sucking government tit is nothing but a piece of shit hypocrit. It’s that simple.”

    But, PRB, we *have* to be hypocrites, for now. The Jews are hypocrites — and that’s how they got such an excess of power, even though they’re a tiny fraction of the population. When we have vanquished our non-White enemies and secured a Future for White Children, then we will get a grip on our lower orders’ dysfunctions.
    Until then, our best tactical strategy is to keep pointing out the bad stuff of the non-Whites and ignore accusations of hypocrisy — just like the Jews do. Remember, we are being genocided over here. We HAVE to be hypocrites — for a while. Or there won’t BE any White people to fuss over.

    Question: How *many* in actual numbers of dysfunctional Whites lying drunk in the hollers *are* there?
    Blacks are 40 million in America. Half of them are men, so 20 million. Half the males have been / will be arrested for felonies. That’s 10 MILLION thugs. Are there really 10 million White trashers, as defined by the most extreme standards you’ve been using?

  32. I’d infinitely rather have my White brothers and sisters sucking on the Gubmint tit. I paid for it. for THEM. I know that when the entire thing crashes

    We NEED to develop a double morality. Two sets of books. This whole “honor/integrioty” crapola is equivalent to White Out Group Altruism – it HURTS us – when we extend these gifts to our Racial enemies. We owe our enemies NOTHING – excepting total and FINAL defeat.

    Game the system ANY way you can Whites. TAKE TAKE TAKE. GET GET GET.

    I know my Whites will regain everything they need, when it all crashes. Meanwhile – suck it dry.

  33. @PRB’s “you will probably have OD readers that belong to the SAVE THE WIGGERS COALITION….” LOL! Today’s most humourous line. Runners-up, on this long thread: TLR’s “Nice conservatives are actual white trash” and Annie’s “mop the floor….” Not only does this blog have most useful information, it also has great wits.

  34. Just noticed now the immediately foregoing comment that may be the wittiest of all, as well as true.

  35. PBR – I know Annie IN PERSON. I know her in the real 3D world. She travelled across the country to help me with my wedding. My family LOVES her. I think she’s be more welcome, in the family compound, if she needed a plce to hole up, than I would.

    I believe in her a gadjillion %. She is one of THE BEST people I’ve ever met in my entire life. It’s an honor knowing her – not to mention a whole lot of FUN. She’s funny as Hell. She’s made me laugh til I choked, with her adventures. I don’t know how any of this will play out – but I can say, with every fiber of my being, that our mutual interest in White Advocacy has allowed us to meet – well- it’s been worth EVERYTHING.

    I know what she does in the real world. Annie HAS gotten the “fuck out of the office”. Annie has seen the Highs and the Lows. If we had a hundred Annie’s all across the country – the realization of those 14 Words would be assured.

    I am inclined to get REALLY nasty here – in defense of this WONDERFUL woman – but I’ll hold back for a bit. We do what we do for love, in the end, n’est ce pas?

    PRB – I do not know what’s gotten up your ass on this thread – but we have to work with the Army we have. Do you kow about the Wild West era – the cowboys? They were despised by the “proper” settlers, moving West from the Eastern urban areas – as most were scoundrels, drunkards, and cattle and horse rustlers. What effete settlers learned toot suite, is that, in a world and barbaric land, that one never knows when one will need the asisstance of a scoundrel. People would find themselves in the most unusual predicaments, with the most unusual people – and it BECAME a matter of Life and Death to mind one’s manners – and show courtesy to the lowest os scalagwags.

    We are descending into barbarism. We do NOT have the luxury of breeding up Whites, for 20 generations. As far as te effect of dysgenics – RACIAL SOLIDARITY COUNTS FOR A WHOLE HEL LOF A LOT MORE.

    The FUCKING JEWS have 4 TIMES the genetic issues of other Races – even your despised Hillbilly Whites – USUALLY resulting in lunacy and CRETINISM. Do you kno what an actual cretin is? Look it up. Snuffy Smith is a Mensa candidate, by comparison. They may behave is a grotesque manner towards each other- but they STILL draw together reflexively, when Outsiders look at ’em funny.

    THAT strategy is THE FUNDAMENTAL factor in thier centuries of success.

    Why don’t we pick that up from them?

    Every-one trashes Whites, and gets away with it – cause White like you let them.

    FUCK that. I won’t do it.

    WHY are you? Is your hatred of methhead hillbillies HELPFUL? Does it HELP?
    What does this obsessive denuncation accomplish?

    If oyu can’t answer that question – then shut the FUCK up about it – and give me some other amusing names for Niggers.

  36. “TabuLa Raza says:
    May 13, 2012 at 10:05 pm
    et tu Brutus

    I have long been convinced that a big part of the problem and why the culture war was lost was EXACTLY because too many “Conservatives” would rather lose everything than to be seen as not being a “gentleman” or some such bullshit.

    I was watching old Lawrence Welk reruns last night and those were my thoughts. Being nice supersedes reality or even survival! The conservatives I have known over the decades- all nice and polite. Bullshit! Those things are not virtues! Grabbing reality by the horns is the basic virtue! Survival! Then we can be oh-so-polite AFTER VICTORY HAS BEEN ACHIEVED.

    I have this recurring fantasy of being in an emergency room and asking for a doctor.
    Out comes a nigger- I scream “I want a real doctor not a savage!” I’m rude enough to do it. It is the fear of making a scene that holds us back. Conservatives would literally rather die than make a scene.

    Nice conservatives are the actual white trash!!!”


    TR – I have demanded White doctors, when seeking medical attention. I’ve gotten blowback for this, form thwe schedulers, and the doctors themselves. I launch into a loooooooooooooong, LOUD, EMBARRASSING, detailed account of why I don’t want some GOD DAMNED Dot Head, Nigger, or Spic anywhere near me. I make sure EVERY-ONE in the block can hear EVERY word I’m saying. I’ve done this on more than one occasion.

    Every-one learns FAST, why it’s better to accede to my request without any murmurs or objections.

    And PRB – I do deal with non-White Caucasians. Why shouldn’t I? I’ll make any type of alliance I need to make. Non-White Caucasians are generally a LOT less screwed up about racial issues, than White Whites are.

    The reactions have been really special. Highly entertaining, as well.

  37. Annie and Denise: Extremely revealing. My dad always used to tell me that if you can get somebody to talk long enough they will tell you exactly what they are. It never fails.

    Denise: Here’s kind of an answer to your question. My hatred of meth head hillbillies was helpful in running many of them out of Metcalfe County KY, and now it is useful in removing the handful of them that are in Hood and Somervell Counties in TX. The shit WILL hit the fan eventually and it isn’t a good idea to have people around who will be a liability instead of an asset.

    Maybe they will move to your area and we will all be happy. They won’t do well in this part of Texas on D-Day.

  38. “Are there really 10 million White trashers, as defined by the most extreme standards you’ve been using?” – Perhaps even more(the liberal definition of white trash is not the one he is using however), but bottling them up over a large area of marginal land has been an excellent method of limiting their dysfunction and preventing any critical mass from forming thus far, which is what the argument is about. How best to go about limiting dysfunction:Genocide, or early 20th century American eugenics AKA speaking fondly of them, holding them in high esteem, papering over and ignoring their problems, and so on.

    “However, you have to marry them off to your close relatives within ninety days or I will order my brutal henchmen to dig another trench.” – I have no close relatives to inflict that upon, sorry. And anyone on my don’t kill list would be someone you wouldn’t be inclined to kill anyway.

  39. PRB – Re: meth-heads – I’m glad you ran them out of your region. We have ’em here. They aren’t too much trouble. And they will…not be tolerated…when the SHTF.

    They are the leasts of MY worries.

    And Annie is the BEST person you’d ever want to meet. I know her. If you knew her, in person – you’d blush, apologize, like a true gentleman, and be very glad you had the chance to meet her. I know you would.

  40. Barb: I guess any old excuse will do. Just remember that, as I just told Denise, White Trash is a liability, not an asset. Any that are anywhere near my part of the county will be culled before I ever fire a shot at a cannibal.

    Have you ever heard of Sawney Bean? I don’t even know if he was real, nobody really knows, but I have been around inbred families in Eastern KY who reminded me of the the Sawney Bean legend.

    To answer you question about the number of creatures that came from those shitty Appalachian bloodlines: Beats me.

    They are like niggers in a lot of ways, including hanging around it the streets and in convenience store parking lots, so there presence seems larger than it probably really is. I doubt that the number is as high as 10 million. Maybe half that.

    You spoke earlier about dialects or accents. Have you spent enough time in Appalachia or the Deep South that you can identify a person’s origin by listening to them talk? Can you tell a Georgia Cracker from a Mississippi Peckerwood? None of them sound like the Appalachian cousin fuckers, not even the normal folks who grew up near them.

    It’s kind of like down here in North Central Texas everybody has a soft drawl but there is one small area that produces people who talk just like Hank on “King of the Hill”.

    Watch the movie about the Whites and you will have something to compare your Trailer Trash’s accents to.

  41. Okay, I’m almost home now so I’m done with this particular argument. Thanks for the brutal exchanges. We can all be blood brothers and sisters again sometime soon.

  42. Denise says:
    May 14, 2012 at 4:32 am
    I still want more alternative names for Niggers. “Naga” is settling in nicely

    Jack Ryan responds:
    How about using “Nigloo”?

    In northern Canada, it refers to Blacks living way up north in the cold with the Eskimos (igloo). This could be adopted to any Blacks living in cold climate areas – Midwest, Northeast.


    How did this thread become a discussion on “white trash”? Folks, let’s stay focused here. I recall my very first use of the ‘n-word’ when I was in my mid-twenties living in Cincinnati’s now infamous Over-the-Rhine district. Prior to actually living around niggers, I never had a reason to use the word. And that’s the thing most people miss: Deep down most blacks are NIGGERS, including that foul-mouthed “comedian” Chris Rock, in the post-modern sense of the word. Believe me, if you spend enough time around ’em, they will draw its use right out of you!

    Of course, for centuries the word was simply an informal expression to describe the negro and had no disparaging or pejorative connotation attached to it. But since the Judeo-Marxist cultural revolution of the 1960’s, the word has been transformed into a symbol of white “oppression” and “hatred” of our “betters.” I say its time to reclaim it, but do so with a strategic purpose in mind. Remember, most white people have been brainwashed to consider those who use it as “racists” and therefore unworthy of being heard. Over using it can simply shut down the minds of those we need to win over. However, it is also important to send a message to our enemies: We are free white men and women of the West and will do as we damn well please!

    Personally, I look forward to the day when all white men and women speak the word without apology and do so with righteous defiance in the face of the enemy!

    Therefore, I vote thumbs up for using the word ‘NIGGER’!

    PS: A few laughs employing the “n-word”. It truly is an American original.

    Uncle Ruckus on the N-word:

    South Park: N-word Wheel of Fortune Edition:

    Nigger Moments:

    Nigger Exorcism:

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