Caribbean Project: Knights of the Golden Circle

The Knights of the Golden Circle envisioned a Southern Empire in the Caribbean and Central America


Palmetto Patriot has been researching the most colorful of the Masonic-inspired Southern Rights organizations: the Knights of the Golden Circle.

The Knights of the Golden Circle, which you may recall from Nicholas Cage’s movie National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets, was a secret society that envisioned the creation of a vast slave-based Southern Empire in Central America and the Caribbean.

In the 1850s, the filibuster William Walker had conquered NicaraguaThe Directory had tried to acquire Cuba from Spain, and Gov. John Quitman of Mississippi resigned after backing Narciso López’s failed attempt to conquer Cuba:

The primary economic and political goal of this organization was to create a prosperous, slave-holding Southern Empire extending in the shape of a circle from their proposed capital at Havana, Cuba, through the southern states of the United States, Mexico, the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America. The plan also called for the acquisition of Mexico which was then to be divided into fifteen new slave-holding states which would shift the balance of power in Congress in favor of slavery.

Facing the Gulf of Mexico, these new states would form a large crescent. The robust economy the KGC hoped to create would be fueled by cotton, sugar, tobacco, rice, coffee, indigo, and mining. These seven industries would employ slave labor.”

The Republic of Yucatán never joined the Confederacy. The U.S. Senate considered Yucatán annexation though at the end of the Mexican War. John C. Calhoun was opposed to annexation because he considered the area worthless.

The Confederacy was unable to defend its own national borders, control its own rivers and ports, and assert its own claim to Kentucky, Arizona, and New Mexico. For practical reasons, the Davis government was in no position to fight a two front war with Mexico and the United States, much less challenge the Royal Navy for control of the British West Indies.

In spite of this, a real historical opportunity did arise for Jefferson Davis (who had been an ardent Caribbean expansionist in the Senate) and the Confederacy to expand the “Golden Circle” into Northern Mexico:

“In late spring 1861, a Confederate agent tried unsuccessfully to encourage the eastern state of Veracruz to start a pro-independence campaign against the Mexican government. In the summer of the same year, Jefferson Davis turned down the offer of Santiago Vidaurri, governor of Nuevo León and Coahuila, to annex his provinces to the Confederacy, in return for troops. Davis dismissed the move as “imprudent and impolitic.”

The Mexican states of Tamaulipas, Nuevo León, Coahuila, and Veracruz would have been the first targets of Confederate national expansion. It is not far fetched to imagine a victorious Confederacy annexing Cuba and at least a few of these northeastern states from Mexico.

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  1. Can you imagine the scale of miscegenation that would have resulted from this? We’re talking Amerind-Anglatto-Mestizattoes just to start.

  2. Race doesn’t have the same importance in free societies that it has in slave societies. New York and New Jersey never had anti-miscegenation laws. Massachusetts and Pennsylvania repealed their anti-miscegenation laws.

    In contrast, Cuba had an anti-miscegenation law. While miscegenation occurs in slave societies and free societies, the difference is that it is legitimate in free societies where whiteness has no value.

    In America, blacks are your equals and fellow citizens in theory, a privileged class elevated above you in practice.

    In caste societies like the Old South and Saint-Domingue (to a lesser extent), no black is ever as good as a White.

  3. Tony, the race war against the White Yucatecos could have been stopped. The Yucatecos were forced into two walled cities when the Mayans rose up against them and began slaughtering them. I think a relatively small expedition force from SC or Dixie as a whole could have put an end to that. And the governor of Yucatan was offering sovereignty over the area in exchange for aid against Mexico City and the Mayans. Southerners could have saved the Yucatanos, preserved the independence of the Yucatan, driven the Mayans out and had a permanent ally or even a confederated state in the Republic of Yucatan.

  4. “John C. Calhoun was opposed to annexation because he considered the area worthless.”

    Here is the quote for his opposition to the annexation of mexico(from wikipedia):
    “[W]e have never dreamt of incorporating into our Union any but the Caucasian race—the free white race. To incorporate Mexico, would be the very first instance of the kind, of incorporating an Indian race; for more than half of the Mexicans are Indians, and the other is composed chiefly of mixed tribes. I protest against such a union as that! Ours, sir, is the Government of a white race…. We are anxious to force free government on all; and I see that it has been urged … that it is the mission of this country to spread civil and religious liberty over all the world, and especially over this continent. It is a great mistake.[26]”

  5. I doubt this will ever make its way into any textbook:
    “Sir, it is a remarkable fact, that in the whole history of man, as far as my knowledge extends, there is no instance whatever of any civilized colored races being found equal to the establishment of free popular government, although by far the largest portion of the human family is composed of these races. And even in the savage state we scarcely find them anywhere with such government, except it be our noble savages—for noble I will call them. They, for the most part, had free institutions, but they are easily sustained among a savage people. Are we to overlook this fact? Are we to associate with ourselves as equals, companions, and fellow-citizens, the Indians and mixed race of Mexico? Sir, I should consider such a thing as fatal to our institutions. ”

    And here is the speech in total:

  6. @Palmetto Patriot

    Thanks for that explanation. I was aware of the Golden Circle but only superficially, I had no clue about the Yucatecos. Thanks again.

  7. Ancestry map in the year 2000 USA shows the Secret English templar knights hid among the Mormons (headed west afor the Civil War that took place in the Free Masons & Jews land and it was the Jews and Africans that had whites in slavery, of the which the USA media hides this! exposed in this study btw btw) then the German teutonic knights surrounded the Templar’s in the area that was depicted in the Bible as to be the safest place in the USA Kingdom, the states gates (borders) were completed in 1912, which made for a long strait gate that goes from south to north btw, but only the Knights knew of this area marked with a Cross to escape from the White RINO & the uncivilized Nigga, with 3 gates on each side in Revelation, of the which also, the Mormons were guided to go to a horridly filthy useless micro-shrimp infested Salt Lake, keep in mind this area has not suffered any Major conflict, nor has their people, would this of been or can it be a location that is better to be than on the front lines of the Black Undertow, imo … Whereas the Govt. will not execute the correct judgements and never has … Just an idea, to the point that if We do not succeed from the Govt blasphemy in the South East corner + all of the major cities.

    Remember when God brought the white people out of African Slavery and placed them into Suburbs in the book of Numbers 33:2-36, the same has happened in the USA. Now then the best move would be to increase this area of the Nation, again this is a mere opinion that needs some study. More biblical hints as to where the whites were to move to … In the beginning God told the whites to move away from Africa and the Africans because of their disgusting Deeds, but NO ONE listened and now we must endure this multi cultured lunacy formed by the USA Govt. and their Fn dupes whom always did and do go against the Word of God as to remove yourself from the Nigga’s and not live around them,

    FFS, EVEN GOD SAID THIS … Furthermore, let’s not neglect the Christian Knights that won WWI in Greece, The Balkans, and in Serbia against the Muslims and Africans …

  8. Hunter Wallace TY for the great info as always miles ahead of the main stream line of thought.

    Let me add also the area of the Caribbean Project: Knights of the Golden Circle is in a area known for Destructions caused by as the lawyers put It: “An Act of God” in Hurricane Alley, the Place I would begin to flush out all Nigga’s in the USA is at the Mark of the X or commonly known as the Cross. And of course years later the USA Govt. has taken over most of those lands, settled by the Whites.

  9. YW, Tony.

    The Yucatecos were much like the White Southerners of the Lower South. They were at the top of a racial caste system in an agricultural land that resented outside interference from a largely hostile central government. Sounds pretty much just like Dixie, huh?

  10. This is all so strange. Or maybe that is just because it is a little known or discussed area of history that is feels weird, ya know, the propinquity between southern Anglo-ScotsIrish-N.Euros and, of all people, Ibero-American-Creole Catholics types. Who would’ve thought?

    Thanks Hunter and special thanks to Palmetto Patriots for this info. Would it be too much trouble to drop the names of some books of the era or later that cover this event?

    By the way, for those into this topic and who can read Spanish, there is a forum for covering Mexican Iberians at

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  12. The Knights of the Golden Circle and the Order of the Lone Star are the two groups that built the Confederacy. Thomas Jefferson had sold the South a bill of goods in 1800. His Democrats needed open borders to win elections in the Federalist North. First thing Jefferson did was strip the strong immigration laws of John Adams and open the floodgates. While this did allow Southern Democratic Presidents to win elections as the immigration made the North grow artificially large, it increased the Norths electoral power so much that after 1852 a Southerner had no chance of becoming President.

    The South had by 1850 reached its limit of growth. Florida and Texas were by the technology of the time mostly worthless land and Upper Dixie States all had a slave surplus with no market. The South had the choice of either electing Northern Democratic hacks President with no real benefits to Dixie, having a Whig/Republican drive them into bankruptcy with their tariffs and putting up with abolitionist nutjobs.

    The only logical choice was ESTABLISHING a new nation where the South governed itself and could colonize new land. Pioneering helped to energize the Poor white population by giving them a chance at economic advancement and helped everyone. Of course solely making an economic case for secession was not palatable for the public and so they had to use the Yankees want a Slave Revolt mantra to energize the population. Most Southern leaders knew that the North couldn’t free the slaves, BUT the North could bankrupt them and through economic warfare destroy slavery.

    A Southern Nation was the only choice. Still is the only Choice

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