Leftists and Dog-Whistlers Bewail Racist Derb

Derb prepping for The Day The EBT Card Stops Working


Derb’s stock is rising as Little Green Fags and Gawker attack him for his refusal to condemn white supremacy.

The attacks include Mediate, Sodahead, Raw Story, Wonkette, George Soros-financed Think Progress, The New York Observer, the buck toothed harridan Elspeth Reeve at The Atlantic Wire, and the dog-whistlers at The Blaze.

Gawker is running this photo of Derb. I’m assuming he is prepping for the ultimate doomsday apocalyptic scenario that could one day strike America: not a solar flare, not an earthquake, not a tsunami, not a hurricane, not a nuclear terrorist attack, not an asteroid strike, but The Day The EBT Card Stops Working in our major cities.

In the long run, this apocalyptic scenario will certainly come true as the economy collapses due to Peak Oil. It is going to happen within our lifetimes.

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  1. “The dirty little secret is that free society has only three solutions to the bottom third of the black community in America: the welfare state, government employment, or prison.”

    Slavery as Goodwill Industries.

    Imagine if people with Down Syndrome were more violent, and there were 40 million of them.

    That’s blacks in America.

  2. Black Syndrome. Stupid and violent, with a dollop of cocky.

    Why not invade Africa exclusively with black troops, then use the blacks as cannon fodder in some sort of Afrika Korps. How about that? They can storm the beach at Durban, Parachute into Kinshasa
    and march to Harare. We could even give them guns.

  3. I doubt that “offshoring” will be permitted to continue, or able to continue for that matter, but those jobs coming back will not help places like detroit.

  4. Good catch robroy.

    Derb needs an Armalite instead, or a bolt action rifle if he’s got a scope.

    However the AK will function in virtually any situation and looks intimidating. At least he bought ear gear. People often forget to wear those on the range.

  5. John it looks like one of those PC post 94 AKs with a single stack mag, which can be corrected. And the photo looks a bit staged with the scope so close to his eye, it seems this might have been a one shot deal where some enthusiast took him out to show him the gun culture and this photo was taken. My guess is that guns are not his fetish in any way, and if he has a gun it is for purely utilitarian reasons (no problems with that since the gun cult can induce a metaphysical fog).

    My advice for newbs, Remington 870, plain jane none of that paramilitary looking crap and get legal short barrel to go along with the hunting barrel, and buy some tactical reduced recoil buckshot along with some birdshot, and there you go, and practice with it.

  6. Do you realized what all this brouhaha is about?

    And Derby- the least worthy of our race at present- is yet their current target.

    And what scares the ‘Other,’ is that he is not backing down. Which is something that EMPOWERS US.
    He believes his own mind- amazingly enough. We should as well.

    If just eleven White Men from Gallilee could turn the world upside down….
    If 300 White men could stop the onslaught at Thermopylae…
    If just a few English nobles could make a king capitulate at Runnymede…
    If one White man in the valley of Roncevalles could stop the Muslims from invading France, by sounding the warning call of a horn….

    If an upstart group of Englishmen could repel the entire might of the British army and navy, not once, but twice…..

    If we realized that our RACE is OUR NATION, and throw off the BULLSHIT of the lesser tribes EVER being of us, and we finally, irrevocably realize that we MUST restore our nation to White English Christians once again…

    Why, then, there is NO TELLING what we can/could/will accomplish.

    And the Damned [Rom. 9:13] KNOW it; especially the leaders of these accursed minions. Always look behind the spin of the Spinmeisters, to see the jew, cowering behind the curtain, hoping you don’t see how utterly execrable a FOE he is, and how EASILY he can be destroyed, when it comes to true combat.

    Weasels (Wiesels?) usually are cowardly animals. And that is what they are- animals.

    Lock and load, my brethren. Lock and load.

  7. Trouble is half those English (Yankees) were slobbering over the prospect of Negro equality.


  8. There is no such thing as “white supremacy”. Derbyshire is a European-American who refuses to be submissive to jewish power(via the blacks). Derbyshire isn’t a self-hating European-American. Have any of those websites wrote articles about jewish supremacy?

  9. My favourite is the FNFAL. Best damned military issue rifle I’ve ever seen. Bloody Belgians!

    Something about that rifle screams freedom.

  10. Don’t care for its loading system. I have problems with all the black rifles, all have a flaw or two, so there is nothing perfect out there. Still for my choice its the AR system even with that crappy bolt lockup system. If only that stupid 1934 law or its 1986 evil twin did not exist I would have the LWRC infantry auto rifle with open bolt firing for auto (though I wonder its reliability since it lost to the HK)

  11. You’ve lost me. I’m not gun literate. HK? Heckler Koch? Cheapish, robust, mass produced military SLR rifles with a kick. Back in the day range practise with em was fantastic. The Rhodesians kept tribes of nigs at bay For decades with them.

  12. Yes, the white man is still feared and for good reason. They know what happens when he eventually awakens.

    Occidental Observer has a good piece on the Jews that should be required reading for every kindergartner. Anyone who has lived or worked around them – especially the Jew York/Jew Jersey types – know they are more tribal than a bunch of bantus dancing in a circle around a pot of boiling Brits.

    And it is the Jews and their lackey gentile servants that constantly keep the blacks in attack mode.




  13. AR or AK. A normal variant. That way you will be able to find parts if something goes wrong or missing.

  14. Sorry John, not going to waste your time on the nits of guns and I’m far from being an expert myself.

  15. Slavery as Goodwill Industries…..

    The workers at the nearest Goodwill here seem reasonably smart –guess would be above average IQ— and well-presented (decent looking, not grossly overweight, etc.)—they are white and waiting on mostly blacks and ‘mexicans.’

    That’s a fact.

  16. DixieGirl-

    Not at MY local GW, in a very nice suburb of the Minne-apple.

    the last time I was in there, it was Blacks, Blacks, Blacks. And when I found a video that was critical of islam, and thought to buy it, the obviously American Negro female at the checkout said, ‘I know all about islam, care to discuss it?’ Not only did I get creeped out at her “come-on”, but I thought (as I looked at her talon-like manicure, her way too blond cornrows, and her aping a bad/cheap White hooker in her makeup,) : “You’re too damn dumb to realize that they care for your kind, even less than WE do.”

    Just because I am a priest, doesn’t mean I can’t call trash, trash. Or a satanic creed, ‘satanic verses’…

  17. If you can afford it, M1A is the way to go. Ammunition is ridiculously expensive though. Here is a thought: Ak74 clone. Soviet 5.45 mm cartridges are super cheap (1000 for about $150), shoot like laser flat trajectories and produce very nasty wounds. Very accurate round. Here is something to keep in mind: American military troops only train to engage with the M4 out to 300 meters. The Marines may train out to 500m. You want a rifle that you can engage beyond what they are used to. Against the Orcs, you want to have plenty of ammunition as they tend to travel in packs. The Orc is not known for his ability to shoot. If you must engage them, rifles>shotguns>handguns.

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