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  1. What a dumbass. Like that sort of thing does anything anyway. All it does is provide yet another act in this ongoing three ring circus we are living in for people to gawk at and discuss briefly.

  2. The article is interesting—- it states over and over that this “has nothing to do with the case.”

    That the man is “disturbed.” But why would that prove his actions have nothing to do with the case, lol. And he chose to go to this location, not others. Obviously it has SOMETHING to do with it.

    Where do they get these writers? It’s like they can’t even connect dots the size of houses.

  3. Trine,
    You fucking dumbass. First, your hanging out at gay bars in Florida and Tel Aviv and now you doing this shit back in your “homeland.” What the hell is wrong with you, retard. Hopefully, that socialized medicine is as good as you claimed.

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