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Escape From Detroit by Paul Kersey


I’ve spent the better part of a month agonizing over how to review Paul Kersey’s Escape From Detroit for a non-OD audience.

It wasn’t until this morning that I concluded that the significance of this book couldn’t be properly described in any other venue. OD is the only website in the online racialist universe that is addressing the negro question on this wavelength.

I was preparing to write a review of Escape From Detroit from the perspective of “race realism,” but something about that approach just kept nagging at me, and ultimately I couldn’t square how to write this review in any other way.

This isn’t a book about race realism. It is not about the GM Renaissance Center becoming a Congo-style marooned skyscraper, the demise of the Pontiac Silverdome, the black residents of post-Negro Revolt Detroit feasting on raccoon, the golden chairs in the Detroit Public Library, or the ambulance that broke down in Detroit on New Year’s amid a barrage of gunfire. These hilarious stories are merely illustrations of a greater truth.

Escape From Detroit is really a personal meditation on political theory, economics, sociology, and history. The real significance of this book is the vocabulary and the theoretical context that Paul Kersey has created to describe the process by which the “Paris of the West” was inexorably transformed into the “Mogadishu of the West.”

This arsenal of concepts include Black Run America (BRA), Actual Black Run America (ABRA), Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs), Black Undertow, Climate Change, Structural Inequality, The Black Imprint, Detroit-ed, “Those Who Can See,” and The Visible Black Hand of Economics.

There are plenty of race realist websites which dwell on subjects like racial differences in intelligence, morality, and behavior. What’s rare is Paul Kersey’s willingness to go beyond race realism, to take race realism as a given, and to explore its implications for the broader liberal paradigm.

It has been over a 150 years since Southern political theorists like John C. Calhoun and George Fitzhugh argued that negroes lack the capacity to maintain civilization, confidently asserted that “free society” has failed, that liberty would prove to be a curse rather than a blessing for the negro, and that black freedom and equality necessarily requires the degradation of Whites, the loss of their liberty, the decline of their civilization.

Kersey has meditated on the prostration of Detroit for so long that he has arrived at similar conclusions. There are echoes of George Fitzhugh’s pointed criticisms of free market capitalism in the chapter on enterprise zones. John C. Calhoun must be smiling down from the Great Plantation in Heaven when he learns that 21,000 free negroes have been murdered at the hands of other negroes in Detroit since 1969.

In the nineteenth century, it was commonplace for Southern writers to observe (in the wake of failed abolitionist experiments in Hayti, Liberia, and the British West Indies) that the free negro, when left unrestrained and to his own impulses, has a striking tendency to throw off the artificial shackles of European civilization and to retrograde into a state of barbarism more congenial to the content of his African character.

The observable fact that Detroit has retrograded after 39 years of black ascendancy – symbolized by Joe Louis’s black fist on the cover, which knocked out its prosperity – reminds me of Calhoun’s Prophecy:

“But when once raised to an equality, they would become the fast political associates of the North, and acting and voting with them on all questions, and by this political union between them, holding the white race at the south in complete subjection. The blacks, and the profligate whites that might unite with them, would become the principal recipients of federal offices and patronage, and would, in consequence, be raised above the whites of the South in the political and social scale. We would, in a word, change conditions with them – a degradation greater than has ever yet fallen to the lot of a free and enlightened people, and one from which we could not escape, should emancipation take place, (which it certainly will if not prevented), but by fleeing the homes of ourselves and our ancestors, and by abandoning our country to our former slaves, to become the permanent abode of disorder, anarchy, poverty, misery and wretchedness.

With such a prospect before us, the gravest and most solemn question that ever claimed the attention of a people is presented for your consideration: what is to be done to prevent it? It is a question belonging to you to decide.”

In a cruel twist of fate, Escape From Detroit explains how the Great Migration fulfilled Calhoun’s Prophecy by bringing thousands upon thousands of free negroes out of the South to Detroit to work in wartime manufacturing industries in the First World War and Second World War.

In 1900, Detroit was 1.4 percent black. By 1940, it was 9.4 percent black. It was 28.9 percent black in 1960 and surged to 43.7 percent black in 1970 after the massive 1967 race riots forever altered the demography of the city. Finally, Coleman Young was elected as the first black mayor of Detroit in 1973 and presided over the Africanization of the Motor City during his twenty years in office.

After the 1967 riots, Detroit was abandoned to the Black Undertow. A critical mass of Whites fled to the suburbs and the remaining Whites changed conditions with the negroes. Eventually, the Whites of Detroit would flee the homes of their ancestors and turn over the city to the blacks who recreated it in their own image as a “permanent abode of disorder, anarchy, poverty, misery and wretchedness.”

The insidious force that is known as the Black Undertow penetrated neighborhood after neighborhood, lowering property values, destroying legitimate business activity, ruining the public schools, corrupting local government offices, eroding the tax base, blighting homes, and driving out the White residents through fear of violent crime.

The Visible Black Hand of Economics swept over Detroit’s commercial districts leaving behind in its destructive wake nothing but the familiar Climate Change economy: an endless series of shuttered businesses, car washes, title pawn stores, title loan stores, cash advance stores, dollar stores, pawn shops, beauty supply stores, liquor stores, and fried chicken restaurants.

Because African-Americans lacked the capacity to sustain Detroit’s economy and infrastructure, they were left behind to cope with the insidious legacy of Structural Inequality in the form of higher sewer and water rates. In Highland Park, their financial inability to maintain the existing infrastructure has left large parts of the city shrouded in darkness after 1,400 street lights were removed by DTE Energy.

Every city that shares Detroit’s demographics and is committed to the project of Black Run America (BRA) must eventually become “Detroit-ed,” which is to say, those cities (Birmingham, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Memphis, New Orleans, Atlanta, Richmond, Dallas, Oakland, etc.) must also retrograde to a lower level of civilization that can be sustained by the majority African population.

Escape From Detroit was written in anticipation of the collapse of America’s black metropolis and the appointment of an emergency financial manager by the state of Michigan. While that can has been temporarily kicked down the road due to its world-historical symbolism, Detroit remains a zombie city that is running out of financial options.

If White Americans were willing to acknowledge that MLK’s project of freedom has failed, that black people were given the keys to America’s fifth largest city only to demonstrate once again that they lacked the capacity to sustain civilization, Paul Kersey is optimistic that America could be restored through, say, the legalization of restrictive covenants.

This is my only criticism of an otherwise excellent book: the fact that the Supreme Court was able to intervene and outlaw restrictive covenants (and segregation and much else like “disparate impact”) in the first place only shows that John C. Calhoun was even more right than even Kersey has imagined.

In a consolidated liberal democracy where every major decision is made at the federal level in Washington, DWLs who live thousands of miles away have the power to dictate their own utopian racial fantasies to communities they have never visited and in which they have no stake, while remaining utterly oblivious to the stress that the Black Undertow puts on the actual people who live there.

Therefore, the only real solution to the problem presented by Detroit (to the problem of the DWLs who are committed to the project of Black Run America) must be a renewed assertion of states’ rights, local government, and strict constitutional limitations on concentrated federal power. Unfortunately, the “toothpaste is out of the tube” as some would say.

The federal government won’t voluntarily relinquish the power it has usurped from the states. Due to changing racial demographics, it will attempt to rob the states and the people of what little autonomy they have left in order to preserve and advance the unsustainable project of BRA by redistributing wealth through social programs like Obamacare.

Someone has to tug in the opposite direction. But who dares?

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  1. White people have become Kulaks in America.

    Thank you Lincoln, Roosevelt, Ike, Kennedy, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Clinton, Bush I and II.

    Obama is truly the Personification 25th Dynasty of Egypt. The face of the terminal phase of American history.

  2. Liberals believe the “service” government provides to the states is worth the trillions. I say it is, and always has been, a net negative. In similar economic fashion, facebook just took a bath on it’s IPO, or should I say, the idiot joes who couldn’t wait to burn their cash on that pig at opening bell. Facebook will be the biggest wall street scam of the decade. $100 billion valuation on a company that produces nothing? Yeah, ok. Sure.

  3. “AZ is threatening to keep ONegro’s name off the Presidential ballot. AZ dares…”

    AZ shares hundreds of mile of unprotected border with Mexico. They stand to lose the most. It’s always the ones on the frontier who take the arrows, much like the first secessionist states were the ones with the most negroes. If you stand to lose the most, you will be the first to take steps to mitigate the impending disaster. Arizona views Obama much like how South Carolina viewed Lincoln. As an immediate threat to their very existence.

    In other news, Sheriff Joe tells the Feds to go fuck themselves.

  4. Jim – I was watching the Jews Shows salivate over Joobook’s IPO. I thought, “Wow. They are starting to believe thier own hype. The End is Nigh….”. It’s akin to cocaine dealers using their own merchandise.

    So Joobook tanked? HAHAHA!

  5. Hunter what is your take on Kersey’s distinctions between white liberal cities such as Pittsburgh and negro liberal cities? I think it clearly demonstrates that it is the presense of Negroes and not liberal policies that destroy a city.

  6. The Jews of course know that dead tree papers are dying. So anything they can do to prop up a net version of their Pravda on the Hudson will do.

    I just read the preface of Kevin Mc______ Culture of Critique and it’s very convincing. Especially the relationship between Jews in the US and in the Soviets. The emphasis on the 1965 immigration act is also prophetic. Where did that bill come from? Spot on. As a note it’s very hard for a white American without a PHD to get residency rights in the UK. Even though we are essentially cousins separated by no more than a few generations.

    Our nations were converted into prisons while we played nice with minorities.

  7. Additionally I’m no holocaust denier. Arguably Jews in Eastern Europe got everything they had coming to them based on what they did to Eastern European populations. Nazis ware poetic justice. Although it’s a pity that the Russians and Ukranians took the brunt of German and Bolshie abuse.

  8. America’s jewish population was a relatively harmless tiny faction of sephardic shopkeepers and german/swiss capitalists, such as the Guggenheims, until the bloodsucking “huddled masses” bolshevik eastern european ashkenazi’s showed up en masse around the turn of the last.

  9. Jim – they are not ever “harmless” Jews are dormant, until they see their opening.

    I don’t deny the Holocaust, either. Bolsheviks – Jews genocided upwards of 60 million ethnic Russians. Attaturk was a Sabattean Yid. He and his fellow Cryptos were nearly 100% successful in their genocide of Christian Armenians. The Armenian Holocaust was a trial balloon for Russia, and Germany.

  10. In the book, he argues that liberalism is the problem, but in a sense it isn’t the problem:

    1.) Vermont, Pittsburgh, and Norway thrive in spite of liberalism.

    2.) DWLs are behind the whole project of BRA.

    The immediate cause of the destruction of Detroit was the 1967 riot. The ultimate cause was changing demographics and the context of BRA.

    Kersey acknowledges in the book that the black population in Vermont commits a disproportionate amount of crime. Ultimately, Vermont and Portland are just as defenseless as Detroit.

    It is the fatal combination of the free negro that produces tragic results. Kersey is one of the few people who grasp that the negro in the state of freedom is the problem, and to identify freedom specifically as the problem.

  11. A crank ideology like liberalism can be harmless in one situation (say, opposition to racial profiling in Vermont) and fatal in another (colorblindness in Detroit late at night).

  12. “The immediate cause of the destruction of Detroit was the 1967 riot.”

    Strictly speaking (in diagnostic terms) the immediate cause of the destruction of Detroit was not the riot itself, but the failure to respond to the riot in appropriate and effective terms. Riots happen all the time, all over the globe; but they generate different responses, and those responses are what matter.

    As the captain of artillery told the Tsar, “Your Majesty must give the order to fire now, or else abdicate.”

  13. The federal government won’t voluntarily relinquish the power it has usurped from the states.

    The federal reserve won’t voluntarily relinquish the power it has usurped from everyone.

    The paper money monster is a far bigger problem than niggers.

  14. That was my take as well. That liberalism can function at least for a prolonged period in white societies because far fewer whites will exploit and abuse the welfare state. PK mentions various whitetopias that are Democrat controlled and have been for generations that still do not have the social pathologies that you’ll find in Negro dominated liberal societies.

  15. Social Democracy works fine in Scandinavia, Britain, Germany, France as long as there are no black people shitting all over it.

    You can get on the tram in Vienna without paying, it’s an honours system. Once you bring in Congoids the system breaks. It’s a super fucking pain in the arse really. The Scors for example still have free university education of the highest calibre. That’s being eroded by various paracites.

  16. This is my only criticism of an otherwise excellent book: the fact that the Supreme Court was able to intervene and outlaw restrictive covenants (and segregation and much else like “disparate impact”) in the first place only shows that John C. Calhoun was even more right than even Kersey has imagined.

    This incorrect. If it was completed by judicial intervention, then there never was a voting alliance between Africans and Northern Whites. In other words no one campaigned and was voted into public office on the promise of ending restrictive covenants, it was done by judicial interpretation and the evidence is very clear regarding who was driving this agenda.

    There is an interesting story regarding the brief filed on behalf of the United States government. [Shelley v. Kraemer] It was written by four Jewish lawyers: Philip Elman, Oscar Davis, Hilbert Zarky, and Stanley Silverberg. However, the Solicitor General’s office chose to omit their names from the brief. The principal assistant to the Solicitor General, Arnold Raum, who was also Jewish, stated that it was “bad enough that Perlman’s name has to be there, to have one Jew’s name on it, but you have also put four more Jewish names on. That makes it look as if a bunch of Jewish lawyers in the Department of Justice put this out.”[2]

    “Shelley v. Kraemer (334 U.S. 1 (1948)): This case, a landmark in civil rights litigation, established the right of all citizens to own property regardless of race and thereby invalidated the racially restrictive covenants that had historically prevented non-white people from living in certain areas. In its first amicus curiae brief ever, ADL successfully argued that restrictive covenants and the segregated communities they promoted were unconstitutional and violated the Fourteenth Amendment. ”

  17. A few weeks ago, I created a text doc to record ideas for an Escape from Detroit movie script. I have some ideas, but nothing really solid yet. But I do have a pretty damn good idea for the ending. 🙂

  18. $100 billion valuation on a company that produces nothing? Yeah, ok. Sure.

    Facebook users will use Facebook to disseminate Facebook’s many successors among themselves.

  19. Hunter what is your take on Kersey’s distinctions between white liberal cities such as Pittsburgh and negro liberal cities? I think it clearly demonstrates that it is the presense of Negroes and not liberal policies that destroy a city.

    Square the circle: it is liberalism that destroys cities, by welcoming the presence of Negroes. 🙂

    “Shelley v. Kraemer (334 U.S. 1 (1948)): This case, a landmark in civil rights litigation, established the right of all citizens to own property regardless of race and thereby invalidated the racially restrictive covenants that had historically prevented non-white people from living in certain areas. In its first amicus curiae brief ever, ADL successfully argued that restrictive covenants and the segregated communities they promoted were unconstitutional and violated the Fourteenth Amendment. ”

    Translation: Philip Elman, Oscar Davis, Hilbert Zarky, and Stanley Silverberg castrated the Right to Property and Freedom of Association; a great Jewish blow against Freedom, in the name of Freedom.

  20. Desmond,

    Un-freaking-believable. So it was these jewish lawyers working for the U.S. government who destroyed the ability of European Americans to preserve their own communities. It was these jewish lawyers who destroyed the European-American cities, European-American towns and villages. And these jews were working for the U.S. government?

    Any more information on this case Shelley vs. Kraemer?

  21. Here’s another great video about Detroit:

    “Detroit in RUINS! (Crowder goes Ghetto)”

  22. People have called me “extreme” and divisive, and other things blah blah blah, for calling the Diecides the Spawn of Satan.

    I think the more you learn about their behavioral patterns, and actions – my characterizations are reasonable and fair-minded.

  23. “ADL successfully argued that restrictive covenants and the segregated communities they promoted were unconstitutional and violated the Fourteenth Amendment. ”

    That’s why it has to be repealed. Go for the Jugular. Implement a “Final Solution.’

    Denise, I agree. I just got a book on Cornelius Codreneau, the Romanian Christian interregnum national socialist apologist. Guess who his main enemy was, and who his ‘cell groups’ studied, to effectively disenfranchise them from any legitimacy in Romania? Die Juden.

    No WONDER his name is not even on the radar screen, even amongst Orthodox students of Jewish Bolshevism. The Man was a genius, and should be canonized a saint.

  24. “They are a bunch of vipers are they not?

    The destruction of freedom in the name of freedom.”

    Behind every anti-white law, ruling, or movement in America is a jew lawyer. Always. Bank on that.

  25. BTW, this is why I support Ron Paul. He has publicly stated civil rights laws are unconstitutional.

  26. Civil rights laws, and unconstitutional rulings related to them, are the bludgeon used to destroy us. Until we kill that beast you can run, run, run, but you can’t hide. There’s nowhere you can go where the niggers can’t reach you with a jew lawyer riding shotgun.

  27. On Cornelius Codreneau. He was betrayed by a Christian leader.


    by Professor Revilo P. Oliver (Liberty Bell, May 1988)

    AS EVERYONE KNOWS, “Nazis” are lowly Aryans so wicked that they do not worship Yahweh’s Yammering Yids or appreciate the honor of being robbed and humiliated by those godly superhumans. They are also called “Fascists” and “Aunteye-Seemites” and many other things by the prostitutes who write in the Jews’ liepapers or jabber over the Jews’ hypnagogic picture-machines.

    Most Western states have had organizations that wanted their nations to become independent in fact as well as name, but few of them attained such success that they could influence their nation’s destiny. In Italy, the Fascists rescued the kingdom from “democratic” corruption. In Germany, the National Socialists freed the nation from Jewish parasitism and by great heroism almost ensured the survival of our race. In Spain, the Falange prepared the victory of General Franco and civilized Spaniards. And in Romania, the Iron Guard defended White men against their predators and for a time almost had their irresponsible and venal king under control.

    The Romanian organization differed fundamentally from the other three.

    Mussolini effected what diplomats call a modus vivendi with the Vatican, but his eyes were on the nobler civilization of ancient Rome before it was corrupted by Oriental superstitions and destroyed by mongrelization. In Germany, Hitler gave a generous tolerance to the Christian sects and did not offend them — for which their leaders showed their appeciation by conspiring against him — but his movement represented the noble ethos of the Nordics before they were poisoned by an alien religion. Although the Falange delivered the Church in Spain from the horrors of Communist rule, its members were, for the most part, atheists and agnostics with a few deists of one kind or another. But Codreanu’s Iron Guard was specifically Christian in its basic premises and organization, and, indeed, could accept no recruits, or ally itself with leaders, who were not Christian.

    There is a significant corollary. As Warren B. Heath [Actually, RPO writing under a pseudonym. — KAS] pointed out in his introduction to D. Bacu’s Anti-Humans, (1) the religious difference prevented coöperation between the Iron Guard and Professor A. C. Cuza’s Christian Defense League, although both had the same primary objective, the liberation of Romania from domination and exploitation by its voracious and insatiable parasites. In the name of Cuza’s organization, ‘Christian’ was probably used ambiguously to mean ‘non-Jewish.’ The organization’s leaders and publications were rationalistic. According to Heath, “Professor Cuza’s creed was the elegant scepticism of Renan. Professor Iorga’s historical works treat Christianity with cold objectivity. And Octavian Goga…seems to have held at heart a view of Christianity similar to that set forth in Nietzsche’s famous Genealogy of Morals.”

    (1. The Anti-Humans is a study of an experiment in dehumanization carried out in a prison on members of the Iron Guard who remained in Romania after the capture and occupation of that country by the Soviet division of the great Judaeo-Communist engine of destruction. It is a painful but highly instructive story of the ferocious sadism of individuals who might lead ordinary lives in a civilized and stable society, but who, probably because they have innate criminal tendencies, are dehumanized by their Jewish mentors and become eager to torture and dehumanize decent individuals by applying, under direction, Pavlovian techniques. Translated from the Romanian of D. Bacu, the book was first published in 1971 and is now available from Liberty Bell Publications, $7.00 (3 copies for $15.00) + postage.)

    The Christian Defense League enlisted a considerable number of well-educated men, probably the élite of Romania’s limited class of intellectuals (I use that word in its correct meaning, not as American jabberwockies arrogate it to themselves). But I believe that all who have studied closely the history of Romania between 1923 and 1945 agree that the Christian Defense League never had the slightest chance of attaining such political power that it could sensibly influence the destiny of Romania. Codreanu, with a specifically Christian organization that also called itself the Legion of St. Michael the Archangel and meant it, almost attained in Romania the position held by Mussolini in Italy and by Hitler in Germany. It can be reasonably argued that he would have succeeded, had he not had to face an obstacle they did not have to surmount, a stupid and venal king.

    The Iron Guard and the career of Corneliu Zelea Codreanu deserve the closest study by all who are interested in the dynamics of politics. They will bear in mind, of course, that Romania differed profoundly in culture and population from the United States, and was not so far gone down the road to perdition. They will also try to measure the force of what is now called charisma, the effect of a leader’s character and personality, as distinct from his policies and programs.

    The force of Codreanu’s charisma is shown by the devotion he inspired. Time has not withered it. Forty-five years and more after he was murdered, forty years after their country was seized by the Soviet arm of the Judaeo-Communists who triumphed in 1945, the loyal survivors of the Iron Guard are working to ensure the preservation of the historical record by having the essential documents translated into the major languages of Europe.

    Codreanu’s own candid account of his career has been translated into French, German, Italian, and Spanish. (2) The English translation, For My Legionaries, was published in 1976 by Editura “Libertatea” in Madrid, and may be obtained in this country from Liberty Bell Publications, $8.00 + postage.

    (2. The French and Spanish versions may be obtained from Liberty Bell Publications, each $12.00 + postage.)

    This was followed in what is to be a series by The Nest Leader’s Manual (Madrid, 1987; from Liberty Bell Publications, $4.00 + postage). Organizations for political action designate their local units as cells, chapters, priories, commanderies, etc. Codreanu selected for the primary units of the Legion the term ‘nest,’ regarding it as a school from which would come disciplined and resolute young men, prepared to fight to liberate their country from the alien parasites who were devouring it. He was doubtless influenced by the French use of nid in much the same sense.

    This edition, published by Editura “Libertatea,” is the only authorized edition in English. I am asked to make it clear that a truncated and mutilated printing of this translation in England with the title Legion was unauthorized and is in many places incorrect and misleading.

    The book opens with a long introduction by C. Papanace, who quotes and appraises European opinion of the Legionary movement in Romania, noting its difference from comparable movements elsewhere, and finally describes the murder of Codreanu and thirteen of his closest associates by the Romanian police on the orders of the infamous King Carol, transmitted by his Prime Minister.

    The author emphasizes one instructive detail, which will astonish only naive readers. Although Codreanu’s Iron Guard was informed by “a Christian religiosity which reached mysticism,” the Prime Minister who plotted the murders and, with Carol’s consent, seized Codreanu and his comrades, taking them by surprise on Palm Sunday, imprisoned them under conditions that amounted to torture, and finally ordered the Police to kill them by the Jewish rite of strangulation, was Miron Cristea, the Patriarch of the Orthodox Church in Romania, the supreme ruler of that Church and the most venerated and presumably holiest of the holy men in the country. No man can rise very high in the Jesus-business if he is not immune to religiosity.

    After the murders, bullets were fired through the corpses to lend some verisemblance to the official story that the victims had been shot while trying to escape. Mr. Papanace quotes the confession of the commander of the Police (Gendarmes) who superintended the murders. (The confession of one of the gendarmes is quoted in an appendix to For My Legionaries.) Political activists should note that although the Police were reluctant to commit the crime, they obeyed orders. That will be the attitude of police everywhere.

    The Manual is Codreanu’s instructions and directives to the leaders of each local unit of his organization. The reader will note the insistence on Christian faith and the efficacy of prayer; on the discipline of plain living without self-indulgence, amounting to what some would call asceticism; and the constant emphasis on a spiritual rebirth of the nation through the example set by the Legionaries’ integrity and devotion. The leaders of all patriotic endeavors, however, will be most of all impressed by Codreanu’s eminently practical judgement in arranging all the details of organization, even the most minute, and they will admire the prudence of his measures to avert internal dissension, the harm that may be caused by dunderheaded sympathizers, and penetration by agents of the enemy. And Americans with experience in the harassing business of trying to form and maintain a cadre of loyal followers, will wonder where they are to look in this country for recruits of the moral caliber of the Iron Guard.

  28. Who made up the phrase “civil rights” to refer to laws which allow non-Europeans to destroy European American communities? That phrase was verbal manipulation in itself. Because “civil rights laws” sure as hell don’t refer to the civil rights of European-Americans.

  29. “The method of the murders was singular and remarkable. The fourteen men were taken in buses to the forest and there each of the men, who bad been bound in an odd way, was strangled with a rope thrown over his head by a gendarme stationed behind him for that purpose. Then, to give some color to the official story that Codreanu and his ranking Legionaries had been “killed while trying to escape,” each corpse was shot in the back several times before it was thrown into the waiting grave. Prince Sturdza, in the Romanian text of his memoirs (Madrid, 1966; pp. 133 f.), asks the inevitable question: “Let us ask ourselves why there was that resort to strangulation, a procedure that was awkward and contraindicated in the circumstances, instead of a bullet in the back of the head, the simple and usual method and the obvious one to have used, since an hour later, to simulate an escape, the lifeless bodies were riddled with bullets.” (There is the further consideration that the bullet, unlike strangulation, would not have left the marks that were detected by autopsy when, after the flight of Carol, the bodies were exhumed and the officers who had carried out the murders under orders testified what they had done). Prince Sturdza then points out that the elaborate and peculiar way in which the victims were strangled corresponds in every detail to the method by which Jews are instructed to kill their enemies in a passage of the Talmud that he quotes (p. 134). Needless to say, this part of Prince Sturdza’s book, like many others, was omitted in the heavily censored English translation cited in our footnote below.”

  30. “Who made up the phrase “civil rights” to refer to laws which allow non-Europeans to destroy European American communities? That phrase was verbal manipulation in itself. Because “civil rights laws” sure as hell don’t refer to the civil rights of European-Americans.”

    That’s the beauty of jewish double-think. They couldn’t just call them rights, because that would provoke questions about how one could invalidate rights to protect rights. Shades of “I had to violate free market principles to save the free market”. So they call they “civil rights”, and created a special new class of rights they could use to further their own ends. In short, “civil rights” amounts to the right to be anti-white. They mean whatever they want or need them to mean. Gay marriage is a “civil right”. Transgendered bisexual nyphomanic adobtion is a “civil right”. Living white? Not a civil right.

  31. Once Alan Dersherwitz, a jew, found out George Zimmerman was actually a Hispanic with blacks in his family and a liberal left winger who voted for Obama he became an advocate for Zimmerman. If Zimmerman was a White, as the jew controlled media paints him to be, do you think Dershowitz would have spoken up for Zimmerman? I think not.

  32. A civil right is a right “created” by legislation, in contradistinction to a natural right.

    See legal positivism:

    A school of Jurisprudence whose advocates believe that the only legitimate sources of law are those written rules, regulations, and principles that have been expressly enacted, adopted, or recognized by a governmental entity or political institution, including administrative, executive, legislative, and judicial bodies.

  33. Civil law is inferior to common law as it is imposed without regard for past performance or tradition. It is inorganic and sterile.

  34. It’s Roman.

    The Old English (Anglo Saxon) for law is “Doom”. They were gloomy but mostly spot on. Doom was also associated with Tax as well.

  35. If you look at the non English speaking world, and the English speaking world after 1940, the theory that Jews are to blame for everything is somewhat plausible, but if you read old books, obviously false.

    False because the rot set in long before 1940, and, in the anglosphere, the left was pretty much judenrein until World War II

    The anglosphere left is, as Moldbug argues, Christianity gone bad. Reform Judaism jumped aboard the winning bandwagon when they were allowed to do so, but were not really allowed to do so until after World War II.

    World wide, leftism corresponds to various religious movement gone theocratic, and one of those, a very important one, was reform Judaism, but it is the anglosphere left that conquered the world and now rules it, and the roots of the anglosphere left are in Christianity, or the corruption and decadence of Christianity, and specifically in Puritanism.

    If someone wants to return to the New Deal, then the theory that the Jews are to blame for everything is consistent with the evidence. If, however, one thinks that the apogee of freedom (at least for heads of households) was the restoration or shortly after it, then the theory that Jews are to blame for everything, or even to blame for very much, is obvious bunkum.

    So: A Nazi/neonazi/fascist is, approximately, someone who thinks the New Deal was just lovely, and we should stick with that.

    In the anglosphere, the Jews-are-to-blame theory is that the anglosphere left was doing Gods work, was virtue and goodness, until around 1939 or so.

    If you argue, as many on this website do, than freeing blacks was a bad idea, or that freeing them was OK but enfranchising them was a bad idea, then you have to blame the anglosphere left – it was those damned puritans, not those damned Jews. The Civil Rights Jews were just carrying through the program that the Puritan reconstructionists first attempted.

  36. As Murray points out, a lot of whites are turning underclass. As Murray is profoundly reluctant to point out, among whites, it is primarily white *females* that are turning underclass.

    Murray’s supposed upperclass/underclass cultural divide among whites is basically a divide between the families of upper class males and the rest. Single females with upper class careers tend to be culturally underclass, albeit with more abortions and fewer live bastards, because the money from Uncle Sam The Big Pimp is too small for them to care about.

    Thus, whiteopia is no longer feasible – that is how South Africa fell.

    Recovery requires that suffrage be limited to tax paying property owners – or that democracy be ended altogether.

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