Glorious Nation of Zimbabwe: Mugabe’s Plan To Seize The Mines

Happy Days Are Here Again: Whitey's Property Seized, Welfare Check Arrives


OD last addressed the Glorious Nation of Zimbabwe in Black History Month 2012: Review: “Mugabe and the White African.”

As you may recall, Robert Mugabe became famous in the Aughties for seizing White owned farms and plunging Zimbabwe (which as Ian Smith’s Rhodesia had previously been the Breadbasket of Africa) into catastrophic inflation and widespread starvation.

Well, Robert “Kill Whitey” Mugabe is back with his boldest idea yet to advance civil rights, equality, and economic prosperity for Afro-Zimbabweans (believe it or not, in the Old Gray Hag these ideas are still not considered mutually exclusive):

“BINGA, Zimbabwe — More than a decade after Zimbabwe’s government began seizing sprawling white-owned commercial farms, a new fight is brewing here over who will profit from the nation’s vast bounty of platinum, chromium, nickel and diamonds.

In a move rooted in politics, the party of the aging president, Robert G. Mugabe, has begun pressuring companies operating in the country to comply with a law requiring that black Zimbabweans own more than half their shares.”

In the immortal words of Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, “Seek ye first the political kingdom, and all else shall be added unto you….”

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  1. That’s not all that different from Arabia.

    However, in the US or Europe there are no such rules. So it’s laissez faire for us and protectionism for them.

  2. I doubt the Hebe Banksters will allow Mugabe to eff with thier money. It’s one thing to let him have his fun, slaughtering the white food producers – but he has forgotten to refrain from keeping his grubby paws off their shekels. Uh oh!

  3. “The introduction of the United States dollar eliminated the hyperinflation” – All kinds of fun to be had here. They brought back the investors… only to steal from them, serves them right. The first step to fixing Rhodesia is bombing the ZANU-PF flat, and slaughtering all of them.

  4. This will turn out no different than ESOP failures. Researcjing, you can find two sides to all the stories. 1. Management screwed the employees. 2. Employees gutted the company of operating capital.

    What do you think will happen in the case of a diamond mining company sitting on diamonds so as to not flood the market but selling enough to stay in business?

    Diamonds will be sold into a soft market. Flooding it. Companies will be gutted of cash through dividends to shareholders. Then the minings companies will become cash hampered which will coincide with reduced borrowing ability. The mines will become what proper management currently keeps them from being, what they truly are, hellholes, and they will start closing.

    For anyone who hasn’t read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, you need too. While the story is color-clind, the premise of it revolves around what happens when “those who can’t” (negroes) take control of a system of government and, through over-regulation, it’s businesses.

    Expect to spend three months studying it. The first 200-300 are used to build the story, and are slow reading. Once you get past that you are home free. Read it and pay attention, take notes.

  5. I think you guys have got the wrong end of the stick on this issue. My feeling is, let the whites from Zimbabwe and SA return to Europe and/or come to America; and the the black Africans have everything in Zim and SA — mines, farms, whatever — on the grounds that it’s African and they’re the Africans, so it’s theirs. Establish that principle firmly. And then use it to say, You know what European stuff belongs to Europeans and to nobody else — not to Africans, not to Arabs, not to Pakistanis; and the same is true of white North America. It’s ours, get lost.

    I’d say it’s a good trade. I have no interest in anything African whatsover, and more importantly, I want Africans to have no interest whatsoever in what belongs to my own people. If they want to trade in precious metals or rare earth materials or something from time to time, (or if their new Chinese overlords want to), I have no problem giving them a fair price. But I have no interest in giving them foreign aid, student visas, or citizenship here.

  6. “For anyone who hasn’t read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, you need to. While the story is color-blind….”

    Read it, unnecessarily, and studied it much too carefully, many years ago. Her sales pitch for radical “laissez faire” individualism has sidetracked many of us from the straight path of Christian, Western conservatism. Her notion of a general strike (“shrugging”) by all “producers” against all parasitic mis-government was not original, and her so-called “morality” of “rational self interest” is definitely against our religion.

  7. Mosin Nagant: Agree 100%. Adhering to extreme individualism is one of the weaknesses of the modern “conservative” movement. Have you noticed that whites and only whites are the ones who are expected to be insaney individualistic, and whites are normally the only ones who are. IMO, it’s a ruse to keep whites weak and scattered. A single ant is not a treat to anything, but a million is a force to be reconed with.

  8. It’s going to be fun watching what happens as the Chinese take control of the African resources they are investing in….

  9. I agree with just finding a way for all Whites to get out of that savage place. I was thinking of how useless they’d be anyway without White western ingenuity to help them make the machines and other technology to extract these precious metals. They don’t have a clue and mine accidents and tragedies would be a daily occurrence. IMO it’s high time they learned that we don’t need them, we don’t benefit from their presence on this earth. However, they need us to live the modern lives they do and if we alldied one day our inventions and our capabilities would die with us. Then there would undoubtedly be a true return to savagery, Apocolypse Now, Doomsday, Earth Without People (civilized people), Lord of the Flies, and these would be the “new” civilized societies. When every last White sails away to Europe and every last black put back in Africa, let them contemplate their fate.

    Let them extract diamonds and precious metals on their own.

  10. “…Have you noticed that whites and only whites are the ones who are expected to be insaney individualistic, and whites are normally the only ones who are. IMO, it’s a ruse to keep whites weak and scattered. …”

    Well, like with “fair housing acts,” the reality is, that it’s ILLEGAL to congregate.

    Currently, whites of many sub-groups, especially the out-groups (like wasps, southerners, the vilification objects of films, for instance)— DO WHAT THEY CAN. They try to “make the best of it,” and find things they get pleasure out of, or enjoy, in light of the fact they don’t really have much voice or society, and endless strictures are put on them congregating.

    THEN– even “pro-whites” go on about the “natural” (lmao) lack of community in whites.

    If you look at white society prior to all this— you will find much social organization, clubs, etc.

    Isn’t that the whole point? That wasps had “clubs” and weren’t “inclusive.” Now their group is broken down, which for some is great, (the people who wanted “in”), but now there is little left, lol

    This idea that whites aren’t usually just as tribal as anyone is just silly and historically insupportable, but many toe the line on it, to support whatever agendas.

  11. You see that in Kevin MacDonald, for instance. On the one hand, wasps and protestants (go listen on VOR) are hyper individualistic, etc, etc… BUT THEN he’ll talk about jews saying they now have what wasps used to have in the u.s., in terms of social groups, etc. Lol, which is it— the evil wasps and all their “irish need not apply signs” and intense clubbiness (as if there are not many sub-groups of them, also, which don’t agree)… OR they are hyper individualistic and non-communal by nature?) People always want it both ways— depending on what point they are making.

  12. Dixiegirl, have you read Bowling Alone? it describes the end of White social life. The author isn’t a race realist, but in my opinion, it should be on all White race realist reading list

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