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  1. Here have a liberation from your traditional culture. Today the price is only our sanity and prosperity. Keep the change. Thanks for shopping Amerika. Have a nice day.

  2. Security camera’s should have an auto-cannon attached. Just have one on a swivel joint. It could be armed with a tazer or tranquilizers. Gucci the camera with a red dot lazer site.

    Are there any engineers who would like to split the intellectual rights to this armed security camera idea? I’m sure video gamers could be hired to monitor the establishments while they are otherwise playing wwc, Halo etc…just flip a toggle switch and the camera is an armed sentinel.

  3. The Almighty sure works in mysterious ways, don’t he? Now even members of the fourth estate – who erstwhile have been covering up crime and generally shoving bolshevik agitprop down our throats – are being attacked! I don’t wish misfortune on anyone, but I sure hope some of them start changing their ways and stop playing the self-righteous pharisee to our “inbred, ignorant, racist, toothless, cracker” publican asses!

  4. It’s not God doing this. It’s a homeless black ‘vet’. I’m going to guess that he was not actually in a combat unit. This is another example of REMF fragging.

  5. Don’t be so sure – there is temporal punishment for sin – he may merely be the Almighty’s agent.

  6. Well, it possible that he stabbed the white guy who blacks out black identities and replaces it with “teen”.

  7. Good enough for Kansas wimps. Nothing good ever came out of Kansas. Red legs, bushwhackers, Brown vs Topeka, Eisenhower, the Carr brothers (where White victims proved they would rather be humiliated and murdered than fight back).

  8. Insufficient “gibsmedats”! When will you racist haters learn. If a black covets anything a white ever has, the white has relinquish possession immediately! There was once slavery, or haven’t you heard?

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