Jews in Israel Start Race Riot Against African Immigrants

The British Guardian Newspaper (terrible Brit Leftist rag) seems to be the only mainstream media in the English speaking world reporting on the large race riot in Israel (Editor’s note: some other British media such as the Telegraph are now reporting this story. The heavily Jewish dominated American press seems to be censoring the story. As a general rule the British press will publish news stories that put Israel in a negative light, the American press, outside of hard line Leftist publications, will not publish negative stories about Israel)(link). Israeli Jews have turned violently against Black African illegal immigrant/asylum seekers from the Sudan. The Israeli government is apparently getting ready to deport most or all of the Black Africans. But, it remains to be seen just where the Israelis are going to deport these Black African invaders. Somehow I suspect the “powers that be” will want to get these Black Africans to Europe, UK or Minnesota.

We’ve written with great alarm and much sadness that the American Jewish Community overwhelmingly supports massive 3rd World immigration in to the United States. Virtually every Jewish American Senator and Congressman receives an immigration grade of F from NumbersUSA. (link). Dr. Kevin Macdonald has documented the American Jewish community’s leading role in changing America’s restrictive, pro European immigration laws in 1965 (link). And this week, the tax exempt Leftist Ford Foundation has given Abe Foxman and the ADL $500,000 to “Support Research on Anti-Immigrant Groups, Anti-Bias Education”

But, Jews in Israel want Israel to be a Jewish ethno state. So Jews in Israel do the things that White Americans want the American government to do here – build walls to keep out immigration invasions, deport dangerous illegal aliens. And if Jimmy Carter or the UK Guardian Newspaper object, they don’t care.

Calling the issue “very grave” and a threat to the “social fabric,” Netanyahu said, “If we do not stop the entry, the problem, there are now 60,000 illegal infiltrators; could easily grow to 600,000 illegal infiltrators. This would inundate the state and, to a considerable degree, cancel out its image as a Jewish and democratic state.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – Jerusalem Post


  1. Fr. John+ says:
    May 25, 2012 at 11:27 am
    “We’ve written with great alarm and much sadness that the American Jewish Community overwhelmingly supports massive 3rd World immigration in to the United States. ”


    Hunter, whatever for should we be sad for the Deicides?
    (Other than that they killed Christ)

    How can a Christian White Man EVER show an ounce of pity……”

    Jack Ryan replies:

    Fr. John – I am the author of this piece, not Hunter Wallace. Denise picked up on my “studied insult”. It’s fair to say that not everyone gets or appreciates my subtle attemps at humor and my “studied insults”. But, some do.

  2. I agree Denise. Somalia for the Somalians. Sudan for the Sudanese. Nigeria for the Nigerians. And Palestine for the Palestinians, as Helen Thomas stated for the record, that is one feisty lady. God bless her.

  3. We Nationalist know how the Jews are diliberatly inflicting genoce to the western world , Problem is the white sheeple dont.

    Prodicles of the Zion. Jews will mongrolise all other races , and cultures and stand supreme , but their big mistake is that once the white man is extinct and coffe couloured, Muslims will have no opposition to eliminate the Jew , somthing they have been trying to acive for thousands of years .

    Mulims like Jews do not assimulate, but as the old proverb states Jews are an evil race and evil will befall them .

  4. Walter Barfoot – You are 100 gajillion percent correct. You can find an image at one of the two high-society universities in (what used to be) Britain, on their website for their esteemed MBA and Executive MBA programs – 2 blacks and 1 white. Since when did black men make white children? never, yet white women are being encouraged to mate with black, and now asian men. All over the media that they own and of course hollywood you see that imagery and hear the words too. Surf the net and see what you find about the Chief Diversity Officer now being hired at universities and corporations – more absolute proof of their goals. And you are right, the European is the only friend they ever had. Geniuses they aint.

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