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  1. “Teabaggers are disgusting sexual perverts sucking on each others’ scrotums. The fact that you frame your arguments in our enemies’ language destroys any credibility the arguments might have had. Go to hell.”


    (You learn something new – and disgusting- every day)..

    It’s fascinating to read (when discussing politics- the pagan’s religion) how utterly foreign some of your posters are, to my worldview, Hunter. Have they been hiding here all along, or are they now merely trolling here, driven from the Stormfront cubbyholes their ideological troglodyte neighbors kicked them out of?

    American Nazi Party? Are you kidding me? Puh-leez. A bunch of sissy men dressed in ‘butch drag’ holding their arms up, like so many penises at attention? No wonder the book ‘The Pink Swastika’ has been buried. The Gays couldn’t bear to destroy their one modern ideological male figurehead, after Alexander the not-so-Great. And, what isn’t faggots, is FBI faggots- race traitors, and eunuchs of the NWO.

    Seems like we have faggots of the left, and faggots of the right, while the normal middle-class Whites are caught in the middle. I’ve often said America is now Weimar Germany, all over again. Are we REALLY going to make the same mistake twice- electing in a bisexual pervert, when there is a normal family man on the other side of the fence?

    Yes, I’m talking about Obama vs. Romney. When I realized that a non-vote for the White man, was a vote for my a) annihilation, or b) enslavement to the MLK (Moloch) state, I decided right then and there- I’m voting White, and demanding right. Holding the Mittster to his racial base, after the election, and never shutting up. I’d become a regular “Denise” to my local caucus, representatives, and on talk shows, if Mitt so much as even DARES to betray his race.

    I already KNOW Obama is a traitor, and a son of Satan. To vote for Satan is to perjure one’s self in the courts of heaven. I’d take a silly Mormon over a faggot nigger anyday. But to presume that naziism, or the neo-pseudo paganism of the Odinist crowd (which are really nothing more than tree-huggers, with beards and runic jewelry) is not only folly.

    It’s confirmation of admission to Bedlam. in perpetuity.

  2. “Paul Ryan may have introduced a budget that destroys the white middle-class, but his ideas aren’t new. So where did he get all his crazy ideas about giving tax cuts to billionaires, destroying social security and medicare, eliminating all government regulations on banking and business, obliterating public education and the like? ”

    Oh please, social security/medicare is already killing the whole country, they’ve always been ponzi schemes. At least Ryan is working to cut that liability slowly. Both parties are generally working to destroy the white middle-class (hell, any middle class). Cut off the welfare state. Let local communities take care of that job.

  3. Ron Paul is a little too pro-Muslim for my liking.

    As if you were on a shopping spree. God damn man, don’t you understand that the whole ‘Arab’ thing is a replacement for the 1990’s suddenly eliminated ‘Soviet threat’?

    Your government is using you.

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