The Party of Civil Rights

New York

In the latest issue of National Review, “mainstream” conservative Kevin Williamson explains in a cover story article how Pubbies, but not those evil Demoncrats, supported Lincoln, Reconstruction, Susan B. Anthony, MLK and the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and how much better off we are now that “racism” has been vanquished from history.

Update: Williamson has a new post up defending his insipid article from liberal critics. Southern Democrats like “Cotton Ed” Smith began breaking with FDR over civil rights in the late 1930s.

Note: There have been several occasions when I have been urged to dog whistle about race for some of these “mainstream” conservative websites.

Chuck Ross of is going that route by contributing articles to WND, The Blaze, and The Daily Caller. This article by Kevin Williamson is why I have never been able to bring myself to do it.

I despise these people. I don’t want to be associated with them. These “mainstream” conservatives are destroying my country by advocating mandatory colorblindness for Whites.

Let these Chamber of Commerce-controlled “mainstream” conservatives continue to give the NAACP a blowjob. Frankly, I don’t believe in civil rights, MLK’s dream, or racial equality.

If I was the last person in the universe to believe that Bull Connor was a hero and that Jim Crow was necessary to restrain the Black Undertow and preserve White civilization in Dixie, I would rather be a minority of one than dishonor myself and my ancestors by writing for a GOP cheerleader website like Rich Lowry’s National Review.

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  1. As they used to say, “nice work if you can get it.” G.L. Piggy named himself quite accurately — he’s getting paid, he’s happy to roll around in the mud with career girls.

    National Review — based in NYC — they are Michael Bloomberg’s boyz. Bloomberg has a fetish for seeing Latinos tending his golf courses, and considers it a “business principle.” I’m in a horticulture major at a land grant university and there are “turf majors” who are destined to be golf course managers. They are told to learn Spanish because their workers will be Latinos.

    It’s so important that our platform include jobs for Whites. Very simple and powerful. Without a job in the Kwa, you’re screwed. What are you going to do, become a drug dealer?

    They did affirmative action because they are afraid of blacks turning into “black panthers.” But in dispossessing Whites from jobs, from the civilization that WE CREATED, they are creating a much scarier criminal class, the tattoo and meth and violence people, like the American front, or the Vinlanders.

    However, I think the gov’t was afraid of the blacks because the blacks were able to have collective tantrums like children, and make whites feel guilty about what amounts to “child neglect.” (I reject the unspoken idea that blacks are our children; treating them as our children and our responsibility makes us neglect our own REAL WHITE CHILDREN). The libtards have always wanted to “keep the peace”, to have smiling, magical negroes, so they always promise them more (payment of which comes from ordinary Whites) like the parents who let the children run wild, so they give the kids whatever they want, and the kids get even worse the more they are pandered to.

    Interestingly, the Blacks themselves are rejecting the “magical negro” role. that’s the one thing that the libtards want from them — gratitude and worship, by playing the role of magical negro, and Blacks are rejecting the role of grateful minstrels of liberals. Immigrant blacks from Central America, the islands, and Africa take to this role more readily, since they are immigrants. But of course keeping a pet grateful minstrel is like keeping a pet chimp, it might be your best buddy for 10 tears, and then one day tear your face off. Heck, that’s what the Richard Wright novel “Native Son” was about — rich whites keeping pet black minstrels.

    Here’s a meme we need to spread — White nationalists do not aspire to keeping other human beings as “pets,” and we are opposed to this as a rule.

    The fact is, we pay for the rich people’s pet-keeping. The rich people themselves get the “benefits of diversity,” (their insane psycho-sexual-racial fetishes) we pay all the costs.

    The liberals are the real “white supremacists.” They feel inadequate and need to base their identity on their relationships with their human pets.

    White nationalists try to be the best White person they can be. We want to express White traits in our actions and achievements. In fact, we put most or all of our energy into White Phenotypical Expression.

    This above all; to thine own self be true. And it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not be false to any man.

    Who is true to himself? A man who expresses his own phenotype, or who strives to express someone else’s phenotype?

  2. Kievsky- well said. Unless the instutitions drop their ‘affirmative action’ policies, whites will ALWAYS be the ‘nigger at the back of the bus.’

    On a side note, here’s a silly article, that, as soon as I said it, thought- yup, Nigger/Ay-rab/Carthage mixture.

    Seems I was right. The point is, the idiocy of the DWL’s is contained in this one statement: “All of us are multiracial,” he said. “It is recapturing a more authentic U.S. history.”

    Bullpuck. Whites are a Race. But a Scot and a German are merely brothers of the same paternal ancestry. Like the 12 Tribes of israel. Then… or now.

  3. Interesting you bring this up. Apparently some “dog whistle” salesman just tried to buy off James Edwards over at Political Cesspool. He declined as well.

    The good news is that this tells me you gentlemen are making a difference.

  4. The republicans have done everything to get the black vote, and have been rebuffed. They’ve done everything to get the hispanic vote, and have been just as soundly rebuffed. Even throwing the indians(dot not feather) a diversity preference bone over whites did not help. Despite this most asians( our “natural ally” ) are content to vote for the foreign special interest blob. This can hardly be described as the party of racism( to America’s detriment if anyone were interested in telling the truth ), but then racism is a vacuous word that means whatever the speaker wants it to, so the republicans will never escape it so long as it holds power over them.

    Sooner or later even they’ll have to realize that everything that they have done has only hurt them as politicians, and their party as a serious political entity, from a purely self interest standpoint. Then again, the elimination of southern democrats has proven that they are willing to die for the cause, so republicans might be as well.

  5. Well said HW. There is no such thing as racial equality, it is an impossibility by any logical thought process. But here we are a mass of humanoids lead by people who have deposed god but cannot shake the superstitions of metaphysics. Even though I might be an agnostic I’ll still take the pope or Billy Graham over our current “elite.”

  6. Anon- indians(dot not feather)-

    Hilarious. Will have to remember this.

    As a reminder, Ashton Kutcher only got flak for pretending to be an ‘Aryan’ Indian (dot, not feather), not for being a race traitor wigger rasta…

    How religiously these people view pereceived slights against all but the White race. You’d think it was what they feel will save them….

  7. It’s the standard NR bullcrap. Williamson starts by assuming the anti-White narrative is true. Racism is bad, equality is good. America has a racist past; both parties have been racist; the fight for equality was about justice. After conceding the truth of the entire liberal egalitarian project, Williamson then writes a long, meandering, pointless meditation on peripheral issues. Williamson’s main but unstated goal appears to be to convince NRs readers to accept the paradigm rather than challenge it.

    Williamson’s overt goal appears to be to get his audience to arguing with “liberals” over which side was historically less racist, thus taking any racial resentment they may feel and channeling it down a blind alley. It’s classic goy wrangling.

  8. I listen to Limbaugh when I’m on the road during his show. Even that buffoon says NR has become a joke.

  9. The Negress involved in the Piggy Wiggly Caper had her named misspelled, it should be “Apeling”

  10. This “It was the Democrats responsible for segregation” schtick is a common refrain from Sean Vannity and Mark Levin and their ilk, along with their constant references to “KKK” Robert Byrd. If this is something for the GOP to be proud of, they can take their party and shove it.

  11. Who here wants anything but 4 more years of Obama? Hasn’t the past 4 years been a watershed in the dismantling of the prevailing structure of taboos?

    Obama 2012; Worse is better, for now.

  12. It’s the standard NR bullcrap. Williamson starts by assuming the anti-White narrative is true. Racism is bad, equality is good. America has a racist past; both parties have been racist; the fight for equality was about justice. After conceding the truth of the entire liberal egalitarian project, Williamson then writes a long, meandering, pointless meditation on peripheral issues. Williamson’s main but unstated goal appears to be to convince NRs readers to accept the paradigm rather than challenge it.

    Williamson’s overt goal appears to be to get his audience to arguing with “liberals” over which side was historically less racist, thus taking any racial resentment they may feel and channeling it down a blind alley. It’s classic goy wrangling.

    These faux conservatives should be nervous. They’re going to be the first Republicans to get the chop, as Peak Negro settles in over White America.

    I mean, how much balls does it really take to say, “fuck you, America’s been better to you bitches than anywhere else in the world”? “You sociopaths know where to go if you don’t like it.”

  13. The more republicans pander to blacks, the more the blacks hate them. White liberals use blacks, abuse blacks, and despise blacks, and they love them for it.

  14. You are not alone.

    Honoring my heritage every day by raising my children to be unapologetic whites.

  15. The more republicans pander to blacks, the more the blacks hate them. White liberals use blacks, abuse blacks, and despise blacks, and they love them for it.

    ha, reminds me of women

  16. I haven’t been moved to care about the election … Romney is just a guy who wants to be president, who will say whatever he needs to get elected, and then he or may or may not support a few half measures.

  17. Kievsky, I agree with ‘child neglect’ but another point reminds me of the “drug abuse is the new slavery” from Reagan years. I don’t think the path of calling libs the real racism is worth taking and claiming affirmative action hurts blacks is nonsense. AA helps blacks, welfare hurts but what matters is both programs hurt whites; especially in tandem. I’d argue one or the other would almost make sense but they can’t have it both ways. Theoretically, able-bodied blacks could be given ‘opportunity’… But they know better than most whites that means failure, poverty/starvation and social exclusion for 99% of their lot. This would at the very least achieve extreme defacto segregation. The alternative is an apartheid that denies them entry into the human economy but protects them from starvation and brutal b on b crime. Either of those aforementioned is while far from ideal, historically feasible. Our modern dilemma results from dual pronged paternalism: handouts AND handups for blacks are a fucking speedball in the arm of white countries.

  18. Romney is not our leader but we should follow any leader, so long as they’re going our way. He (and his beautiful white family) represent Aristocratic-Meritocracy and limited federal government which are together condusive to white success. They make the Kennedy clan look like PWT. In a republic the first family must assume the role fulfilled by royals in a con-mon govt: championing the family model, national culture, and philanthropy. Papa Doc and his middleclass striver’s row tribe can’t and has no interest in fulfilling this important position. Even if they were house negroes and tried, their mere racial presence damages whites. The American media will always be deferential to the first family in two regards (among others): fashion and role model for young children. Mrs. Papa Doc’s last four years has brought the ‘black is bootiful’ meme into full putrid bloom which encourages miscegenation. AND now millions of little negro boys think they can be president too because they have kinky hair.

    We need to unite against Romney and call him out for being an anti-white shill; but first we need to get him elected.

  19. Someone mentioned this in the comments, and I am going to second it: I am totally 100% voting for Obama, and trying to get everyone I know to vote for Obama this cycle.

    I believe that there is NO WAY the financial system makes it another 4 years with Obama in office, and this is what we need, a full-on financial collapse causing the states to rebel and go their own way.

    Romney is Obama-lite, he supports the same destructive programs Obama does and is only slightly better for business, if at all. If Romney gets elected, things are maybe going to get slightly better, only enough to make people complacent again and lose the momentum that is building in the alt-right.

  20. What do you think will happen in every urban Negro population center upon an Obama loss to a rich white man?

    Obama will plead with them to stop, they won’t. It will force Romney’s hand. Romney’s policies as outlined in ‘No Apology’ will rejuvenate the economy and utterly fuck over the black underclass, they know this. The cities will burn and turn four years worth of nigger-shit into white gold.

  21. @Peak Finance

    Come and move yourself and your family into one of the vacant homes on my street here in Detroit until Election Day, and then talk to me about how another four years of this nigger will be so good for us.

    I’ll bet there were know-it-all white people with exactly your logic in South Africa, who thought that voting for whatever nigger the ANC put up, would hasten some collapse into disunion and create an opening for… what, exactly? But here it is, nearly 20 years later, and that place just continues on a slow, excuciating return to the law of the jungle. No governmental/economic collapse. No glorious white revolution. No white republic. Just lots of innocent white people tortured and murdered.

    You and any white person who votes for Obama this November, are directly responsible for what happens to white people from then on.

  22. Romney’s dad resided over the destruction of Detroit. He could have made the “hard” decision to clear out the rioters but didn’t, instead he used national guard to try to contain the riots, and failed. It is the ultimate irony that Romney may have to face the same decision on a country-wide level if elected (God sure has a sense of humor). He will fail.

  23. @313chris

    And you believe a great awakening will happen under Romney? You believe Romney is going to further and advance white interests? You don’t believe that the slow decay will just continue under Romney?

    The problems in the country, the financial, the usury, the growing police state, now have a clear black face to rally against. This is the usefulness of Obama.

  24. Peak Finance aka Tom Metzger,

    You might be the only one in this discussion mentally jerking it to ‘great awakenings’. Im thinking about reality. Im thinking about filming the riots from my roof on a cold Tuesday in nyc (Harlem).

    Politics isn’t about great awakenkings, thats religions.

    Politics is about choices, choices between options.

    I’ve had enough of the immature thinking you’re exhibiting, thinking i subscribed to many years ago. Worse is better has been employed since the 70’s and what do we have to show for it? A Nigger president.

    @Lew: anything that takes away entitlements and results in less money for black underclass helps whites. Negroes need slaveowner or dictator or nanny state because they cant function independently. Whites don’t. Smaller government = more power for whites. Basically, Romney won’t do fuck all for whites but thats ok (we’re not negroes we dont need big government) we get the economic freedom and state power to take care of our problems ourselves.

  25. @ Tamer of Savages aka Francis Fukuyama

    “You might be the only one in this discussion mentally jerking it to ‘great awakenings’.”

    I am sorry but I respectfully disagree. It is hard to imagine when you are in the thick of it, and nothing seems to change for the better year after year, but, big change is coming and history supports my premise. This is not about hope, it is about basic history.

    Monetary systems die, and have died, almost like clockwork, about every forty years for at least since the founding of this republic. It is our current fake fiat-based monetary system of debt and constant inflation that is supporting the welfare state. The system is currently in it’s death-throes. When this system goes, all else follows, the police state, the multi-cult, the warfare state, it’s all up for grabs. Secession, revolution, it’s all on the table at that point. We should work to hasten this.

    We should also NOT FEAR this collapse, like I said it is a normal condition of history and our people have lived through this many times.

  26. I used to read National Review religiously. Longgggg time ago. I think I’ve read one issue in 10 years. Maybe longer.

  27. Pf,

    I am in the belly of the beast over here but I just don’t see a total meltdown on the horizon. More of a slow crawl towards socialist brazilization. You see Papa Doc as the symbol of all that is wrong with this land, so do i, but to most he is the new normal. To the majority minority youth he is the only normal.

    If we could just pass a law that gives any resident 10K for being sterilized we could reverse the population trends. The sterilized would be self-selected for stupidity and poor impulse control and save the state billions in what would have been wasted on whitetrash and nigger children. Get the environmental and overpopulation people onboard… Avoid the race issue entirely……. Those are the kind of solutions that interest me.

  28. RichRedJews run Obama/RichZionistJews run Romney. This Jewlection is about precisely nothing. My gut feeling, tho, is we’ve got no more than 60-90 days ’til System Collapse via IranWar/Dollar Collapse. Then we go to politics-by-other-means…I’m jus hopin’ Kievsky wants to hire some security for his turnip patch; Have Gun, Will Travel.

  29. And to crown all, in April 2012 the NR threw a tantrum and fired the Derb. How can this be?

    John Derbyshire – beatus vir, aka the Derb imperturbable whose common sense race ‘talk’ to Whites on Taki’s Mag is now viral and resulted in his ouster from NR. I mean, the Derb’s talk was super sensible stuff like: if you are somewhere and a lot of Blacks suddenly appear – leave. This punched all their buttons over at NR. They heaved. They ho’d. They had a meltdown nd they fired John Derbyshire.

    Fortunately the Derb has shouldered this for all of us. And he has resurfaced on Vdare unrepentant, imperturbable and in good cheer. “So this is the other side of Right-eh?” he quips. “Not bad though of course nothing like as classy as the hushed oak paneled Chamber of Commerce financed precincts of Conservatism Inc., whose entrance is now barred against me by an angel with a flaming sword.”

    He has developed a philosophical perspective about the political correctness of his departure from the NR. He confides that over the course of his ten years with the NR: “I have attended at least a hundred conservative gatherings, conferences, cruises and jamborees, let me tell you, there ain’t too many raisins in that bun.”

    With the Vdare post and thousands of beleagured Whites wanting to know more about the Derb, he is now on record with his likes and dislikes. To pursue the common sense and sensibility of the inimitable Derb –

    What the Derb definitely dislikes and does not stand for:

    higher taxation

    being beastly to embyos

    the air of loserdom

    dissidents (as in dis – apart; sedere to sit) who are a shabby, depressing lot

    underperforming minorities lacking in attributes that make for group success in modern commercial nations who redress this deficiency by the development of strategies wherein they ally themselves with as many disaffected groups as possible: dissaffected Whites, Asians, homos, feminists, dead end labor unions in order to attain electoral majorities and institute big redistributionist governements to give them make-work jobs and transfer wealth to them from productive groups

    our enemies dictating our vocabulary

    non-white supremacy – “which does rule much of the world, from entire continental spaces like sub-Saharan Africa to individual Black run or Mestizo run municipalities in the USA. I see no great floods into these places by refugees desparate to escape the horrors of White supremacy” observes the Derb.

    And what the Derb likes is just as interesting:

    Wang Ruowang – the gold standard of Dissident – “jailed by all the major Chinese despots of the 20th century AND who enjoyed the distinction of having been expelled from the Party TWICE.”

    Republican jokes: Q “What do you call the Black guy at the gathering of 1,000 Republicans” A: “Mr Chairman”.

    White Europeans who “have on the whole, made a better job of running fair and stable societies than has any other group”.

    We have not heard the last of John Derbyshire. His sense and sensibility is in the White Vanguard. The Twats over at NR will bitterly rue the day they set him free to go viral on the Net.

  30. @313Chris: “… a slow, excruciating return to the law of the jungle.” Just as the tortoise brings its shell, the black Africans bring their genetic savagery, moment-to-moment lifestyle, and tribal rhythms.

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