Caribbean Project: Infrastructure Collapses In Post-Independence Jamaica


In racialist circles, Haiti has become the ultimate symbol of how freedom has failed, how civilization has declined in the Caribbean after the demise of white supremacy.

The purpose of the Caribbean Project is to use Haiti as a launching pad for a comprehensive investigation into the free negro as he exists across all the black islands in the Caribbean and Atlantic.

In Jamaica, we see that Haitianization is well advanced:

“With an annual murder rate of 1,500 in a population of less than three million, Jamaica is now one of the most violent countries in the world, on a level with South Africa and Columbia.”

The Black Undertow in Jamaica is worse than its counterpart in the United States. Jamaica under free society has become one of the most violent countries in the world.

“We pulled up in front of Rema’s community center. Painted over the entrance was an effigy of Her Majesty Elizabeth II, Queen of Jamaica. Her face, beneath a gimcrack tiara, bore the pockmarks of bullets. The building, weed-encrusted and splashed with urine, seemed part of a nightmare.”

In Britain, the abolition of slavery was considered a great idea. Later, the end of white supremacy and decolonization was hailed as “the winds of change.”

“Sugar has been in crisis in the West Indies ever since the plantation system collapsed under Queen Victoria. Between 1848 and 1910 the number of plantations shrank from 513 to 77, many being sold for less than the price of their sugar boilers.”

The Visible Black Hand of Economics has been at work in Jamaica ever since the abolition of slavery in 1834. This is sometimes called “The Crisis of Freedom.”

During the “Crisis of Freedom,” Chinese coolies were imported to work as wage laborers of Jamaica’s plantations. This happened throughout the British West Indies in places like Barbados and British Guiana.

“The value of British imports from Jamaica alone was five times that from Britain’s thirteen mainland colonies in North America.”

Under slavery, Jamaica thrived and produced more wealth than the 13 American colonies. After freedom, Jamaica’s plantation economy collapsed and blacks were reduced to near starvation by the 1860s.

Why were blacks reduced to near starvation in Jamaica? Because as free laborers they turned out to be worthless. They did not respond to market incentives like the Chinese who had to be imported to Jamaica to do the jobs that free negroes wouldn’t do.

“Kingston rail station (adjacent to the Darling Street bus terminus) has been out of service since 1992. Built by the British under Queen Victoria its iron arches today are sprouting vegetation, with railway carriages mouldering in the siding, their windows smashed. Once, higglers had used these trains to ferry their produce across the island, now they have to find alternative means of transport. Politicians in modern Jamaica have little regard for the state, and the responsibility for its maintenance. So ordinary Jamaicans have no decent public transport.”

As in Detroit and Haiti, free negroes in Jamaica lacked the capacity to maintain the existing public infrastructure.

“But surely, I asked, things had been ‘worse’ under the colonial British. ‘That’s what you think’, Berry replied. ‘But, you know, there was discipline back in them days. Look at the roads now, they’re like hellholes. We can’t even build a decent road! And the estates – they’ve run to seed, they’re full of emaciated cattle.’ Berry added with anger: ‘Jamaica’s stagnancy sickens me -what progress have we made since independence?'”


Jamaica has retrograded under free society. Free negroes have failed to maintain the roads and public transit system.

“But what really troubled him was unutterable: he could hardly put it into words, though he said it anyway, ‘Jamaica has not been better off since independence.’

Something had gone terribly wrong in Jamaica for Berry to say that. He too had a vision of modern Jamaica freed of imperial Britain, where there was equality among black, white and brown, and life was transformed for the better.”

Something has gone horribly wrong in post-independence Jamaica. The same thing that went wrong in Haiti and Detroit: free negroes lacked the capacity to maintain civilization.

The Black Undertow has overwhelmed Jamaica. Their lack of capacity is the common thread that runs through the corruption of the political system, the collapse of plantation agriculture, the decline of the infrastructure, the explosion in poverty and violent crime, and the creation of a garrison society where every house has bars on its windows.

Freedom failed in Jamaica. Simple as that.

Note: These excerpts are from Ian Thomson’s The Dead Yard.

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  1. ‘Freedom’ brought about not only the collapse of plantation agriculture but the end commercial agriculture.

  2. The alternatives seem to be pretty clear. Let the principle of Justice be the marker.

    You can treat the animalistic humanoids as animals. Most find this to be just, since their behavior most clearly resembles that of animals. Let them be classed with the animals as befits their behavior. Some find this to be unjust toward the animalistic humanoids. Just because they are animalistic doesn’t mean we should treat them this way.

    So you can treat the animalistic humanoids as humans. This degrades the humans instead by equating the animalistic humanoids with them. Most critically, it subjects the humans to the animalistic behavior, thus bringing them down to the level of animals. This is unjust to the humans and destroys humanity in the end.

    The good of the animalistic humanoids versus the good of humanity itself. Which is the greater good? Are we no better than animals? Will it be reversion to animality or injustice to animalistic humanoids? Would you sacrifice your son or daughter for the sake of your pet? Some no doubt would.

    Freedom, equality for such as these…you must be kidding. The concepts are beyond their comprehension. How much longer can the truth be denied? How long before the whole rotten edifice completely collapses? As it already has in Haiti, Jamaica, Liberia, Congo, Rhodesia, South Africa…et cetera.

    BRA is doom incarnate.

    Deo Vindice

  3. Just like my idea for Haiti.

    A trade, all or none, all Jamaicans for an equivalent number of White home landers to take over the island.

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