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  1. @Mosin Nagant
    Yeah. It’s true. Their spots won’t ever change.
    We can only protect ourselves from their black spots.

  2. The Biblical answer is separation: “Be ye separate, saith the Lord.”

    Separation: secession, local independence, apartheid, deportation, etc.

  3. @Sean
    Spot on. The prisons in California have been releasing prisoners for the last two years. Every few months, they release some ( 5,000 to 10,000). They are being released, that’s for sure.
    The plan is in action in California.
    I would not recommend to anyone to visit San Francisco this summer or fall ( not until after the election, at least).
    I live in No California. I don’t live in SF or the Bay Area. But I do know what’s going on there.
    If you have children, especially, and are planning a trip to the Bay Area , I would recommend you reconsider.
    SF, and the SF bay area, is crawling with criminals of all stripes and and they are all walking around waiting for orders.
    I didn’t read that in a book. I know that from the streets of the bronx.

  4. @Mosin Nagant
    I agree with you. Except it’s going to take war to achieve it. It’s not going to fall into our lap. At this point in time, white Americans are not in any position to separate ourselves. Sounds good,but it’s just fantasy at this point.
    In the meantime, just be prepared to protect yourself and your family.
    Same for all readers.
    If war comes in my lifetime, I’ll be putting on the grey of the Confederate and fighting with them. They can even call me a wop, I won’t give a shit.
    The white race in America is not prepared at all to take offensive action at this point in history, only defensive action.

  5. Joe, there may be some things we CAN do now, to separate ourselves, that I’d like to discuss, but it’s getting late, time to shut down for the night.

  6. @Rudel

    “And yet I’m the one with grandchildren…”

    – And I bet they look just like their nigger fathers.

    “…while you remain an aging gay bachelor.”

    – Well keep on fantasizing about me. Whatever get’s you through the night. Now go buy some skittles and iced-tea for your little grandnigglets.

  7. @Lynda
    Thank you for all the information you share here at OD. Always excellent information. I appreciate it.
    @Lily Della Valle
    That badge, ” I am a weapon” is a black panther badge. Please take measures to prepare and protect yourself and your family in the case things escalate in the country.
    Try to build a support group of friends and/or relatives that you can trust so you can all help protect one another in case of big trouble.
    If you don’t have a gun, please get one and learn how to use it. Go to a firing range and practice.
    Be alert and streetwise. A watchdog is always a good idea.
    Stock up on food and essentials. Get fire extinguishers. Starting a neighborhood watch group is always a good idea. Speak to the local police dept about that.
    This is good info for everyone.
    If anyone is planning avacation with children this summer, I would recommend avoiding urban areas. Take the kids up to the country. You and your children will be safer in case things escalate. Urban areas will get hit the worse.

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