Big Gulp Prohibition

New York

The same meddling busybodies who gave us Prohibition now want to ban the Big Gulp in New York City:

Note: Walter Russell Mead calls these upper middle class progressive reformers “the goo goos” and has explained their role in New York City politics.

Charles Murray’s book Coming Apart was published while OD was focused on celebrating Black History Month 2012. I never got around to reading or reviewing the book, but the absolute last thing that America needs is for the “goo-goos” to have more power and influence than they already do.

Like the abolition of slavery, BRA and Big Gulp Prohibition appeals to the same class of meddling, moralizing, utopian minded social engineers, the Yankee-Judea symbiosis headquartered in the Northeast. Sugary drinks are less of a threat to America than these people.

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  1. @Hunter Wallace
    The monarchs of Potugal and Spain broke Catholic law by doing so. Anyway, Dixiegirl is not talking about South America or Cuba.
    She is concerned about what’s happening here. So am I.
    The Protestant ruling class in England made slavery legal and brought slavery to the United States.
    The history of the Spanish and Potuguese monarchs is not a sterling history. I never claimed that my Catholics are wonderful, or blameless. I wrote a post along these lines yesterday in response to Dixie, plus I have posted all along the faults of my fellow Catholics, in general.
    It’s time for Dixiegirl to start examining the faults of her own people, as well. They also have a spotted history.
    Any regular reader, as is Dixiegirl, one who reads all the articles and posts, will know that I am very fair minded in my criticisms.
    Dixiegirl harps on Catholics, and Catholics and only; Okay yes, Jews as well. The story is more complicated, though.
    Ultimately, it is a story of human greed and weakness that transcends religion, denomination, ethnicity, or race even; Ultimately, the story is one of human greed, not who is Catholic, Protestant, or dare I say, even Jewish for that matter.
    It’s about human nature.
    My posts to OD have always been fair and balanced. It’s time for Dixiegirl to start being fair and balanced, as well.
    We all need to get our respective houses in order berfore being so quick to point fingers. My posts here have always been fair-minded and balanced.
    Dixiegirl needs to learn how to write fair-minded and balanced posts, as well.
    Her posts are most unbalanced. I wouldn’t mind so much except alot of what she has to say is based on false premises. Catholics and Jews are not the only groups who have faults.
    As it is, Catholics monarchs broke Catholic law. That story doesn’t explain the present day situation in the USA , however; The country that Dixiegirl, and myself, are concerned about, the United States.
    Dixiegirl needs to learn some more history of the US, and learn it on a deeper level, before she starts bashing Catholics.
    I will continue to call her on it if she continues.
    Again, my posts to OD have always been fair-minded and balanced, acknowledging both Catholic faults and Protestant faults, as well as acknowledging the good points in both groups.
    In fact, I have a tendency many times to point out the good ascepts of the Protestants, before ever coming around to pointing out their faults. When I fault, by the way, I fault the leadership of the group, not everyone in the group, as Dixiegirl has a tendency to do. I have never done that. My posts are very fair-minded.
    Dixiegirl needs to learn to do the same: Write some fair-minded posts.

  2. APA,

    You’re right about temperance.

    Going back to the Jackson era, it was the one Yankee utopian reform movement that resonanted in the South. Drinking and casual violence were a terrible problem in the Old Southwest.

    The problem was greatly exacerbated in the postwar decades.

  3. The New World is essentially a project of the Christendom in Europe. Victory in the Reconquista declared (the war against the Islamic invasions which went for about 900 years) – Europe turned to voyages of discovery and expansion abroad.

    Why not?

    The oldest skeletons and burials in the Americas are of skeletons that are racially identifiable as White – red hair and all. In pre-historic times the Caucasian race travelled and settled all over the world and this is what the archeological record shows. They followed the retreat of the glaciers on their kyacks, they built ships and their (our) settlements spread out all over the globe.

    The Mongoloid peoples when they had the numbers came to the Americas as a wave of migrations across the Berring. And they exterminated the less numerous White populations here and built their civilizations – founded upon human sacrifice. As they all are, btw – in form or another. The Pre Columbians did their human sacrifices as religious death cults. The Europeans did their human sacrifices in war and colonization.

    Someone obviously forgot to tell the Mongoloids like Khan invading across the Caucasus and the populations coming across the Berring that this is very bad behaviour. Probably wouldn’t have taken any more notice of it than the Jews genociding White Russia in the twentieth century. Or the Jew financed Communist revolution in China using Chinese proxies against their own race – I think Mao notched up about 50 million.

    As opposed to scorched earth and clean sweep invasions, people on the move would seem to be the better way of it. Populations that have the numbers – expand. And those who live in the places where expansion is occurring have to hold their ground, come to terms or be swallowed up in the more numerous demographic. This is the tao of populations.

    I watched the classic movie Zulu last night with some youngsters from the community homeschool. Anything out of Hollywood is going to have to viewed by adults who know real history and this is going to have to be discussed with impressionable minds that are not yet in command of the bedrock of historical data and facts. But as Hollywood productions go – Zulu is not too bad. It narrates the battle of Rorke’s Drift mission station in Natal province during the Boer War.

    The missionaries (who turn out to be Swedish in the film) are complete whack jobs as one would exprect from the Jewish control of the film industry. So right away we can tick that box. In fact, there was a prize for the first youngone to be able to identify whack jobbery.

    Otherwise, reading real history into the film. It’s not too bad.

    The British are holding the mission station for the Boer missionaries, so Rorke’s Drift is an outpost of Britain. And Britain is going to do in the film, what White people do: build, plant, organize and govern. When the film opens they have a royal engineer on the job who is building a bridge with native labour for the domain.

    The Zulus over on their patch are going to do what Zulus do: fight anyone who comes onto lands within reach of their warfare, marry the women to the braves, have young Zulus, hunt. There will also be some very gruesome practices and slaving going on over at the kraal – as this is Africa since time immemorial, but of course the movie is not going to depict any of this.

    The Jew studio approved film shows us the Zulu village assembled with the missionaries in something like a Roman Senate. (You have to watch this with a straight face).

    What the movie shows in the opening scene is a couple of missionaries father and daughter with the father explaining that the Zulua custom of arranged marriage is a lot like the arranged marriage system among European royalty. Whatever the deal is in the opening scene, it is clear there is nothing the Zulus are less interested in than Christianity (of which we hear nothing anyway). Jew film – tick.

    So basically, what you have in the film is two nations squaring off over occupation of the land. The British are going to defend the mission station because ‘we are here’. The Zulus are going to fight because if non-Zulus are going to live in that promimity to their Kraals, they have to demonstrate their right to be there. This right is not some theoretical proposition, the right must be demonstrated in war.

    At the end of the battle, the victorious British are expressing all the inculcated Jew sentiments over the matter: they are ashamed. They are disgusted. They are not happy over the piles of bodies they have to bury. But bottom line: they are alive. And you have to be alive to feel ashamed, disgusted and displeased about being assigned to bury the dead.

    But, what is of interest here, (and you would never get this in a modern film) is that at the end, the Zulus come back in force, not to fight, but to salute them as fellow braves. It would seem that the Zulus had a number they were willing to expend for this demonstration. And the survivors will go back and proceed with their marriages. Thus Africa continues.

    This film is worth viewing and discussing in the home schools.

  4. Tis better far for us to strive
    Our useless cares from us to drive;
    Do this, and joy your hearts will swell,
    All is well! All is well!
    ‘ Come, Come, Ye Saints”

  5. Prostitution and Slavery are among the world’s oldest institutions. Unfortunately, these institutions abide with people of all nations. Attempt to stamp it out and it will resurface in another guise or form.

    This can only be news those who expect a world of unregenerate men to sit in a circle, be nice and sing Kumbayah.

    For Whites labouring under the impression that we are the ones with the bad guy script for slavery, you should learn history. The slavers which operated out of Araby and Africa plied the coasts of NW Europe for slaves. When the Evangel was preached in Eire by St Padraic and the Church was formed there, one of its first acts was to organize the redemption and repatriation of Irish who had been taken to foreign lands as slaves.

    When Khazaria was in power in the Caucasus, they traded in slavs / slaves – exactly as Ukranian women today are lured or taken to brothels in Israel and the Arabian lands.

    And in the Americas, the Jewish slavers operating through Britain (which has been owned by the Bank of England – a Jewish bank- since about 1690), brough Irish slaves to the Americas when the War of Succession settled Cromwell’s and the Parliamentarian’s debt to the Jew Bankers of Amsterdam over Ireland (all estates). They took Scottish slaves in the Highland Clearances after Culloden 1746 when the British stooge government under one of the the Georges settled Cromwell’s and the Parliamentarians debt to the Jew Bankers over Scotland (all estates).

    Please read Michael Hoffman II: They Were White and They Were Slaves.

    And yes. When Spain and Portugal conquered lands in what is now South America, they knocked heads, threw down the Smoking Mirrors death cult and they did enslave many for work in building New Spain and New Portugal in the Americas. The Church oppose this in doctrine, law (honoured in both breech and observance) and deed through the mission sancturaries. Sadly, these were finally thrown down by the worst of Church politics in cahoots with monarchy too big for its boots in those countries.

    The Christian missionary orders, however, are on record with their opposition. And their adventure continues. The great film The Mission based on the work of Robert Bolt is an easy way to access this amazing story. Many people first became familiar with the wonderful Nella Fantasia as ‘Gabriels’ Theme’ from that film which won the Palme d’Or at Cannes.

  6. Sadly this might make financial sense. Bloomberg has tried to educate those in nyc prone to obesity/diabetes (read negroes) and of course it has failed to penetrate their thick prognathic skulls. Every other negro in nyc is obese and foot amputations cost millions of dollars every year. Negroes do try hard to fake it but with the IQ of a retard they simply can’t be rational actors in society.

    There is great genetic diversity among the Negro race however, more so than any other race and they are capable of producing bright people. But this is because they never went through a bottleneck and are as a whole, hardwired to live brutal, short lives.

    There are two ways to deal with these situations in a mixed race society:
    Remove freedoms that lower races cant handle. Or socially marginalize the lower race. The former is our zeitgeist, the later, unspeakable heresy.

  7. “Sadly, these were finally thrown down by the worst of Church politics in cahoots with monarchy too big for its boots in those countries.”

    You mean, like “Catholic” Spain, and ‘catholic’ Portugal?

    Spain bankrupted itself by importing all of the stolen gold from the slave labor the Conquistadors brought back from meso-America. Portugal killed their civilization in another, different way- by mating with the blacks, Indians, et al. and lowering the racial IQ of the nation as a whole, while decimating the Anglo/Teuton-Saxon Moral code Rome inherited from Orthodox Byzantium, and the Celts, before Rome became Papal Italy. That is why Brazil is a multiracial sexpot of utter immorality.

    Also, Zulu is a film about BRITISH, Anglican soldiers, fighting for Crown and Kingdom. So, again, a very ‘Anglo-Saxon’ example, rather than a ‘Catholic’ example… for the record.

  8. “I know about HFC hence my comment. I don’t need a lecture from you and neither does Lynda..”

    Molon Labe- I dont’ need your snotty attitude, and neither does Lynda. She is more than well enough versed in dissimulation/Jesuit tactics, to defend herself, should she desire to. I was mentioning this for OTHERS on the forum, who aren’t as bigoted as those who can’t take constructive criticism over their false faith, or even cultural matters. Clearly, you fall in the latter category.

    “Am I become your enemy because I tell you the Truth?” – St. Paul

    What Asses RC’s are. The moment you bring up ANY truth they don’t consider to be ‘roses and sunshine’ about their false faith, they act just like….. JEWS, in seeking to ‘cover up their dirty rags.’ Gee, I wonder where they learned it from?

  9. Unlike you, ‘Fr’ John or should that be ‘pope wanna be’ John – just because I have a religious difference with someone, like Anglicans or Methodists, does not mean I can not appreciate them as people or as a members of as co-ethnics.

    And, yes, I do think the behaviour of Catholic monarchies like Spain and Portugal in the New World is not above criticism and I am making it here.

    And FYI – I did not cite the film Zulu as a Catholic work. So again, you are bearing false witness.

  10. Black teenagers don’t lose as much weight from exercise as white girls

    Exercising may not be enough to stop black teenage girls from gaining weight, says a new study of 1,148 American girls.

    Promoting physical activity may not be enough to prevent black girls – who have a higher rate of obesity to begin with – from gaining weight.

    Being physically active at age 12 had no impact whatsoever on whether black teenagers were obese at 14, whereas white girls were 85% less likely to be obese.


    Read more:

  11. ‘Coming Apart’ will be a horse pill to most here. The theme as it relates to this forum’s raison d’etre is resounding: a secession already happened. The self-segregation of the successful overwhelmingly white upper class (household income of 450k+) is so extreme it can be termed social secession. This is of course true and the UES of NYC is deftly highlighted to great effect.

  12. High society endogamy in America is now driven more by IQ than cultural/regional variables. Fewer high-IQ outliers exist, since traditional barriers to entry have been discredited or destroyed. Those born outside are accepted into the elite on account of their merits; this is hard meritocracy. And I believe the universalism that is a fait accompli of throwing open the doors leads to the current moral malaise of America’s elite. But from the loins of meritocracy springs aristocracy and then the culture will be reaffirmed.

  13. O’ Second Son
    Forget not your family
    Though they know you not
    Your inheritance is your quest for fortune
    Leave softly and bear no grudge
    The furthest branch belongs to the strongest tree
    I could hold you tight
    But I too was a Second Son

  14. The self-segregation of the successful overwhelmingly white upper class (household income of 450k+) is so extreme it can be termed social secession.

    Yea that doesn’t do the rest of us one damn bit of good. In fact those people are not going to help the rest of us proles

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