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  1. ” Magnotta inspired by slasher flick?

    MONTREAL – Derek MacKinnon played a serial killer who cut a young victim to pieces in the 1980 film Terror Train, and now he wonders if his former downstairs neighbour, Luka Magnotta, made life imitate art.

    The 56-year-old actor told QMI Agency that the similarities between his film and Magnotta’s alleged crimes are too close to be a coincidence.

    “(My character) killed 11 people, my appearance was always changing and I dismembered a victim,” MacKinnon said of his character in the film, shot in Montreal 32 years ago.

    “The similarity is pretty significant.”

    MacKinnon says he was the only resident of the apartment building who regularly spoke with Magnotta, whom he described as quiet and well-kept. The two occasionally chatted about the film industry.”



  2. When a white freak goes for it he really goes for it…Seems like a Catch Me if You Can fantasy made real too. Interpol, Paris, London, Montreal…how fabulous dahling. And he eats monkey brains.

    Of course he is gay. That seems to be the central core of his identity. And a touch of Yellow Fever to boot.

  3. When a white freak goes for it he really goes for it……

    It seems to be something in the white genetic: usually patience and curious, but when they get pissed-off, they really get pissed-off and go extreme. In the past, we had a bad habit of doing this to each other – US Civil War, WW1, WW2, etc..

    And Brevik is a recent example.

    May be he trying to out do Brevik, at least in terms of creativity and bizarreness – obviously, its difficult to beat Brevik’s numbers. May be its a twisted statement against MultiCult and gay acceptance?

    I’m looking forward to the trial to see what he has to say.

  4. I doubt he’s much of a WN.

    Apparently, he posted on Storm Front – “a closet white nationalist”.

    Funny clip, BTW.

  5. “Human remains sent to schools in Canada” June 5

    Berlin (CNN) — What appeared to be a human hand and foot were sent separately to two area schools, Vancouver police said Tuesday.

    The first package, containing what was thought to be a hand, was delivered to False Creek Elementary School, while the second, containing what appeared to be a foot, was found by staff at St. George’s School, they said.

    It was not immediately clear whether the gruesome discoveries are connected to the case of Luka Rocco Magnotta, the Canadian porn actor accused of killing and dismembering a man and mailing body parts to politicians.



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