SNAP EBT Spending Up 100 Percent Under Obama

District of Corruption

The Daily Caller is reporting that food stamp spending is up 100 percent under Obama.

As Jeff Sessions points out, we’re spending $82 billion dollars on food stamps (up almost a third since 2009), and will spend an estimated $770 billion on food stamps over the next ten years. To put this in perspective, we we will spend $40 billion next year on the federal highway program.

The Senate is debating the 2012 Farm Bill over 80 percent of which consists of SNAP EBT spending. Normally, I would tell you to contact your senator and tell them to vote against this bill, but the Bitch Called Reality will eventually force cuts to the program.

Note: Obama’s 2013 budget provides $17.7 billion dollars for NASA. We could have been on Mars, but we had to fund BRA.

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  1. the very top of the food change

    The left uses garbage like that to ridicule to “radical right.”

  2. Re: “not that the bible is so great– it’s sadly and tragically deficient in a million ways”:

    The Gospel is inspired by God and reliable, and not only great but the MOST important content of all.

  3. “change” was a typo.
    My deepest apologies for the spelling error.
    It’s supposed to be ” chain”
    As in chain of command.
    As in the Rothschilds own the Federal Reserve Bank: the top in command
    Everyone in government and in the corporate world are attached to this chain ( the rothschilds), and willingly and lovingly so. One family, however intelligent, can not come to own everything without sh*tloads of help, support and approval from all the VIPS in the West.
    This includes the VIPS in All of our churches.
    The bible is handed to us as means to keep us divided and confused, calling us to look up to the heavens for our salvation, while the top VIPS rob us blind here in the real world while we are looking up to the sky unto the catholic/christian heaven
    Or,one can look up unto valhalla, or some kind of “glorious” vision of an aryan/nazi paradise
    You are still getting the wool pulled over your eyes
    Top of command uses the talmud as an inspiration and guide
    those in goverment and in the corporate world use the same book as a guide
    VIA freemasonry and the hermetic texts ( including, and especially, the nazis /including the southern slave-owners : the ones with the giant planatations. They too used the talmud, via freemasonry, to rule the South and control the economy of the South and the people of the South.
    They were very much in cahoots with the northern banks in NYC and Philadelphia.
    The bible we are handed and told is the basis of our institutions is a Giant Lie.
    It has always been a Lie : The bible is not the foundation of our institutions.
    Even in the churches, both catholic ( real or false church)
    All the protestant churches ( all denominations, even the old-world mennonites and the amish)
    I believe that our Redemption and Salvation was won for us in the world of the Spirit and that the Light of Christ emanates from the Domain of the Spirit
    not from the new testament narrative
    The Escort of The Holy Spirit guides us to Christ and proclaims to us that He is:
    The Resurrection and The Life
    It is an ancient faith that has been greatly usurped and distorted
    And it was usurped and distorted by Our Own Kind, first and foremost
    Not the jews, not the blacks, not anyone but our own kind
    For the mercenary spirit runs deep within the blood of the Caucasian
    It has always been so, and shall forever remain so
    A leopard can not change it’s stripes
    And all the bullsh*t in the world can not cover that up.

  4. Does your statement that “the mercenary spirit runs deep within the blood of the Caucasian” refer to, among other things, their eagerness to serve as soldiers in endless wars around the world?

  5. @MosinNagant
    Yes. That is the most blatant and obvious example of the mercenary spirit.
    The mercenary spirit of our race is our Achilles Heel, and is the very main and exact reason the white race is in dire straights today.
    2,000 years of this, and now all the West is in a giant mess and about to go off the cliff.

  6. I can write a post about all the other manifestations of the mercenary spirit, but it would be extremely long. One could write a library of books about this subject.
    My post about the “chain of command” pretty much sums it up, however.

  7. Re: “that Redemption and Salvation was won for us in the world of the Spirit and that the Light of Christ emanates from the Domain of the Spirit, not from the new testament narrative” and that the Bible is a “Giant Lie” we have “been handed” to confuse and mislead us:

    But the Gospel of Christ that we have RECEIVED is true, inspired and completely reliable — and ABSOLUTELY FOUNDATIONAL, being our first, original SOURCE of knowledge of the “Redemption…that emanates from the Domain of the Spirit.” All post-Christian Westernisms that attempt to build on some OTHER foundation are heretical, not conservative but radical, and not truly Western.

  8. The moral Foundation of our civilisation is always pertinent, I think, to any topic. Biblical teachings of “let each bear his OWN burden,” “working with the hands,” for honest labour and industriousness and against slothfulness, dependency and stealing, all pertain to the topic of SNAP EBT.

  9. our marital/ mercenary spirit isn’t the problem. Hell it made our people rulers of the world. The problem is it’s been turned to lesser things like business success and wars that do not secure resources

  10. Many things that I hear about jews is true, at least the big shot jews ( not the average jews one meets in ordinary life. To be brutally honest, I have known ordinary jews to be more honest with me than my fellow christians, all in all).
    The problem is, christians aren’t much better than any of the other groups we criticize.
    We could say no to the jews. But, our leaders never do.They love the agenda as much as the big-shot jews.
    All the churches love their 501c tax break from uncle sam ( via the federal reserve act).
    The jews do not put a gun to head of our church leaders and force them to turn from The Word. Our priests and ministers turn from The Word through their own free will and volition and with eyes wide open.
    Down here in the regular,ordinary working-class world where I live, hardly anyone thinks about important matters in any real serious way. Overwhelmingly, everyone goes along with the program unthinkingly. The jews do not put a gun to our heads forcing us not to think.
    When uncle sam says, “March”, they march, and they love to march, even when they’re marching off to kill down their own kind. WW1 and WW2 epitomizes this, as well as the War of 1861 here in the States.
    The jews do not put a gun to our heads and force us to kill down our own kind. We do it to ourselves. There is no way of skirting the issue, there is no way of getting around this.
    The new testament needs to be separated from the old testament and all the secret societies and various manifestations of freemasonry have to go if we, the white race , are to save ourselves.
    The secret societies are from babylon and egypt, as so is the talmud. The talmud is not really jewish, not truly. Only ostensibly so. It too comes from babylon and egypt.
    The jews do not put a gun to the heads of christians to join secret societies, the christians do it at their own will and volition.
    Our churches demand of us to take the new testament as being literal. All those of us whites who do not take it literally, but have a love of Christ, or at least want to be Christians in spirit, are pushed aside and shunned. Another great division within our race right there.
    It’s all about division, and our rulers and leaders love the division, both the jewish leadership and the christian leadership.
    The jews do not put a gun to our heads forcing us to shun one another over how the bible should be understood, or interpretated. Our own christian leaders do this to us, and they do it on purpose. To keep us divided while they go off to their secret societies inspired from babylon and egypt. We are not to notice. We are to be too busy squabbling.
    Take a look at the dollar bill, and you will see egypt. Not Christ. Not valhalla.
    And the “god” in ” in god we trust” is the god of babylon and egypt, not the christian God, and not even the G*d of the the Torah.
    We, members of the white race, have alot of soul searching to do, both individually and collectively, if we are to save ourselves, our race.

  11. And the white race ruled the world for awhile but that was because of our technology, but the mercenary spirit in the blood of the white race has rendered our technology useless to save us.

  12. @Joe. Now you are getting to the real meat and potatoes, of all the Jew Talk you are serving up here, boy.

    “The mercenary spirit runs deep in the blood of the Caucasians.” What you are telling us is that the only history and heritage possessed by the European race is a sell-out history. You are saying that the White race in its nations has no vision, heritage or history of its own.

    You are a liar.

    The Bible of the people of Jacob is the foundation of the European or White race, which is the nations that developed out of the tribes of Jacob. The Talmud or the “Traditions of the Elders” as it was condemned by Jesus Christ is the nullification of the Law of Moses and all of scripture, ” making the word of God to none effect by your traditions.”

    The Talmud is the Babylonian code for “raising the Leviathan” of the beast Empires of shown in the Book of Daniel and the Apocalypse.

    Your idea that “the Light of Christ [Meschiach] emanates from the domain of Spirit not the New Testament narrative” is pure Kaballah. It is straight out of the Tanya. Next time you are Kaballizing the Messageboard, don’t forget the role of the sepherioth in the emanations.

    The Credo of the Western Church opposes this Luciferian dogma.

    The Person of Jesus Christ, the Eternal Logos, who took flesh and became man, in His Divinity is – Deum de Deo, lumen de lumine, Deum verum de Deo vero. Genitum, non factum: consubstantialem Patri; per quem omnia facta sunt. God from God: Light of Light: true God of true God. Begotten, not made and of one Being [Divinity] with the Father by Whom all things were made.” And to this the New Testament of the Church established by the Lord Jesus Christ does most definitively bear witness.

  13. And now average whites in all the white countries throughout the west have no say and are now being overrun by the thirld world.
    I wouldn’t get so cocky and haughty about the greatness of the white race. Proof is in the pudding.
    And the pudding is greatly poisoned, and it has been poisoned by the collective thinking and behavior of the white race itself.
    If we as a race are incapable of facing this, nothing good is going to accrue for our race.

  14. We know “Joe” is a liar because there really was never a war of 1861, no WW1, and of course WW2 is just a made-up story.
    There are no secret societies. Everything about our government and churches is out in the open and as clear as the sunlight.
    There is no pyramid on our dollars bills.
    The jews put a gun to christian lawmakers to sign the federal reserve act in 1913.
    I know that’s true because the jewish army marched into washington with cannons and machine guns. Everyone knows that. Oh, how “Joe” lies to us!
    The popes of the vatican were always angels and saints until the insidious jews came along in 1958. Everyone knows how angelic the catholic popes were until the jews came along.Oh, how “Joe” lies to us!
    What a troll! What a troublemaker!
    Kill and deport all those who believe our Redemption and Salvation comes from the
    Domain of the Spirit and not from the vatican!!!!!!!!!

  15. and Shakespeare was a liar, and Marlowe, and Dickens, and Twain, and Dante was a liar as well. ALL LIARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. and Charles Lindbergh’s father the senator was a liar.
    and Patton was a liar.
    All LIARS– but the popes of the church tell us the truth.

  17. and Jefferson the slave owner really wanted a nation of independent yeoman farmers
    that’s why he wasn’t one himself

  18. and our founding fathers wanted true independence for this country because they got rid of colonial script right after the constitutional convention

  19. and the catholic church is very opposed to the rothschilds and the whole agenda because that’s where the popes go to get loans: The Rothschilds.

  20. so of course it naturally follows that the rothschilds put a gun to all these heads and force them into the “jewish” agenda

  21. so of course all my fellow christians are innocent beacuse they were all forced at gun point to go along with agenda

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