Macon Home Invasion


It has been about a week or so since we have kept tabs of the daily activities of the Black Undertow. This story about a home invasion in nearby Macon, Georgia is a reminder of what “freedom” has unleashed upon White people in the Deep South:

“JEFFERSONVILLE — A Twiggs County man tortured Saturday morning during a home invasion robbery was burned with hot scissors an estimated 40 times, according to the Twiggs County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigator Robert Rodgers said the assailants took apart a pair of scissors and heated one of the blades on a gas stove.

Robert Luce, 61, was burned on his neck and back while the men demanded to know where he kept money in his home, on Lettie Way off Sgoda Road just west of Interstate 16.

Paul Stafford, 41, of Laurens County, is accused of burning Luce during the torture, which also included beating Luce while he was bound with duct tape, Rodgers said.”

Note: There is a surveillance video of this crime. I don’t believe it has been released by the police.

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  1. Thank you for posting this. It happened just a few miles from our home.

    Were you able to contact the reporter or the LEOs to confirm that the victim is White?

  2. I can’t find a video but there are pages of comments from local people at the end of the article.

  3. He was a white guy. The guy on the news in the background was white. He moved in and fenced up a bunch of property. He was part of that church on Sgoda

  4. The only one left who hasn’t been investigated, arrested or imprisoned for this crime is the victim’s son, Clayton Luce who admits his involvement in an online article written by him for the Prior to the crime, Clayton Luce was in jail with Denis Jones who is doing thirty years for the crime. After Clayton got out, he made sure his co-conspirator was released by paying the child support Denis owed. He gave him a job at his house which shares a fence line with his father so people would get used to seeing him around and vouched for him to work for his father and become a member of his fathers church. After several subsequent “mysterious” burglaries, Denis Jones and crew returned to rob and torture Mr. Luce Sr. After that Clayton went on a media smear campaign designed to paint the Church as a cult and blame it for what happened to his father. I hope he can see now through the tears in his eyes that not everyone was fooled.

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