Liberalism and Prometheus


In Prometheus, the Engineers were destroyed by the xenomorphs, who were created to be used as a weapon of mass destruction. In much the same way, America has been destroyed by Americanism, or its own revolutionary ideology of liberal democracy.

Note: We are choking to death on freedom and equality. The xenomorph evolves through stages like Americanism. Now it resembles the monster below.

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  1. We are choking to death on freedom and equality.

    Death by a thousand cuts – and exception for this and an exception for that. Hopefully, the sheep that followed the social engineers and their cohorts (mostly movie and pop music stars) finally see the “fruits” of the experiment.

    I think that once the economy tanks, people are going to start asking hard questions and realized that they were duped – and then, the backlash will come.

  2. One can almost hear the scream of a man in the end of that. Scratch that, one definitely can hear it. That’s the scream of White folks subsidizing their own genocide.

  3. Well, now I wouldn’t mind seeing the rest of the movie. But I’ll still wait for it on iTunes or Redbox.

  4. most people will not ask questions when the economy tanks; they will demand the govt do “something” as in more welfare and the like and they will demand the rich pay more in taxes. They will also define rich as anyone making more money then the poorest poor

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