The Black Mecca: Eighth Most Violent City In America


I’m sticking this here for Paul Kersey:

“8. Atlanta, Ga.
> Violent crimes per 1,000: 14.3
> Population: 425,533
> 2011 murders: 88
> Median income: $41,631
> Unemployment rate:12.1%

Compared to most American cities, Atlanta has extremely high incidences of both violent and property crimes. The city’s 8.27 aggravated assaults per 1,000 people is one of the 10 highest rates among the country’s largest cities, as is the city’s 70.84 property crimes per 1,000 people. Atlanta also has one of the nation’s highest rates of motor vehicle theft, with a total of 5,371 incidents in the city last year. Vehicle theft likely will remain an issue throughout 2012 as well; in March almost 100 individuals were arrested as part of a single auto theft operation.”

Note: In The Color of Crime: Atlanta, OD’s investigation into violent crime in “The City Too Busy To Hate” revealed that African-Americans were responsible for 100 percent of homicide, 95 percent of rape, 94 percent of robbery, 84 percent of aggravated assault, and 93 percent of burglary.

Da ATL is among some good company: #10. Stockton (40.3 percent Hispanic, 12.2 percent black), #9. Baltimore (63.7 percent black), #7. Birmingham (73.4 percent black), #6. Little Rock (42.3 percent black), #5. Memphis (63.3 percent black), #4. Oakland (28 percent black, 25.4 percent Hispanic), #3. St. Louis (49.2 percent black), #2. Detroit (82.7 percent black), and #1. Flint (56.6 percent black).

I’m shocked that New Orleans, Richmond, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Milwaukee didn’t make the Top 10. Those cities are also blessed by tons of free negroes. I’m betting they all made the Top 25 Most Violent Cities though.

Here’s Thomas Jefferson’s indictment of King George III in the Declaration of Independence: “He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavored to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian savages, whose known rule of warfare, is undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.”

What would a Declaration of Independence from BRA look like? Do we have any grievances against Washington here in the South? Who is more violent? The free negroes in our major cities or the merciless Indian savages of our frontiers?

We know that the black residents of Chicago (which is not even in the Top 10 most violent cities) are more violent than the Taliban in Afghanistan.

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  1. I honestly have to wonder if Jefferson was making that up. Might have been the first head fake in the BRA system. “See lookie over here! Injuns! Btw, All men are equal (suckers)”

  2. The deep irony is that Jefferson set up a system that ultimately preyed on the very posterity he claimed to protect.

  3. I was on a flight from Toronto to Atlanta last year. As was sitting next to a local white guy about my age and we stuck up a conversation. He ended up telling me he had 4 Glocks: 1 in his glove compartment; 1 in his living room; 1 in his home office; and 1 in his bedroom. He advised me not to go out at night walking, especially by myself – good advice.

    I would image the violent crime rate would be much higher if whites weren’t armed to the teeth in their fortified homes.

    We know that the black residents of Chicago (which is not even in the Top 10 most violent cities) are ,b>more violent than the Taliban in Afghanistan.

    I not sure why the US government is so focused on the Islamic terrorism threat – black terrorism is a bigger issue, but the media ignores it.

    The concern is, however, I think US blacks will start converting to Islam in droves – a home grown Al Shaabab.

  4. We know that the black residents of Chicago (which is not even in the Top 10 most violent cities) are more violent than the Taliban in Afghanistan.

    I think it was RJM who said that “there was a secret war” going on in the early 80’s, to supplant our people from “the soil’, as well as a military/psycho-political front. I would say ALL these things Have occurred, and worse.

    Indeed, the WAR casualties have mounted over the last generation, and our ‘state of siege’ is becoming moribund with the dead and dying all around us; how long this can continue remains to be seen.

    The Resistance is coming of age, and the minds and bodies are following quickly.

  5. Well it actually is an opportunity for a business, security advisor. No its not the most efficient way a society can advance, but it is something. One piece of advice never use the word black, I use the word shitheads as a substitute and if anyone goes PC on me I snap right back that they are violent criminal conspirators (I never, ever allow anyone to pull moral superiority upon me, ever). We have higher IQs I suggest we use them. I like drone usage, at night we can have small battery powered drones looking for hoodies and then upload hoodie location updates. World of Whackcraft players could go real life.

  6. I think US blacks will start converting to Islam in droves – a home grown Al Shaabab.

    I agree. Hispanics will too. Some already are. Islam, if I remember correctly, is the fastest growing religion in Mexico. Anyone remember that spic Joe Padilla? Just as Louis Walcot changed his name to Louis Farrakhan, Jose Padilla went by the name Abdullah al-Muhajir. Blacks often discover Islam in prison. This where Padilla found Islam too. Blacks and Hispanics correctly see Islam as an anti-Western faith. It makes perfect sense they’re drawn to it.

  7. In Jefferson’s time, there were future “reforms” like gay adoption and gay marriage that were so far fetched it never even occurred to that generation as a possibility worth considering and guarding against.

    The Founders didn’t bother to define America in racial terms either because it was similarly unimaginable that such a thing would ever be contested. It was obvious that White men should rule. It was radical then that ordinary Whites should rule themselves.

  8. It looks like the legal precedent was already set …

    In a similar case in Missouri a lengthy legal battle took place when the state sought to ban an effort by the KKK to adopt a road there. Missouri eventually lost, with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in 2005 that maintaining membership in the program cannot be denied because of a group’s political beliefs, The Associated Press reports.

    But on the CNN links its says:

    However, the Missouri Department of Transportation eventually kicked the KKK, a white supremacy group, out of the program because members were not picking up trash as agreed, spokesman Bob Brendel said Monday.

    It also says:

    The state also named the stretch of I-55 after civil rights activist Rosa Parks, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

    Just like that … no legal battle required.

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