California Perestroika


In his latest Forbes column, Joel Kotkin takes a journey into the great progressive paradise on the West Coast:

“California’s “progressive” approach has been enshrined in what is essentially a one-party state that is almost Soviet in its rigidity and inability to adapt to changing conditions. With conservatives, most businesses and taxpayer advocates marginalized, California politics has become the plaything of three powerful interest groups: public-sector unions, the Bay Area/Silicon Valley elite and the greens. Their agendas, largely unrestrained by serious opposition, have brought this great state to its knees.

California’s ruling troika has been melded by a combination of self-interest and a common ideology. Their ruling tenets center on support for an ever more intrusive, and expensive, state apparatus; the need to turn California into an Ecotopian green state; and a shared belief that the “genius” of Silicon Valley can pay for all of this.

Now this world view is foundering on the rocks of economic reality. The Soviet Union armed itself to the teeth and sent cosmonauts into space while the public waited on line for toothpaste and sausages. Similarly, Californians suffer from a combination of high taxes and intrusive regulation coupled with a miserable education system —the state’s students now rank 47 th in science achievement —and a rapidly deteriorating infrastructure.”

Three predominantly White interest groups: the “greens,” public sector employee unions, and the Silicon Valley technology wonks, with the exploding non-White underclass playing supporting roles as bloc voting groups.

California is the land of tax increases, the DREAM Act for illegal aliens, Kony 2012, tuition increases and higher education budget cuts, crumbling roads, deteriorating schools, budget deficits, Victor Davis Hanson’s Vandalized Valley, the highest concentration of TANF welfare recipients in America, the states where criminals are being let out of prison, and where state lawmakers spend their time on pressing issues like banning foie gras.

“Once unassailable politically, the environmental community is fracturing between those thoroughly allied to rent-seeking capitalists and the Democratic Party and those still primarily concerned with preserving nature. The Sierra Club, for example, objects to Brown’s attempt to exempt the high-speed line from environmental review. Some Greens also object to Brown-supported projects like the massive tortoise-roasting solar farm planned for the Mojave Desert.

Both Brown and the Greens also have failed to deliver many of the much ballyhooed “green jobs” that they insisted their policies would produce. Instead they may soon have to confront an electorate increasingly skeptical about green fantasies and more concerned with a persistently under-performing economy.”

The “greens” are opposed to offshore drilling, fracking, natural gas, hydroelectric, the coal industry, petroleum, nuclear, and now it seems, even solar and high speed rail due to the environmental impact on – what’s the name of that minnow, it looks like every other minnow used for fish bait – the Delta smelt.

“Yet it’s clearly good news that ,for the first time in a decade, there’s hope that the whole corrupt, failing California political edifice could come crashing down, providing a renewed hope for recovering the state’s former greatness.”

The corrupt, failing political edifice?

California is the flagship of the great “progressive” model that ex-Californians have brought in their U-hauls to Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington, which they are trying to impose on the entire country through the Democratic Party, Congress, and the Electoral College.

The day is coming when California will become America’s combined version of Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal – the Golden State will come to Congress asking for a federal bailout, and every other state will have to decide whether to keep bailing it out in perpetuity because it will be labeled “Too Big To Fail.”

Are we going to bailout California? Are we willing to allow a bankrupt California to select our national political leaders? Are we willing to take in all the ex-Californians as they swamp our states while bringing their “progressive” politics with them?

Why not dissolve the Union? Let them sink into the “progressive” black hole they have created? It is long past time to have a national conversation about disunion.

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  1. “This is the great “progressive” model that ex-Californians have brought in their U-hauls to Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington, and which they try to impose on the entire country through the Democratic Party, Congress, and the Electoral College.”

    Correct. These California turds have brought this crap to all the rest of the western states.

  2. Among the refugees, there are good Californians and bad Californians. Most of the good Californians understand why the bad Californians must be permanently excluded and prevented from wrecking other states.

    Unfortunately, they have pretty much destroyed Colorado, and they are well on the way to doing it again in Nevada. I’m told that Oregon and Washington were nice places before the horde moved to the Northwest.

  3. Friends of mine out West say people from California do to their states what yankees do to the South. All people from CA should be forced to return and live in the hell hole they created instead of spreading their liberal filth to free people. The good Californians should be written off as a loss just like doctors use to cut out some good flesh to get out infections. They would also serve as a lesson to other Whites that there is a price to pay for their actions.

  4. Southern California is lost.
    In Nevada, they are leaving as the economy has went to shit.
    During the housing bubble they flooded Vegas and made housing prices soar thru the roof.
    Now the homes are worth less than half of what they were just five or six years ago.
    Southern Californians are much worse than any Northern group. Baseless and very weak folk. They will sell out thier own faster than any other region.
    Rural California is not all that bad, but I would not have anything to with it due to close proximity to the urban areas.
    Of all the places in the US, I’d say S. California doesn’t even come close to resembling the US of just twenty years ago. It is another nation now in terms of demographics and culture.
    I say let the beaners have it, it is of no use to White man anymore, just a liabilty and a tax drain.

  5. I was in San Diego a few months ago. The place is mexican now. Driving around when schools were let out, I saw nothing but mexican kids walking the streets. Thousands of them.
    The Whites there had this strange attitude of arrogance, like everything is just A-OK.
    It was a surreal enviroment going to hell in a hand basket but all was good to them.
    “No worries, dude, this is so. cal, man” type of attitude.
    In twenty years time, the place will be worse than Mexico City.

  6. Sean, you are so right. The ‘Greens’ are a RELIGION. You need to understand that. It is the latest incarnation of the ‘turn on, tune in, and drop out’ mentality that infected Berkeley in the 1960’s and spread from there. The hippies of the 1960’s are the retiring leftist academics of the ‘aughts’ and the children of those hippies (if they didn’t seek their abortion first) are now the ‘Movers and shakers’ in politics, law, and the plastic Valley, and in NY, NJ, and Alexandria, VA.

    Look at Steve Jobs, for crying out loud. The bi-racial child of an Ay-rab (muslim), he gazed at his navel, when he wasn’t driven to make as many billions as his alter ego, Bill Gates, confglating his Eastern myst-and-schism with his Puritan capitalist consciousness. He became a Buddhist, and thereby denied God- wonder how his Muslim dad or his erstwhile (because White) Chrisitan ‘mom’ felt about that- eh, no matter, gotta do my ‘own thing’ folks. Strike one- trample on your heritage, and your parents. [5th Commandment, trashed]

    His workplace was a model of the ‘brave new world’ of diversity (racial, sexual) gay-friendliness (I got hit on more than once by Apple store employees, who were tired old queens needing a ‘sales clerk’ job early in the stores’ existence- ugh.) and just plain weirdness as normative (the pierced and tattooed ‘sales clerks’ who tried to make the Apple store like a “head shop redevivus”- the ‘cool, hip’ place to be, until we oldster customers complained enough…..

    Jobs was TYPICAL of the modern pagan. Utterly rootless, racially gemischt, and totally without a soul, precisely because they (we?) have forgotten the ‘rock from whence you were hewn.’

    And, yes, these sorts of oddballs and weirdos are infecting the enire planet. Just look up ‘Osa Village’, CR for example. Or read my post on Boquete, Panama over at my blog. These folks are following a religion as sure as the Mormons follow one. It’s just not a TRUE religion, and it will NOT ‘save them.’ But then, like the Jews, they have learned their talmudic lesson well. WE are our OWN God, and no one dare tell US what to do….. But, shhhhh. Don’t tell THEM that, or their ‘dark side’ will appear as quickly as an Occupy protester saying the ‘R’ word at a White Man, in a Union blockade against Scott Walker in Madison…. oh, wait. WE won THAT ONE.

    [Never, never, never let them forget it.]

    Yeah, these rainforest rootless liberals, and atheistic ‘do-gooders’ mooching off the ‘indigenous natives’ while all along acting JUST LIKE some latter-day Jim Jones’ cult, are living in some thurd world hellhole, yet spending untold millions of ill-gotten dollars to make it like a WHITE MAN’s LAND, while (schizophrenically) drinking the ideological kool-aid every day.

    And, at the same time, the utter duplicity of same, pretending to ‘care’ for the downtrodden…until THEIR income no longer allows them to have a ‘peruvian maid’ or a ‘Central amerindian gardener’, or the US encroaching Soviet style Obamanation policies make their Direct Deposit dollars buy less and less in ‘Paradise.’

    But, I guess, that’s the trouble with being a Midwesterner. I was raised to believe we LOST Paradise by our collective sin, that we cannot gain it back, and that the WORST exemplar of Humanity, is the Dissolute White Man living a godless life in some fetic jungle somewhere, “free” from the constraints of White, Christian society. I also learned early on that this life is NOT to be confused with Heaven, and that there will be seedtime and harvest time, but also freezing cold, snow, and hail storms- and that THAT is the ‘real world,’ not the manufactured BS in the ‘sunshine and lollipops’ world these mind-numbed liberals have attempted to create, from the leftover dreams induced by their hashish, dope-smoking, DNA morphed parents.

    It must be a bummer to have parents who hate you, and wish you dead, which is pretty much all liberals who hold to ‘freedoms’ such as Gay unions, and abortion on demand. Truly, “all they who hate Me, love Death.” – YHWH God, Prov. 8:36

  7. Stationed at Camp Pendelton 81-84 and I must admit I never met a SoCal white person that was worth much except some older transplants, but even they were infected by the bug and I if possible would never let them emigrate (dead now) to any other state. It is an absolutely gorgeous place first ruined by whites, now becoming a third world ghetto in the cities.

  8. Truly, “all they who hate Me, love Death.” – YHWH God, Prov. 8:36

    That would explain why the rainbow coalition are banned together, such as Muslims/gays and Muslim/feminists. If he Muslims took over, they would kill gays and feminists in a heartbeat. There is the group Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, but Arab gays escape to Israel for the freedom. Women in an Islamic country may not be able to drive or own a clitoris.

    Mudsharks want the right to to screw blacks, but end up having a black kids and, most likely, those kids mate with other blacks so their kids, grandkids, etc.. are blacker – essentially they erased themselves.

    Actually, its easy to go on-and-on with similar twisted examples.

  9. Fr. John –

    Were you channeling Petula Clark there for a minute with that “sunshine and lollipops” line?

  10. Every comment here has its basis of truth.

    On the other hand, true White Nationalists look at the concept of a ‘territorial imperative’ as inclusive, and ever-expanding, which means that geographical locations, such as California, must NEVER be allowed to slip through our hegemonic positions of power. When I hear people say to “leave it to the Mexicans” it simply magnifies the tragic sense of loss and personal will, or lack of same, to break free of this cycle of Occupation which we have all suffered.

    Yes, WE are our own worst enemy, but does this mean that we must sit idly by and allow this Suicide? Hardly. Those of us who really do think in terms of already ‘existing’ as a government, should always take into account the propaganda and social constructs which we can use to split the beast asunder; in cali., for instance, we stand the greatest chance of continuing a public debate, extending our fledgling political parties, and generally mobilizing at a greater rate than most of the other states – including the South.

    As this liberal edifice continues to crumble, as was told to me many years by one who really did see the value of this state, there will truly be only a few places that we can really shine, and California has a future, in part chaotic and violent, the other futuristic, and full of promise – the trick is how much sacrifice will it take? I say, whatever it takes!

    On a side note: The Beach communities, as a general rule, have been the most civil, culturally adept (in a conservative vein, not withstanding the tendency to ‘live and let live’ with fellow whites), and have shared similar cultural traits the longest in this State, I would hate to see this disappear as a necessary requisite condition for our cultural hegemony to exist, but it will take what it will, and I just hope that enclaves like this and throughout our nation, might be spared what is coming…

    No, California is part of OUR territory, we must take it back, and we will NEVER grant a pass to our natural enemies nor too interlopers and peasants.

    California Perestroika indeed!!

  11. The midwestern states need to have a new KKK type organization that only harasses ex -leftcoasters/newyorkers. I’ve heard it told that the flood of Kommiefornia ex-pats is taking it’s toll on Idaho, Arizona, Utah etc. I’ve personally overheard several yentas squawking loudly via cell phone about Montana during flights into or out of LAX.

    They need to know they aren’t welcomed. That’s the problem with the mid-west. They are friendly and welcoming. Saying “Hi Neighbor” to the former left-coasters that were snubbing them as fly-over hicks just a few years before.

    Fuck that. ‘Liberals go home” spray-painted on their property and vauge hints of arson are the only welcome they should receive.

  12. California is part of the USA, not Dixie. Why should I sacrifice for them? These are the same people who look down on rural Southron White men, until they need men with balls to fight their battles. I don’t give a rats ass what happens to the state or the people there.

    Let them fight their own battles, do their own sacrificing.

  13. As predicted, the DWL are starting to flip to the right ….

    ” Quebec student federation says sorry for Nazi salutes ”

    Quebec’s federation of university students has apologized for the appearance of Nazi salutes at recent demonstrations after prominent Jewish organizations condemned protesters’ use of the gesture.

    Martine Desjardins, president of the federation, said the salute, which some protesters have been using to mock Montreal police for alleged brutality, doesn’t “represent the values of Quebec and Canada.”

    Photos of the Nazi-themed protests have been circulating on social-networking sites, causing some shock and outrage.

    Ya, sure …. a Freudian Slip : )

  14. ….” you can read the bible to me on a monday…. a monday… a monday… if that’s what you wanna do… you can read it on a tuesday,…a tuesday….a tuesday…if you don’t have anything else to do…
    you can read it on a wednesday….a wednesday….a wednesday…. i’ll be at the gym…you can read it on a thursday…. a thursday…. a thursday….if that’s what gets you off… you can read it on a friday… a friday….a friday…that’s’ always a blast… you can read it on a saturday….a saturday…. a saturday….i’ll be mowing the grass….
    but you can never read it to me on a sunday… a sunday… a sunday…’cause that’s my day of rest”….

  15. Stonelifter, a lot of readers of this blog are White Nationalists, general racists and a few brave Trad-Con Patriots. They are not all dissolutionists

    They don’t want to cut California off and hand it to the Mexicans as its valuable nay irreplaceable land.

    On a more selfish note I have the misfortune to live there (not a native though) and don’t want to be stuck here. No sane White person would.

    As such more than a few of would like the make it palatable for the Union to survive and for folks like our host to voluntarily say “well shoot, its worth staying around”

    So we get a few different opinions.

  16. So- the problem is various states and/or various whites. Fed control of virtually everything is not the problem. Joo control of fedgov is not the problem. The fed welfare state and fed control of education is not the problem. Two joo senators (Feinstein/Boxer) is not the problem (who counted the votes?). Joo goal of killing us is not the real problem. Joo control of all the world’s central banks is not the problem.

    Proposition 187 was passed here only 18 years ago (to deny benefits to illegals). It was blocked by FEDERAL judge Mariana Pfaelzer.

    California Proposition 187 (also known as the Save Our State (SOS) initiative) was a 1994 ballot initiative to establish a state-run citizenship screening system and prohibit illegal aliens from using health care, public education, and other social services in the U.S. State of California. Voters passed the proposed law as a referendum in November 1994; it was the first time that a state had passed legislation related to immigration, customarily an issue for federal policies and programs.[1] The law was challenged in a legal suit and found unconstitutional by a federal court. In 1999, Governor Gray Davis halted state appeals against the ruling.

    Passage of Proposition 187 reflected state residents’ concerns about illegal immigration into the United States and the large Hispanic population in California. Opponents believed the law was discriminatory against immigrants of Hispanic or Asian origin; supporters generally insisted that their concerns were economic: that the state could not afford to provide social services for so many illegal residents.

  17. I get the different opinion thing, but seriously why should I raise a finger to help people that generally look down on my kind? How many dumb hick jokes and the like should we listen to and still be willing to help?

  18. Not one. I wouldn’t lift much of a hand to help an unrepentant liberal either. Besides you take care of your own first.

    However not all White Liberals are anti White scum. I’d guess 1/4 of those Whites are of no value or outright enemies but 3/4 of the other half are fine and pushed, pulled and cajoled in the right direction are of value to a new country.

    A little SWPL style is actual “diversity” and provides the necessary stimulus to keep society from become too stagnate and ending up unable to adapt (think Japan)

    How we get them back into the fold is another topic for another day though.

    And no, if they can’t be saved, so be it.

  19. In 2008, 54 percent of Whites in California voted for Obama. There are Whites in California – the greens, the Silicon Valley tech people, the public employee unions – that have voted consistently to destroy the state.

  20. California is the most hostile state to business in the Union. 1/3rd of all Americans on Welfare are Californian.

    The sad part is California would definitly benefit economically from Mexican/PAN administration.

    This is socialism in practice.

    This sucks.

  21. California is a psycho-circus.

    At one point I worked at a job down there, got laid off, now I am glad it happened because I have gotten to return to the Northwest Territorial Imperative ( )

    Sadly some Native Californians have moved up here though. I know two former San Francisco-ans in particular. They are both big Obama supporters and one I suspect is an Orthodox Marxist… yikes!

  22. I was in Atlanta ,Georgia recently.
    The place was chock full of blacks that the southerners brought over here to America because they were too namby-pamby to do their own goddamned work themselves. If the work down south was tough, then all the southerners had to do was help one another out– like the mennonites and amish do.
    But no, they had to have their slaves. They preferred to have slaves. They preferred to have slaves working for free than having to pay their own kind or lift a finger to help their own kind, in spite of all their talk of love of kin and folk.
    Even if that meant,or resulted, in a large population of poor whites left on the sidelines.
    The southerners loved supporting the owners of the large plantations, 1,ooo + slaves or more. The large plantation owners had a tight monopoly on the south’s economy and were very much in cahoots with the banks and industrialists up north. Very much so.
    The large plantation owners ruled — and the average southerner looked up to them as if they were gods, even though the large plantation owners didn’t give a damn for the average,ordinary southerner.
    Then the southerners pretend that their system was somehow superior to the north’s economic system, but the two economies were very much tied into one another.
    The southerners overlook all that, however, as they point their fingers north, east, west, as if the southerners have all the world’s problems figured out. “Oh, poor us, the world is against us”.
    But, your slave system was very much a part of England’s Rothschild’s banking empire; And the slave system was becoming increasingly unprofitable to the large plantation owners: And your large planataion owners were in cahoots with the big-shots in england and up north in fomenting the war of 1861 and setting the slaves free.
    But the southerners always point their fingers up north about the blacks being set loose on them by the yankees, but your own southern large plantation owners were in cahoots in fomenting the war of 1861, and they too played a role in setting the blacks loose on “you all”.
    Never heard one southerner ever complain about the role of the large plantation owners in the story about the war of 1861 or in reconstruction. Never.
    You all are not so honest and straight-forward as you all suppose.
    Plenty of phony-face nonsense emanates from down south–just as in the rest of the USA.
    I know this all took place in the past, but there are many here at “OD” who love talking about the past, so that shouldn’t be any kind of problem.

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