Romney Won’t Commit To Overturning Obama’s DREAM Act Executive Order

District of Corruption

Do you remember “I will veto the DREAM Act”? How about Romney’s attacks on Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry in the Republican presidential debates? Did you see any of those Super PAC campaign commercials?

Here’s the latest etch-a-sketch moment:

“BRUNSWICK, Ohio (AP) —Mitt Romney is refusing to say that he would overturn President Barack Obama’s new policy allowing some young illegal immigrants to stay in the United States.

The Republican presidential candidate tells CBS” ”Face the Nation” that if he’s president, Obama’s executive order “would be overtaken by events … by virtue of my putting in place a long-term solution.”

Romney was asked three times in the interview if he would overturn Obama’s order, but he didn’t directly answer the question. Instead, he said would work to pass a law to help those young people who were “brought in by their parents through no fault of their own.” Romney said he doesn’t know why Obama “feels stop-gap measures are the right way to go.”

The candidate’s comments represent a further softening of his rhetoric on immigration since the GOP primary campaign ended.”

Note: There is a reason why the Confederate flag is prominently displayed on this website. There is also a reason why we constantly talk about secession and dissolving the Union. It is because we have no confidence whatsoever in the national GOP.

The political system isn’t entirely worthless. It is still possible to fight back at the state level in the Deep South. We should participate in the political system at the state level with an eye towards polarizing the states toward secession.

Update: McCain claims that Romney supports comprehensive immigration reform:

“A top surrogate of Romney’s, Arizona Sen. John McCain, went slightly further. Romney was “certainly willing to address that issue and immigration reform in a comprehensive way,” McCain said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

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  1. @Apuleius
    You don’t seem too concerned about the black panthers declaring war on white americans and stopping white americans from voting while toting machine guns. And you’re not too upset that uncle sam is intentionally starting a war in Syria. ( while pretending the arabs are starting it)
    Forget about Syria for a moment, I would think someone who is pro-white would give my post some thought at least and think about it– and not be totally dismissive of it as you are. Your dismissive stance is all I need to know about you.

  2. Sorry Joe. I was just trying to be funny. I apologize if I offended you.

    I own many guns and I’m a pretty good shot. The Black Panthers don’t scare me. I’ve lived around niggers my whole life. I know what they are capable of, and I stay clear of niggertown as much as possible. On those very rare occasions when I am near them, chances are I’m carrying some nigger medicine. I’m sorry that the corrupt Yankee leaders in New York won’t let you carry. If I lived there I probably would anyway.

    We ain’t going to war in Syria because Putin owns Obama. That’s what a strong white leader can do. He’s a damn sight better than “Big Gulp” Bloomberg.

    Not trying to be dismissive. Just giving my point of view.

    Deo Vindice

  3. In addition to Russia marking it’s territory, I imagine a big reason there won’t any action with Syria, is because Obama can’t afford to alienate what little remains of his college-age white supporters any further.

  4. black panthers carrying machine guns? Where? the black panthers have been declaring war on White people for how long? Where’s the war?

  5. Chris says, “I think it was directed at me. I’ve maintained that one of the reasons I will vote for Romney versus that nigger, is because Romney is white, looks and speaks like me, and is from the same place as me. That’s exactly the rational that niggers use in black vs. white political contests, and rather successfully I might add, so why shouldn’t we?”

    First off there is no Black vs. White political contest. It is Niggers vs. Humans.

    Second off, the Niggers can not win. They are biological failures. Obama can’t redistribute IQ points or breathe humanity into them. He can give them crack money and government jobs, both subsidized by the Human economy at government decree. The choice is between Niggers losing and everyone losing.

    Third off, the support of Romney for such shallow identity reasons is primitive. It is the way a race that senses its obsolescence…. fears tomorrow in a scary world-jungle of predators “unites” and “organizes”. It’s the modus operandi a collective of genetic misfits that lack the ability to live free are forced to adopt.

    I’m voting Romney but not because he’s human. I take that part for granted.

  6. You’ll find Caucasians and Asians on both sides of the political spectrum because they tend to be rational individuals that give thought to their vote and arrive at individual conclusions. Caucasians and Asians will rise through the ranks in both leftwing and rightwing groups due to IQ.

    Niggers are predisposed towards monolith voting and dictatorship. These are manifestations of their fears of competition with a superior race resulting from their developmental disabilities.

    The Nigger is the penny on the train track of the Republic; It is put there with bad intent but only it and the miscreant (DWL) are in harm’s way so long as the conductors stand firm and throw more coal into the furnace rather than slamming the energency brake out of fear.

  7. I bet Ron Paul would never send federal marshals to tell a state what to do with their public schools…. Can you say that about Romney?

  8. Again, I have to agree with Denise in all this.

    Obama being re-elected will be disastrous for the US.

  9. Good website for anyone thinking about joining the military:
    ” 10 reason book”
    Also: “commieblaster”
    The federal government is a communist government. If you enroll in the military, you will be serving a communist government with a communist agenda.

  10. Don’t vote Romney. Stay home, vote third party, or vote Obama. I’m voting Obama based on the meta game (better to have a Black face on the decline) and short-term economic interests (the Democrat’s populist economics is better for Whites than GOP economics).

    Romney will destroy White people in this country with his Republican economic program and neocon war agenda. He will do everything Obama will do in terms of promoting amnesty and other anti-White policies, and more. In the early 90s, Romney campaigned to the LEFT of Ted Kennedy on gay rights and called for crack downs on guns. Romney is more beholden to Wall Street, Big Business and uber-Jews like Sheldon Adelson than Obama is, and that’s saying a lot.

  11. Another positive of Romney’s large family is the role modeling effect it can have upon other white families. It would be a stark contrast from the Clinton’s (only one child) and Bush 43, just two I believe.

  12. @Lew-insky

    If you want to throw your vote away, and give up without a fight, that’s your personal choice. Don’t ask for everyone else to do the same. It just isn’t in some of us to be that weak.

  13. @ Lew

    I’m in agreement with Hunter. If Romney chooses Rubio, I’ll have to reconsider. To quote John Maynard Keynes, ” When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?”

  14. What facts do I have wrong in my comment? Did he not campaign to the left of Ted Kennedy? Is Sheldon Adelson not a big supporter? Is he not refusing to say he will overturn Obama’s executive order on the Dream Act. From a meta standpoint, Obama has good for increasing racial tension. This needs to continue. At a policy, his economic policies are better because he beholden to his party, and the Democrats are better for the working class and middle class Whites. Obama is far less likely to launch a war on Iran or Syria. Rubio, in addition to being an open borders guy, is a war mongering neocon fanatic who tried to admit Ukraine into NATO based on unanimous consent. So far, no one has been able to say what Romney will do to help White people. While I respect disagreement, there is no case to be made for Romney. Ron Paul, Merlin Miller or staying home are the best choices if you don’t want to vote Obama. Anyone but Romney! You have no case other than he has Euro DNA. That is not a reason to vote for him.

  15. Perhaps your right about Romney , I hope your wrong though. The two party’s , Two wings of the same rancid bird. And yes, I will vote for him because his DNA is European.

  16. The apologists for the Neocon and Ron Paul denigrators on this site don’t know why they do it. The secret: They can’t help it. It’s all genetic — their strange attraction to Romney’s nearly pure Anglo-Celt-ness, and their repulsion by Paul’s 100% German ancestry. Remember: Germans are a different people.

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