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We had several discussions about this last year when Obama signed into law three new trade agreements with South Korea, Columbia, and Panama:

“The entry into force of the U.S.-Korea trade agreement on March 15, 2012, means countless new opportunities for U.S. exporters to sell more made-in-America goods, services and agricultural products to Korean customers – and to support more good jobs here at home.”

Thus did the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative rhapsodize about the potential of our new trade treaty with South Korea.

And how has it worked out for Uncle Sam?

Well, courtesy of Martin Crutsinger of the Associated Press, the trade figures are in for April, the first full month under the trade deal with South Korea.

And, surprise! The U.S. trade deficit with Korea tripled in one month. Imports from South Korea jumped 15 percent to $5.5 billion in April, while U.S. exports to South Korea fell 12 percent to $3.7 billion. Suddenly, the U.S. trade deficit with Seoul surged to an annual rate of $22 billion.”

Note: The first thing that Obama did after his “shellacking” in the 2010 midterm elections was to head to South Korea to work on this free trade agreement.

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  1. Hunter –

    I’ve noticed you tend to spell Colombia wrong. It is ColOmbia, with an “o”. Columbia is British, the District of, a University and a big river in the Pacific NW. Colombia is a great country in South America. This is not a case of English using an accepted different spelling, as we do with, say, Rome or Turin.

  2. “Truly mindboggling. However, it’s not like the GOP are protectionist.” – Also truly mindboggling, the voters most inclined to oppose free trade fall into the republican camp.

    There was another more pressing statistic about SK though, they are one of eight nations that has sent more than a million of its people here to America. Why are they acting like a 3rd world nation in that regards?

  3. “Columbia is British, the District of, a University and a big river in the Pacific NW. ” Columbia is the personification of America interestingly enough.

  4. Suddenly, the U.S. trade deficit with Seoul surged to an annual rate of $22 billion.

    Its worse than that.

    Asian-Americans, more than Latinos, are largest group of new arrivals in U.S. June 19, 2012 CNN

    ” The immigration debate often centers on stemming the flow of people entering the United States illegally and what to do about securing borders to the south. But here’s a fact that goes without much attention: Asians have now taken over Latinos as the largest group of new arrivals every year.”


    Is industrial espionage a concern ?

  5. We are ruled by communists. “commieblaster” is a good website to learn how undermined and usurped we are.

  6. “Global Elites Thrown Out Of Iceland:Bankers Arrested”
    Article at “western voices world news”. Go the “OD” blogroll for link.
    How great is this little country of Iceland? Good for them.
    Go Vikings!

  7. “Colombia is a great nation? Since when?” – Colombia is a south american country. Columbia is a faux greco/roman goddess.

  8. It’s good for Iceland that Christopher Colombus ( excuse my possible misspelling of his name) didn’t land on that cold barren island.
    Looks like the Icelanders have alot more brains than we do here in Columbia, the gem of the ocean.

  9. Uncle sam is fomenting war in Syria while the mainstream news blames the Arabs. The Russians are sending their forces to Syria presently based on the turmoil, discord, and violence that Uncle Sam started. All the evidence is out and there is no denying it.
    So it looks like there’s going to be a war. White American military men will be soon be dying in yet another war based on lies.
    US military men will be getting killed thinking that they’re fighting a group of horrible people ( the arabs) : the hajiis are war-mongerers supposedly.
    But all along and from the very beginning , it is “our” government who started the war(s). The evidence is out, and it’s as clear as the sunlight.
    White men will soon again be getting killed in a war fomented by Washington.
    And yet, in spite of all the evidence and all the facts and information available, my fellow whites will “suffer” themselves to be duped.
    After it’s over and all the dead white christian soldiers are all buried, whites from christian backgrounds — sincere,nominal ,or just totally indifferent– will then write posts all over cyberspace about the “insidious jews”.
    But, we can’t blame “them” anymore (if we ever truly could) because all the information is out there about what’s going on; All the truth about communist Uncle Sam ; All the truth of all the wars started and instigated by Uncle Sam ; And there’s no denying that — at least without looking like a downright liar.
    If war in Syria is somehow forestalled, it will be in spite of Uncle Sam, not because of Uncle Sam. My post holds true even if war is forestalled.
    It holds true because the main point of my post is that the truth is now available to us as it never was in the past. The days of excuses are over. The day of reckoning is at hand.
    The truth is out, it’s out and it’s right in front of our faces: available to all of us, my fellow white Americans.
    From here on and into the future, blaming jews, blacks and others just won’t cut the cake. (it never really did anyhow)
    The truth is out, and the truth means reckoning.

  10. Joe: I hear you on Communism. But how do you get it into the heads of our fellow citizens who are essentially brainwashed, uninvolved, ignorant dolts? Most don’t even know what Communism is? They think it was something we beat in the Cold War. How do we tell them they are neck deep in it?

  11. @Wayne
    The internet has been in existence for awhile now. I encourage all my neighbors to learn the truth. To go online and read everything– from all sides of the political/cultural/ social issues– compare what they learn with their own experience of things,to experiences in their own lives; To open their eyes to the current state of the country.
    All the information is available. While it takes time to do reaserch, and we are all busy working to pay bills, still there is enough time to learn the truth of things.
    It just takes a little loyalty and a little curiousity.
    One would think that it would just come naturally. I guess, to many it does not come naturally.
    My neighbors will not engage me in any conversation that in any way touches upon the important issues facing the country. I’ve encountered this reluctance all my life.
    I honestly don’t know why there is just a great resistance to talking about important matters.
    At any rate, we have an obligation as citizens to be as well-informed as we can.

  12. “I honestly don’t know why there is just a great resistance to talking about important matters.”

    For a few years now I have been talking to people I know about this (No, of course they don’t hear anything, either, I mean I talk and they listen and forget). It is obvious what the cause is. I theorize that our people are mostly what I call “microthinkers” as opposed to “macrothinkers.” This is hardwired in like taste in music, clothing, etc.

    Jews and “elite” whites are macrothinkers, i.e., they think in terms of not just immediate personal environment, but in terms of entire countries, and the globe. Macrothinkers do not, for example, simply work to own and buildup a small or even large company like concrete construction contracting or a landscaping business for their immediate personal financial gain to maybe decline and cease to exist after they die, they think in long range and far reaching terms. When a macrothinker talks, even in casual conversation, he is not restricted to talking about the weather and which of his neighbors is doing who or his day at work or what the local little league ball team is doing or fishing or a hundred other mundane things, no, he also spends as much of his conversation on discussing what is going on with the entire country and even the world. His conversation will also be about Supreme Court Justices, wide ranging and sweeping laws, he will discuss things in terms of how large numbers of people will be effected. The macrothinker uses long range thinking and planning; he is also interested in how what he is doing today is going to still be doing years from now.

    The microthinkers, on the other hand, are only about small scale, localized and personal matters. They talk and think only small time. Small potatoes. The future, to the microthinker may only be that evening or maybe tomorrow morning, certainly no later than next week or maybe next month at the most. ALL of his or her conversation is mundane, boring shit that wears you out after so long. They may talk for thirty seconds about a major happening that will effect the country for decades to come, and then go back to talking about “did you hear what so and so did?” and some other mundane line of talk. This is all they think and know. Macrothinking and concepts are “not on their radar screen,” so to speak. Only small time, small scale thinking and talk.

    That is our peoples problem in a very concise way of explanation. We are microthinkers. Our enemies are macrothinkers.

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