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  1. OT but FYI: one of Greg Johnson’s other pen names besides “Trevor Lynch” is “Ava Moretti”.

  2. Did he go through with his plan to make you the villain in his book?

    I haven’t looked at anything by HAC for a while.

  3. I’ve never really thought much of Covington.

    As far as I’m concerned people like him damage to the cause of white people with their weird outlandish fantasies. His books are testaments to the mediocrity of his thought processes.

    I expect he’ll wind up like J.T. Ready some day. Or Jim Jones.

    Deo Vindice

  4. Yeah, I forgot about him though. Don’t listen to his podcasts anymore. Rarely visit his site. I just saw the incoming link and was wondering how long this has been up.

  5. Hunter, I know you all had some kind of dustup in the past. I don’t know any particulars and I don’t care to. You are way better than him. It ain’t even close.

    Guys like you and Paul Kersey are having an impact. Probably because you’re both light years ahead of Covington in terms of intelligence. I’m glad you don’t listen to him anymore. He should listen to you, if anything.

    Keep up the good work as always. Keep going with the Carribean Project, too. Everyone here is learning a lot from your analysis.

    Deo Vindice

  6. It’s typical leftist argument-by-ridicule, but the problem is that there’s a core of truth. Covington’s repeated line of argument is “you need to listen to me and do what I say”. That people listen to him and then don’t do what he says doesn’t indicate to him that they find his arguments and prescriptions unpersuasive for reasons which may well be entirely rational, but rather that he just isn’t communicating clearly enough. You know who else talks about how he just isn’t getting his message across clearly enough? Barack Obama.

  7. Ok, so I clicked on the link and was like, WTF? Seems like a 12-yr old put together that page. Silly.

  8. So, what’s 4chon?

    And are HAC’s books really bad? After reading ‘Patriots’ I’d like to read some other apocalyptic fiction this summer, but know NADA about HAC.

  9. Heard one upside to him was informed taste in music— ferreting out little known and forgotten musicians. Maybe someday he’ll do some celtic and appalachian and bluegrass show.

  10. Heard one upside to him was informed taste in music— ferreting out little known and forgotten musicians. Maybe someday he’ll do some celtic and appalachian and bluegrass show.

  11. H. Covington is an excellent writer. I support the Northwest migration and the goal of a new NorthWest Republic for White people when the United States breaks apart like the Soviet Union, Ottomon Empire, British Empires, Austo-Hungarian Empires (all multi-racial, multi cultural states) broke apart along ethnic lines.

    That said, Mr. Covington and most American WN “Movement” leaders/figures fall down in to personal feuds, jealousies so be very careful in this area.

    Please consider using pen names and keeping your own personal information private – it helps with people who will cause you trouble.

    1) Government
    2) Antis – SPLC, ADL, NAACP etc
    3) WN movement kranks, kooks, societal misfits etc

  12. @jack ryan

    You’re entitled to your opinion, but HAC is NOT an excellent writer, period. He just a silvery-tongued con-artist.

    The character dialogues in his books are just long-winded, self-applauding sermons aimed at a reading audience that he obviously believes to be stupid and gullable. The setting and sequences of events in his novels are so unrealistic that it’s comical at times. He doesn’t address the realities of the demographics of his chosen “homeland”, he wrongly depicts the federal forces as bumbling and minority-ruled, and he subjectively transfigures white people into these ridiculous hive-minds who all hold the abstract notion of “whiteness” above everything else — it’s never been that way with our race, and it never will be.

    As for this business about the USA breaking up like past empires? Maybe. Hell, probably. But it’s not going to be “along racial lines”. There are white people in every square mile of America, and NOBODY is going to just throw away what they have, or go flock togethor in some foreign place (more antiquated WN “compound mentality”) because an obscure, professional-racist loser like Harold Covington decided in his narcissistic frustration, that the whole of America should be surrendered to non-whites, and his current hiding place should be the white reservation and he the king. This country might break up, but we’re not giving any of it away to anyone.

    We’ve been over it ad nauseum on here, about how the Pacific Northwest is socially, politically, and demographically NOT a “white homeland”. We’ve established that abstract propostions, like “white homeland”, are simply not a substitute for the fundamental elements that comprise a nation. And we’ve established that there is no retreating or migrating away from what is the invetable, racial reckoning in this country.

    People can support whatever they prefer, but goofy fantasy-novels are one thing, and real life is another.

  13. If every white American moved to the northwest, the northwest would be as crowded as new jersey. ( but that is the least of it)
    Are we to just give up Vermont, or Maine, or the whole Midwest, and every town and city where our history resides?
    Are we to hand over the smithsonian to the thirld world, our museums, our universities, our infrastructure, our farms, our homes, our businesses, our
    hospitals and nursing homes, our arports and harbors, our national parks, and historical parks ?
    Doesn’t make sense — there is an undercurrent of nihilism and defeatism in Covington.
    @Chris313 ——–> Spot On. Great analysis of the situation.

  14. Joe says:
    June 19, 2012 at 6:27 pm

    Are we to just give up Vermont, or Maine, or the whole Midwest, and every town and city where our history resides?
    Are we to hand over the smithsonian to the third world, our museums, our universities, our infrastructure, our farms, our homes, our businesses, our
    hospitals and nursing homes, our arports and harbors, our national parks, and historical parks ?
    Doesn’t make sense — there is an undercurrent of nihilism and defeatism in Covington.

    Jack Ryan replies:

    No, Whites are going to completely give up these areas. But, we want an area, a nation that is exclusively ours. Where racially conscious Whites are in control of everything:

    The Government
    The Media
    The Banking
    The Businesses
    The Labor Unions/Guilds

    We want something like Switzerland only here in North America. Yes, Whites will continue to live and hopefully live well/OK in the other places you mentioned, but it just isn’t realistic that racially conscious Pro Whites are going to be running things in places like Detroit, St. Louis, Memphis TN, Birmingham AL, Hollywood, New Haven CT or Washington DC – District of Corruption.

    Let’s face reality. In the last century, racially conscious Whites lost French Algeria, Kenya, Rhodesia, Many French Industrial Suburbs, Lutton & Birmingham England, Detroit, Memphis, Los Angeles. We lost CNN, Life Magazine, Time Magazine, we lost the Southern Baptist Church.

    We need to regroup and concentrate our people, resources in some small place that is exclusively White – Northwest Republic.

    Speaking as one White person living (rather well) in a lost place – Chicago, I hope our White people will do OK, rather well in other lost places in the coming century – but we still need a White homeland that is exclusively ours.

  15. @ Jack Ryan
    I can buy that, as long as white Americans don’t just give up everything and run to the northwest. I do have a concern about it, however.
    A thought crossed my mind while thinking about this topic: Wouldn’t it be better for white Americans to claim the midwest for an independent country, that’s where most of the food is grown.
    Not chicago, chicago is shot. How are white americans to hold on to all the farm land in the country?
    I don’t mean to be difficult, it’s just that I never hear this aspect of the story being discussed.
    If a large group of white americans go to the northwest, the whites who do stay where they are now will be even more overwhelmed and even more powerless. The ones with farms may very well lose the farms as they will have very little power if a good number of white americans go to the northwest.
    I have no problem with a northwest country for whites. I just think we should keep the midwest for an all-white country as well. The pioneers struggled hard to claim it and work the land. White americans have to keep the farm lands at all costs.

  16. Joe,

    There are all kinds of options for Whites in all areas of North America. I find that if you have the means, living in a good place in a Northern City works well, as most Whites are aware of racial issues/problems and you have way less “blankos”.

    Sure, farm areas of the Midwest are important resources, a new White Northwest Republic would trade (barter) with these White farmers living in the Midwest/South etc.

    The Difference is that Whites in the Midwest/South would still be living under BRA, with heavy Jew Zionist/Hollywood/Fed influence and thus the TV, public school systems would be very anti White. These Whites would just have to toughen up and learn to survive/thrive under and occupational, anti White government, anti White education system, anti White media etc. There will be Whites go back and forth, in and out of an all White NorthWest Republic.

    Most Whites don’t become pro White, racially aware unless they’ve have bad, personal experiences with NWs. Thus Whites growing up healthy in a safe all White NorthWest Republic would benefit by serving some “mission” helping Whites in say some rough area around Chicago, Memphis where young Whites will learn the racial facts of life.

  17. @jack ryan
    I can’t find anything to disagree with ( darnit lol).
    Yes. It makes sense. Who knows? Maybe the whites in the midwest will toughen up to the point of starting another white country in the midwest. Then there would be two white countries.
    See what happens. See what happens after the smoke clears after the country goes through it’s ceansing and sorting -out period, which seems to be coming over the horizon at a quick pace.

  18. @joe

    Harold Covington doesn’t care about white people. He regards white people as an expendable commodity, to be collected and stored and molded into what he wishes, and then exploited for his own elevation — which is exactly the same way the Jew feels toward white people. An insult against nature in both cases. And beware of his supporters — for every ‘Jack Ryan’ who speaks well of Covington, there are a dozen people who have been slandered and smeared by him, or even implicated in criminal cases just for having known him. The guy is an epicenter of dysfunctionality, and if he doesn’t first keel over from his deteriorating health, he might actually succeed in luring some unstable loner up there, say the wrong thing at the wrong time, and find himself kicked backwards down a stairwell. Either way, in the wake of Covington’s hypothetical demise, that “northwest republic” horseshit would be forgotten about in a week, and that proves how serious anyone even takes the idea.

  19. 313Chris writes:

    “for every ‘Jack Ryan’ who speaks well of Covington, there are a dozen people who have been slandered and smeared by him,”

    Jack Ryan replies.

    Mr. Covington has slandered and smeared me many times. I haven’t been written up as an arch villain in Mr. Covington’s novels like our own Hunter Wallace – but, I have been on the receiving end of Mr. Covington’s bad side. Yes, Mr. Covington says mean things about other White people who are working in some way in or around American White Nationalism. That’s life.

    I worked as a public school teacher in the late 1980s in Brooklyn New York. I’ve been called lots of mean names. Again, that’s life.

    At the end of the day, I/we are still alive, doing the best that we can on behalf of our people, of our “kind”. “Kindness”means being “kind” to our our “kind”.

    14 Words

  20. I don’t pay attention to him anymore.

    There are some people who have settled in Montana. That’s a real migration movement. HAC has nothing to do with it though.

  21. I just saw this about my http://www.haroldcovington.com site. I sometimes Google my own site and you guys came up.

    @Hunter Wallace: No, this isn’t a 4chan/4chon operation. I just noticed the domain had become available and thought I’d helpfully put up that site as a tribute to the fat fuhrer. I’m anti-fascist, anti-nazi, anti-racist, and generally think you lot are a bunch of fools, but I don’t mind spending a moment to clear up some obviously incorrect notions.

    @313Chris: Thanks. I just redid the intro tonight, though. I like the new one even more. People who don’t listen to Covington’s radio show won’t get it. The voices are all from that show, including Covington himself making the monkey sounds at the end.

    Old Intro: http://www.haroldcovington.com/haroldrapshort.mp3
    New Intro: http://www.haroldcovington.com/intro/newintro.mp3

    @Lily Della Valle: You don’t appear to be very bright so you probably make a great racist. If you think a 12 year old could do that site, complete with the remixing of audio files from disparate sources, well, I’d like to hire him. Anyone with even moderately good instincts could tell immediately that the site was done by someone pretending (unconvincingly) to be a young, sycophantic nazi wannabe.

    @Rollory: You appear to be brighter so you’re probably not as good a racist. “Argument-by-ridicule” is exactly what it is. Mocking Covington is a harmless pastime, and in doing so, I’m able to promote some important resources like the interview with Harold’s brother, Ben, which everyone interested in Covington should read, including racists.


    @Everyone: I’ve taken the stuff outing “Axis Sally” (the ex porn star) off the site as she has withdrawn from the game and I no longer consider her my enemy. She made her announcement on her blog and you can see that I’ve made something amounting to peace with her in the comments section at the bottom.


    I’ve made this post anonymously, but even a trivial amount of Googling will identify me. I make no effort to hide my identity. I just don’t want to be associated with this site and don’t anticipate returning, so I’ll not post my name and I’d prefer you didn’t, either, although I realize I can’t control that.

    Here’s hoping you racists, racial separatists, white supremacists, national socialists and all other varying stripes of wingnut have a great summer. Here’s also hoping that, one day, you come to realize that I am not the cause of your problems, and that working together is the solution.

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