BRA and Eugenics

United States

In another time, I would be more enthusiastic about scientific progress, particularly as it relates to unlocking the genetics of intelligence which could be used to advance civilization.

Who is to say though that such knowledge wouldn’t be used against us? Isn’t it possible that corrupt leftist controlled Western governments might use advances in genetic science as an excuse for the next big push for equality?

The government could seize upon proof of an “unfair” White advantage in intelligence to justify wealth redistribution, or even worse, to further demonize “hereditary inequality” and promote schemes designed to lower the average White IQ while raising the average black IQ.

Could it happen here? Isn’t affirmative action already reminiscent of the U.S. Handicapper General?

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  1. Hunter once again you are correct. This is in part why the Chinese are cleaning the US’s clock. The US prefers incompetence over competence. Should the evil empire continue to favor stupidity over intelligence it will only hasten the collapse. It will only become even less competitive and the immigration of whites out of the empire will accelerate. If they attempt to prevent immigration then revolution will happen sooner.

  2. Yes, it’s a good question. When will American Whites start emigrating, and where will we go? Russia? Europe?

    For now, I want to stick around and see what goes down here. I think what’s going to happen will be economic collapse, emigration of some non-whites, (we can inherit their convenience stores), die-off of others (when the EBT stop), and we’ll be a majority again.

  3. If they try to use science to mess us up, we have our own scientists who will work to do the opposite.

  4. I once told my ex, her height, athletic ability and math skills were a major draw for me. Honesty with women is never a good idea. Women don’t think in terms of producing quality offspring, and I don’t think eugenics by natural birth rate will ever happen as long as women are free to choose who they marry. Hell most go after the dark triad of personality traits which is also not good for later generations

    There is no shortage of gorgeous White women in Poland and the Ukraine. My next vacation will be to Latvia

    check out the feminist in the Ukraine,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1024&bih=629&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=d8vhT-vLK5Hdsgbq3NFx

  5. Mosin- how right you are!

    What is the familial ‘tribal’ structure for marriage in the O.T. if not eugenics?

    What is the (perverted, but still derived from the O.T.) Jewish penchant to marry only ‘among one’s own’, if not eugenics?

    What is the current ‘kinist’ movement, if not Calvinist Eugenics in operation, even on a subliminal level? – though they would deny it, of course….

    What are the lineages of the Royal Houses of Europe, if not Eugenics?

    But Mosin is correct. You cannot use this science, unless it be tempered with the constraints of biblical morality, XYZ’s and Stone’s egotism notwithstanding.

    The entire concept of ‘arranged marriages’ (still prevalent in some Christianized countries) is Eugenics in action. ‘LOVE’ is a four-letter word, when it comes to marriage and a wife, unless the spouse have: breeding, intelligence, a dowry or estate worth the man’s while (or ability to earn a living, until children come) and similarly-held religious affections, whereby submission and godly rule are considered normative in her family. That is why the father ‘gives away’ the bride to the Man- HE becomes her ‘head’ and (believe it or not) her ‘saviour’ as well, as the Icon of Christ.

    A woman is merely the ikon of Adam, whereas Adam is the Ikon of the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity.

  6. Excellent comment, Fr John. When stating the heirarchy of the Christ, the male, and the “merely” female, it is good balance to add “nevertheless the man is not without the woman, neither woman without the man” (advancing genetic and reproductive science and technology notwithstanding) and also that in Paradise those who are male nor female now will all be “like the angels.”

  7. “The government could seize upon proof of an “unfair” White advantage in intelligence to justify wealth redistribution, or even worse, to further demonize “hereditary inequality” and promote schemes designed to lower the average White IQ while raising the average black IQ.” – They are fighting like madmen to prevent any mention of innate intelligence because it won’t help them. If white racism isn’t to blame, then all the status whoring behavior goes away, none of the social engineering matters, and the policies of the early 20th century that they agitated against were justified as far as obtaining such an end. It would be the repudiation of everything they’ve ever believed, and I doubt that they’d survive that as a coherent ideology.

    “Yes, it’s a good question. When will American Whites start emigrating, and where will we go? Russia? Europe?” – Europe and Russia have no room for us, aren’t inclined to take us, and the government has already imposed a fairly stiff financial penalty on renouncing citizenship. We’re stuck here, whether anyone likes it or not.

  8. The creation of Motion Picture Institute is interesting.

    Why did the founder, and other of his family, drop the Mendoza name, and use Halvorssen? (i.e. Thor Halversson?)

    And does it ask: Freedom for whom? The creator of the institute (the Vonnegut film looks interesting) is a descendent of Simon Bolivar and the Mendozas… didn’t they free territories from Spain? And why… are they “colonists” then in the sense of older American colonists?

    Curious figure, know nothing about them, other than their historical ties to Mendoza, dropping of their family name in the public sphere (always a curiosity), and ties to Bolivar.

    Anyone follow their films?

  9. Oh— that’s sort of what I mean sometimes by the Latinization or Romanization of the u.s. It’s now “the americas,” in which this institute sees its playing field… “critique in the americas…” Positioned as “for freedom” and as “leftist.”

    In some of the Americas, it was a tradition that freedom and Statism cannot co-exist. How can one be “free” (from oppressive government and to own the work of one’s own hands)— if a Central Planning Group collects all the GDP, lol?

    So— what DO PEOPLE in Statist situations (Welfare-warfare states, central planning states, neo-feudalist states, leftist states, “right-left hybrid” states, etc, whatever name) THINK “freedom” is.

    HW, maybe you can tell me. You seem smart. And I really cannot figure it out.

    It CANNOT mean freedom of press, religion, thought, speech, finances, or anything (since the state owns everything and is biased towards its own reproduction).

    When Statist Subjects talk about “freedom”— what do they mean (for a faction, it is obviously “freedom from whites” no matter how much tyranny ensues, at least it is not “white.” freedom from “colonial oppression.”)

    Ok…so colonists are banished (people related to them 400 years ago, lol). Gone. Now what???? What is “freedom?”

    Once colonists and white oppressors are all gone, what is “freedom?”

    Frankly, I just don’t get how they are seeing it.

  10. Any Whit that is deranged and defective enough to be conned int othe argumant that Negroes deserve even more Speical Privileges deserves what ever happesn to them.

    I think a lot of Whites are snapping out of it. As the social and econmic lime worsens – even more will. The Wheat and the Chaff.

    Never mind the Mantra.

    I use the meme – Whites – you don’t owe Blacks ANYTHING . And embroider there-on.

    Worls GREAT. It really does. No polemics. Simple facts.

    The Whites that do survive Ragnarok will be the BEST WHITES EVER!!!! That Out Group Altruism lunacy will be gone for good.

  11. Hunter: You are right. I wouldn’t put anything past the communist vermin known as the left. They hate nature and nature’s God, yet mask it a maniacial Puritian/Quaker-style self-immolation. All the left’s apparatus is pushing white woman + non-white man. I have not doubt that the insane evil wicked left understand completely the bell curve, but they wish to make it a mute point because whites will be bred out anyway.

  12. All the left’s apparatus is pushing white woman + non-white man.


    And never the other way around. In fact if your a White man and you look for a White wife in eastern Europe your a loser etc etc. Shows you how they view us

  13. Good one Fr. John. About time somebody brought this up.

    Much is made of Jewish IQ differences, but not so much of the dysgenics of inbred East European Jews. You often hear Yankees make jokes about inbred Southeners, but nowhere in the South do we have genetic diseases like those that effect the tribe.

    From Tay-Sachs and Aspergers, other forms of autism, colitis and the many others, our inbred Ashkenazi enemies are a genetic mess. Though they try to disguise it, the Jewish gene pool is more like a cesspool.

    Deo Vindice

  14. Stonelifter: Exactly. Ever notice when movies get remade the white man character is often replaced with a non-white, but the leading lady ALWAYS remains the white woman, usually blonde (ie very white). Disgusting. How much more obvious does it have to be?

  15. Look through the diseases listed in the aforementioned link. What a bizarre array of freakish genetic maladies! Anyone here ever heard of Maple Syrup Urine Disease?

    How about Familial Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease for Sepharic Jews–that’s Mad-Cow disease passed through the family, just to break it down.

    Btw, Mad Cow disease is associated with cannibalism.

    Deo Vindice

  16. Apuleius,

    I’ve brought that stuff up before. I simply didn’t post links.

    Jews have 4x the genetic diseases of other Races, usually resulting in lunacy, and cretinism. Look up the literal definition of Cretinism.

    But I am too obsessed with the Spawn of Satan……….I’ve been told….

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