Music Break Katherine Jenkins “I Vow to Thee my Country”

Yes, it’s been a rough week – pussyfooting Mitt Romney has been pandering big time to Latrino illegal alien interests. Well, that’s life. That’s what PUSSYFOOTERS do.

But today was a solid, good day for me and our people. Germany won a solid victory in the Euro2012 soccer championship despite their lone Black player really screwing up, letting a Greek guy get by him for a goal and then doing a ridiculous “hands” penalty in the late moments to give Greece a penalty kick goal they didn’t deserve.

Still Germany won 4-2 and are on to the semifinals.

I think the Euro2012 finals might end up as Germany vs (multi racial) England and we should expect another White German victory as Germany has owned England in soccer since….


But, here’s a time out to see, hear the great Welsh/British singer Katherine Jenkins sing this beautiful patriotic hymn – “I Vow to Thee My Country”. Kate is looking and sounding very good here, I hope she is pulling for our White lads on the German soccer team.


  1. Thanks for the tip. I had never heard of her before.

    She is so much better that the sleazebags, Lady Gag a Maggot and “Madonna” that are icons of today’s American White Trash Culture.

    The British and the Irish do have some great music. Here is one of my favorite classic Irish songs with orchestra backup, Boolavogue.

    “At Boolavogue as the sun was setting
    O’er the bright May meadows of Shelmalier
    A rebel hand set the heather blazing
    and brought the neighbours from far and near

    Then Father Murphy from old Kilcormack
    Spurred up the rock with a warning cry:
    “To Arms! he cried, “For I’ve come to lead you
    for Ireland’s freedom we’ll fight or die!”

  2. She does classical, and pop, but I like her singing best when it’s traditional in Welsh, like this hymn we had performed in Welsh at our wedding:

    Speaking of the Welsh, I just ran across this sports video where the Welsh team “keeps a stiff upper lip” standing still waiting for the “Zulu” ape antics of the multicultural team to end:

    One might wish she were “pulling for” whites in soccer, but she is following the multicultural path in life, still multiculturally unmarried and childless (as far as I last knew) and filling the shoes of Vera Lynn very well by travelling to Afghanistan and elsewhere to support and encourage the boys to fight the endless multicultural wars.

    Charlotte Church sings “Men of Harlech” in Welsh:

  3. Germany was a German team until 2010, now is a multiracial team, the only white team left is Spain.

  4. Romanian says:
    June 23, 2012 at 12:17 pm
    Germany was a German team until 2010, now is a multiracial team, the only white team left is Spain.

    Jack Ryan replies:

    I disagree. Germany has only one Black player – a defenseman who played very badly yesterday, responsible for both Greece’s goals. Germany also has one tall, fair Turkish player who looked Whiter than most of the Greek team.

    All the teams remaining in Euro2012 are very, very White except Merry Old England.

    With London/Londonstan hosting the Olympics this summer and showcasing the new Multi cult London where White English are now a minority, England is the propaganda anti White, multi cult propaganda sports team in European sports.

    $*#(*$# England!

  5. She’s showing too much bust. It’s appalling. My bible says we are to dress in moderation and humility. I shall continue to pray for you all.
    Br. Joe+

  6. Speak for yourself, Joe. She and her two friends are always welcome in my neck of the woods.

    What Ben Franklin allegedly said about beer also applies to bosoms; they are proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

    I don’t really care if it’s true or not.

    Cymru am byth!

  7. @Apuleuis
    Paul says in his letter to the Occidentalmites : “He who forsakes going to church and hangs out in the town square to oogle the girls going by are to be reported to the bishop of the local council of churches for “censoring” and perhaps even shunning”.
    As you have posted alot of good,solid info — most times I agree with you– I shall refrain from turning you in to the religious authorities of Occidental Dissent.
    I’ll take Katherine. You can have her two friends. I think that’s a fair deal.
    Perhaps she’ll teach me to read my bible in Welsh.
    That would be heavenly.

  8. England are reliant on Rooney–Irish Squared, Gerrard–Anglo Irish, John Terry–racist and proud! Andy Carroll–big Viking type, John Hart–big white guy.

    Also the england fans are in a feud with black players like Sol Campbell and Rio Ferdinand. Did you not see the Coffin with the St George Cross? Hilarious.

    Okay a few outfielder are black, but they are rubbish. Except Of course Ashley Cole.

  9. She IS showing too much bust- that’s why you looked, isn’t it?

    Hunter’s point in highlighting this women is to show us that traditional culture has much to offer the White Man- and that (obviously) includes the White Women who would only be all too happy, if white men started acting like MEN.

    Joe, your blasphemy in titles amuses no one, and is an insult to the true clergy out there, yours truly included. If you have seriously taken monastic orders, all the better for you, but unless you are a priest, common protocols prohibit the use of a cross after your name…just like claiming to be a PhD can get you into rather hot water, among those with doctorates.

    But then, things like that, which smack of Western Civilization, don’t mean much to a person like you, do they?

  10. ….. I love my Western Civilization as much as the next– especially the Katherine Jenkins type aspects of Western Civizilation…..

  11. I also greatly enjoy reading :
    The situation in the West these days is very complicated because our Western culture is in flux, and Christianity is being questioned and debated. Some who question have good intentions,some do not.
    I have always been fair minded in my posts toward Christianity– both Catholic style and Protestant(s) style– if one takes all of my posts ( as a collective whole) I have written over the last month to “OD” in mind.
    Personally, I think Christianity needs to break free from the Old Testament, and also purge itself of all the mixed messages it preaches.
    Still, I am fair-minded and respectful to Christianity. I posted an especially heartfelt post about the old-order Mennonites the other day, as a matter of fact.
    I was not talking about the denominational , or legalistic, aspects of the old order Mennonites.
    I wrote in tribute to their Spirit and Courage–something that transcends denomination and legalisms. No posts please about denominational,or legalistic, differences of opinion. That’s not what my post about the old order Mennonites was about.
    Ultimately, I have no beef with the Light of Christ or the Escort of the Holy Spirit.
    Personally, I think our Redemption and Salvation was won for us in the Domain of the Spirit, not through the New Testament narrative.
    My personal beliefs are not going to destroy the West. I would hardly think so.
    Another good website– it deals with the debates concerning Christianity in a West greatly in flux is : Chechar’s blogspot :”The West’s Darkest Hour”. (Scroll down, to the right to “on religion”).
    Many compelling articles, many differing opinions.
    Of course, we all have to come to our own conclusions on our own.
    To question is not to necessarily want to see destroyed:it does not necessarily follow.
    To poke fun now and then is neither proof of nihilism or even disrespect. One can sometimes be lighthearted about matters, even religion.
    God is not so thin-skinned, I should hope not. He would be a weak God if such is the case.
    I shall refrain from calling myself “Bro Joe+”. I shall never use the cross symbol again in any way or manner. I apologize if I have offended anyone. I did not mean it in a bad way.

  12. “I think the Euro2012 finals might end up as Germany vs (multi racial) England …”

    England will not get by Italy. The final will be all-white Spain against a German team that hopefully benches the one Negro (Boateng) who is their worst player.

  13. The Welsh (Cymry) national anthem is “Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau” – “Land of my Fathers”

    One of reasons why I take such exception to your Jewtalk and general *holery on this thread ‘Br’ Joe* is because you are determined to insult the Americans writing and reading here who have British (Cymric) descent and bear a Hebraic patronym from Cymry – Britain, as in Brit (covenant) ish (people).

    Khazarians are a Turkic / Mongolian people. They are not Semitic and they are not Hebraic.

    Cymru is Britain and their Coelbren language (a variant of ancient Hebrew) is recorded throughout ancient Israel and in Assyria where their ancestors were enslaved after the sack of the Northern Kingdom as recorded in the Bible.

    “O bydded i’r heniaith barhau
    O may the old language endure

  14. Don’t fall over in a dead faint ‘Fr’ John but the Davidic lineage of the monarchies descended from Clovis and Dal Riada is recognized by the Western Patriarchate – aka Roman Catholic Church.

    St Chapelle of St Denis is the great monument to the heirs of David who founded the monarchical (Desposyniac) dynasties of Christendom. The Royal House of Stuart is of that kindred. So was the House of Blois, of Martel and Valois.

    This geneology finds its supreme expression in the Royal St Chapelle of the Basilica of St Denis in Paris where the Davidic royal houses of Christendom are entombed in the jeweled light of what is probably the most beautiful building in the world. Search for it on Joogle by image: St Denis Paris.

    These were the geneologies of the ‘aristos’ hated by the Jews who had infiltrated some of the aristocratic houses of France (such as that of Lorraine). The Jews tried to extinguish those lineages during the Revolution inaugurated 1789.

    The Church has always recognized this desposyniac monarchy as of the House and lineage of David. The tribes of Israel which became mighty nations (the White Nations of Europe actually) were always led by their Judahite chiefs descended from the Royal House of David even when they were as pagan as pagan and deported into Assyrian slavery.

    Clovis bore the ancient Judahite device of the lily which is on all the ancient Maccabean coins. The crown of France is the Crown of the Lilies and the device of the Jesse Tree of all the French monarchs since Clovis is worked into the stained glass of every great French cathedral – but superlatively at St Denis.

    The Marquis de la Franquerie has written the definitive texts on this subject.

  15. For my penance I shall read “Sarah Maid Of Albion” everyday.
    (excellent website, I think). And watch Katherine Jenkins youtube videos all the time.
    I shall eat all my vegetables. I shall pray 3 times a day facing Wales England and La Belle France, the Vatican, the Holy Land, and the Whole Occident.
    I shall plant lilies in my garden. I promise to do my English homework and improve my paragraph structure.
    I’ll try to be nice to my cousins. I won’t ever my put hand in the cookie jar again. I will be sure to always ask permission first.
    I shall tidy up my room. I will put the hobby horse back in the shed. A place for everything and everything in it’s place.
    I’ll be nice to my brothers and sisters. I promise never to boss them around again.
    I will never play hooky again. I will never go to the beach again without asking permission first. I promise to always do my Latin homework and not run off to the beach to go surfing.
    I will be nice to my elders and my teachers and I will learn to raise my hand in class before speaking. I shall wear my nice clothes when grandma comes over on Sunday.
    I shall say “please” and “thank you” and be polite at all times.
    I will never associate with anyone who is not “us” and I will tell Eddie Haskell that he is not welcome here anymore.

  16. @John
    Thank you for the link. I learned something new. ( though I know about other savior sons in the history of mythology, I didn’t know about the roman one you posted. appreciate it).
    “Why do you bother?”= I always write my posts taking in mind the readers in cyberspace — so they hear another side to the issues being discussed. I think that’s important.
    I have an abiding prayer in my heart that the white race in America, and throughout the West, will someday gets it’s collective act together. I don’t ever actually say prayers– I was never good at it– always felt self-conscious. Still, in my heart there is a love for my heritage and culture.
    I took what I learned in my Catholic schools and separated the New Testament story from being literal to being a story- a tale of Redemption, Salvation, and Light- that took (takes) place in the domain of the world of the spirit.
    A world we can occasionally glimpse through love of family and folk and kin, through quiet walks in the woods, in poetry and in literature, in music, in art and architecture,etc.
    That’s why I like CambriaWillNotYield and SarahMaidOfAlbion websites.
    The webmasters of these blogs intuit a faith that transcends denominations and legalisms. They hear poetry in the faith. Poetry born from gratitude in one’s heart for the gift of Life and Salvation.

  17. she is a beauty, and hardly immodestly dressed in this day and age, but why are we wasting our time following such an effeminate event like soccer? Those scrawny faggots running around faking injuries to draw penlites will be no use to us when the bad times hit

  18. Stonelifter – I understand your American views about Euro2012 soccer, or “football” as the Brits and various forms of Europeans call it (yeah, they actually use their foot in their football, unlike American football).

    I also confess to falling in to your American view of Euro2012 soccer during the cursed 0-0 tie, shootout between Italy and England. Italy always seems to play for a 0-0 tie and a win in a shootout in the later rounds of international soccer tourneys, or at least when I am watching.

    The reason we (racially conscious White Americans) care about Euro/Brit soccer is that our White kinsmen in these countries care very much about these contests, they are close to wars waged between nations and there has always been a strong tribal, nationalist spirit in these contests.

    Nationalists recruit heavily at Euro/Brit soccer events – they recruit in the stands, not so much on the pitch/field.

    Another good reason we racially conscious White Americans care about Euro2012 is that our White kinsmen do so well. Unlike SEC college football that has surrendered all playing positions to low IQ, Black thugs, European soccer is White and has gotten a lot whiter in the last 10 years and in these dark and depressing days, it’s good to have some good news.

    Thanks for commenting and no – you don’t have to become a Europhile soccer fan to support the WN cause – bass fishing is a better, whiter sport for most White Americans.

    14 Words

  19. Bernie says:

    “England will not get by Italy. The final will be all-white Spain against a German team that hopefully benches the one Negro (Boateng) who is their worst player.”

    Jack Ryan replies;

    Good call Bernie.

    I must say I had a very difficult time making it through the 0-0, two overtime shut-out to shoot-out Italy over England match.

    I’ve followed international soccer for many years and it always seems Italy is trying for a 0-0, shoot-out win in the later stages of international soccer. Maybe Italy’s no scoring tradition is a reason they picked, up featured that coal Black forward with an Italian name who plays for the English Premiere League team Manchester City. That coal Black buck strikes me as a Jack Johnson type of Black sports figure – I hope the Germans put an end to that Black “Italian” next game.

    Another observation by this Yank (why do both Southern Americans and Brits want to call me a Yank/Yankee?), England is cursed in international, national team soccer – they can’t score. Wayne Rooney looks like some pug nosed drunk you would find at most Pubs, what’s he doing out on the field representing Albion?

  20. I love to fish, however bass fishing and soccer will not serve our people in the bad times ahead. Tactical shooting, MMA etc will

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