Incredibly, It Gets Worse


I think we may be witnessing a historic moment: a total collapse in the legitimacy of the two-party system, the federal government, “mainstream” conservatism, the Supreme Court, and the Romney presidential campaign.

“The Obama administration said Monday it is suspending existing agreements with Arizona police over enforcement of federal immigration laws, and said it has issued a directive telling federal authorities to decline many of the calls reporting illegal immigrants that the Homeland Security Department may get from Arizona police.

Administration officials, speaking on condition they not be named, told reporters they expect to see an increase in the number of calls they get from Arizona police — but that won’t change President Obama’s decision to limit whom the government actually tries to detain and deport.

“We will not be issuing detainers on individuals unless they clearly meet our defined priorities,” one official said in a telephone briefing.”


The flag of state sovereignty hasn’t shone this brightly in 147 years. The Confederate cause has been completely and utterly vindicated by history.

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  1. “I think we may be witnessing a historic moment: a total collapse in the legitimacy of the two-party system, the federal government, “mainstream” conservatism, the Supreme Court, and the Romney presidential campaign.”

    A bit optimistic, I’d say.

  2. Actually, seeing that 10% of white Alabamans voted for Obama is depressing to me. 1% is almost inexcusable. I don’t think there are any righteous states in this country. God damn it, white people are the sickest folks on this planet. Just sick and sickening!

  3. All he has to say is that border control is not “racist” that throws it back in the face of the Left, and then they will have to choose between racist escalation or just basically shutting up. Once you strip the left of the notion of moral superiority they are helpless, dead in the water dreadnaughts in a sea full of attack subs.

  4. The rule of law is decided by those who make the law and interpret it. Period.

    That is why the current line of thinking by many white people of going to back to peasantry and continuing to glorify a life of going to work with your name printed on your shirt at the local mill or garage is a losing proposition.

    This is not 1820, and we are not on an isolated Kansas farm where how much dirt needs hoed or how much mulch a white man can lay down is going to give us mastery of the modern world.

    The Starbucks crowd has pretty much conquered the Aryan barbarian.

    Most of our people are thrilled to death when little Johnie gets a job pumping gas after school and in between deer hunting. Jews, Northeast Yankees and other “elite” whites DEMAND graduating first in your class with law degrees, professorships, a ticket to being on the road to the top in a financial firm, being in a position to set medical policy, engineering, etc. Our tradition and culture makes a virtue out of bitching about this and talking about “what ought to be” before going back out to trim the grass. I’m not saying there is anything wrong, per se, with this, just that maybe the world is a tad different today. There was nothing wrong, per se, with blacksmithing and breaking horses, they just got to professions that were not so wise to pursue after about 1900 or so.

    A few people who made Supreme Court Justices just decided what 100, 000, 000 peasants futures and status will be.

  5. “A few people who made Supreme Court Justices just decided what 100, 000, 000 peasants futures and status will be.” Right. As long as the military allows them. Empires have a tendancy to degrade to military dictatorships. When that happens, martial ability may be more important that latte sipping crowd, legal professions, and finance (which is dept management more so than finance). Keeping in touch with the manly arts is definitely not a bad idea. By manly arts, I don’t mean golf or soccer.

  6. I live in Alabama and have seen first hand the effects of the newer Alabama law – no illegals. Haven’t seen one since I’ve been back this time. It’s great. I see white people working in fast food, retail and hotels. It’s like living in another planet. It’s nice to converse with a person that you’re doing business with who looks like you and talks like you.

    Brutus (with all due respect) – I don’t see the Starbucks crowd conquering anything. I lived in California for 2 decades and most of the people who came into Starbucks either had a really good paying job (the 1%) or were looking for one (the other 99%) on their laptops using the free WIFI. They sit there for hours nursing a $4 drink.

    Where I’m in the rural south I’m seeing white women having large white families. Momma and Daddy are helping their kids raise the grand kids and giving them much needed food and money. I just talked to a Grandma the other night who specifically moved back down here to help her kids and grand kids.

    I just talked to a young lady the other day. She’s all excited about fishing this weekend and wild boar hunting in the winter. There are plenty of young white men and women here who are very proficient in hunting and fishing and have a survivalist prepper attitude like myself.

    Hell the court house here was closed for Jefferson Davis birthday. There was a line of at least 5 people behind me renewing their CCW. People here know something is terribly wrong, but they’re not that sophisticated to know exactly how or what is causing it. They know something is amiss. I’m one of those ladies people approach all the time to talk to. You’d be amazed at what people tell me.

    It’s mathematically impossible to continue on this US ponzi scheme much longer. The paper pushing minions who are 2 paychecks away from homelessness will be up a creek when things fall apart.

    We rednecks in the south who have chickens and know how to can food will do just fine.

  7. I don’t know why you keep calling for succession. Most of the blacks and Hispanics live in the South. Only the North would benefit from such succession.

  8. @Joe Walker
    They can illegally immigrate to Union states, just as easily as they illegally entered Southern states. All you need is a white government, with the will to make their life difficult, as long as they remain.

    Look up Operation Wetback, to see how it was been done before.

  9. “Blacks and Hispanics aren’t the problem”????

    Hyperbole? I know, out of context.

    Obama is not the problem either, just his handlers and those who put him there.

  10. Like Annie Oakley, I live in rural Alabama and see the same things she does. While things are bad, there are certain segments of Our People who still have the right attitude and way of living. God bless us Rednecks!

  11. It is a sweltering morning here in South Alabama. If we could get out from underneath the Union, we might be able to turn things around. If we don’t, Lord help us.

  12. @Annie Oakley

    I use to say the same thing. Today, I’m not at all so for sure. I notice Arthur Jenson just published an entire book on this subject. He identified what I called “the Starbucks Crowd” as SuperZips. There are now over 820 such areas and they control the majority of both money and power. And apparently he is in total agreement with me. He used extensive statistical and factual information to arrive at his conclusions. More importantly, Jenson does not think they are going to decline.

    If you can show his figures are in *serious* error, I honestly would be much interested in seeing it.

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