The Cost of the Union: Southerners Fighting Obama Amnesty

District of Corruption


Guess who is trying to block the Obama amnesty in Congress?

Once again, Dixie is doing virtually all the heavy lifting in trying to fight off the Obama DREAM Act, which would have never passed a Southern Congress or been approved by a Southern president in a million years.

Now we’re stuck with the DREAM Act, stuck with the abandonment of any pretense by the federal government of enforcing immigration laws, and probably stuck with Obama for another four years … and it can all be laid at the doorstep of the Union.

Assuredly, the Northeast and West Coast will succeed in thwarting this move in the Senate with their near solid phalanx of Democrats who support the DREAM Act. Add that to the mountain of evidence that supports my contention that the South would be infinitely better off without the Union.

Note: BTW, we’re also stuck with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and the Immigration Act of 1965 – the whole sum of BRA, which was never our idea – because of the existence of the Union.

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  1. Well, that is one way to look at it. Another is that we Californians tried to stop illegal immigration over 20 years ago, only to see our completely democractic and proper public proposition, which passed with overwhelming support, overturned and declared null and void by the Federal judiciary. We then attempted to do what we could to draw attention to the problem.

    We even warned people in other parts of the country that if they could do it to us, eventually they would do it to you.

    And, now, here we are. My home was lost. (Literally). No one else in the country woke up then.

    What makes you think that this time they will?

    No, this is going to be a long process, and things are going to have to proceed quite a bit further down this road.

  2. The sooner we are free from the delusional, murderous, and suicidal Yankee empire the better. As the federal beast dies its slow death from mulitculturalism and diversity, we must remain alert. The time for Southern independence is almost at hand.

    Get your old grey coat ready.

    Deo Vindice

  3. Kevin V: Great point about California. It absolutely makes my blood boil thinking what was done to that gem of a state.

  4. All because they put the opinion of pervert Federal judges over the good of their State. I hope that Arizona is does not do the same.

  5. I first went to California in August of 1978. I loved the place and wanted to move there. When I went back in 1990 (and it was still pretty good) I couldn’t believe the changes. It sickened me.

    It is no longer the Golden State. Another magnificent white creation destroyed.

  6. Yeah Wayne, Opinion is the important word, most people miss.

    These federal judges are just giving their opinions on these matters, the people do not vote for them, yet think they must obey them for some strange reason, so essentially federal judges are unrepresentative dictators.

    Why such people are tolerated let alone obeyed, in this day and age is beyond me.

  7. Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker overturned Proposition 8. He was appointed by Roanld Reagan. Reagan probably got the advice to appoint him from John Sununu. The same scoundrel that pushed him to grant amnesty to millions of wetbacks. He said that was his biggest mistake while in office. An A-rab. Amnesty.

    You have to wonder if these judges and elected officials aren’t closet homosexuals or some other twisted form of sicko. I’m wondering if Walker is a closet homosexual himself.

    Anyway, again. Remember the names of the people we want to eventually meet.

  8. Derry, that isn’t quite right. The problem isn’t really one of the Federal judiciary’s powers, but the larger cultural and demographic change being incompatible with them.

    Let me explain.

    The Constitution is inherently a minoritarian document. That is to say, it provides a blueprint for a majority to rule but sets strict limits on what that majority may do and forbids that majority from doing other things outright. Even if–especially if–that majority is elected expressly to do the thing that is forbidden.

    Let me give you an example: Let’s say I form the Anti-Derry Party. We have a full political program, but our number one goal is to forbid Derry from writing or speaking his opinion anywhere. We campaign. We pursuade. We win. We win in a huge landslide. We pass the Derry Forbidden to Speak Act of 2014 with an overwhelming vote in the legislature, to mass popular appeal.

    Then you, Derry, march down to U.S. District Court and ask one unelected judge to overturn the express and democratically elected will of the people because while a majority can do a lot it cannot, under the Constitution, pass a law infringing on your ancient right of freedom of speech.

    In order to prevent the majority from trampling on those rights, the Federal judiciary is empowered not only to overturn the legally-adopted will of the majority but necessarily to be completely unanswerable to that majority in doing so.

    So, yes, they have that power.

    The larger issue is what happens when that power is no longer being used in the Anglo political context and instead is negotiating in the middle of a global superpower with competing racial and ethnic blocks; under that scenario, the tool set forth to provide for the protection of the individual becomes a tool to advance one bloc at the expense of the other.

    Had we remained a largely European-American nation, this power would occassional rankle (as it was designed to do) but it would not have ever reached this stage.

    In other words, the design is sound, but for a different machine.

  9. KevinV: And who enforces that judges ruling? The Judiciary was to NEVER have an enforcement arm, and was recognized to be the weakest branch of the government, or giving OPINIONS that must be upheld by at least one of the other branches. They have, can and SHOULD be ignored.
    Set that aside, the Constitution is not about protecting rights. Read it again. It is about establishing a strong, “energetic” central government and the marginalization of the States who formed it. It was bad from the beginning. The Anti-Federalists warned us, and were 100% right.

  10. The first words “We the People” were an anathema to Republican government, as those words wiped out the States as anything other than managerial districts. The Anti-Federalists pushed back, but the slick Federalists stole the highground. From the beginning the Constitution was about strong central government and only strong central government. When you hear people talk about sovereign States, you know it’s nothing but feel good bunk.

  11. @KevinV
    This is about an unrepresentative minority, trampling on the rights of the majority, based on their own personal Opinions and that is the very definition of dictatorship.

    As for your suggestion that everything would be okay, had we remained a white country… It is those very same unelected judges and their left wing, anti-white Opinions, that were responsible for the browning of America, when it was 90% white.

    They interpreted the Constitution any way they saw fit, to make porn a free speech issue, allow affirmative action, which is blatant anti-white policy and they will grant gays their marriage demands, etc, etc.

    Unelected judges are as big a scam as Kings and Queens were and should have been given the boot, back when Kings and Queens were shunted out of power.

    Lots of people used to think Kings and Queens, had the right to lord it over them, just because…

    Lots of people still think unelected judges, have the right to lord it over them, just because…

  12. What is the difference between a Mullah and an unelected judge?

    Both are highly educated.

    Neither must face the ire of the community, in free and fair elections.

    Both are out of touch with community standards and live their entire lives, in ivory towers.

    People obey their dictates, just because…

  13. Kevin – I helped gather signatures for 187 in 1994. I and many others in our group spent countless hours gathering signatures, watching it become voted into office and struck down. Talk about a let down. It made me sick.

    The town I lived in for 20 years was 90% white when I moved there. Because of the mud invasion from Mexico it turned into 45% white. Thanks to the good old Southern California cheap plantation owners (many in the construction trade) who hired Paco for $10 an hour instead of paying a white man $20.

    Many of my family members are strangers to me now. They believe the bullshit lie that Mexicans do jobs whitey won’t. That’s nonsense. Here in rural Alabama I see white folks doing all sorts of jobs and glad to have one. I have seen a few non-whites in my town but I give them the stink eye. I telepathically tell them to get the hell out of my white town!

    I will never ever go back to California again. I still have friends there who are delusional about what is going down. They still feel safe in their little OC enclaves. When things fall apart, they’ll be sitting ducks. It’s almost impossible to get a CCW in California (unless you know someone) and the government and corporations essentially hate middle aged white men and women.

    That’s why I left almost 2 years ago. Couldn’t be happier. Now married, living in rural Alabama. The only noise I hear is the crickets at night.

  14. What? LBJ wasn’t a “Southern president”? May I remind you that he was the evil swine who arm-twisted congress and then signed the nation-destroying Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and the Immigration Act of 1965.

    Give me a break. Southerners like LBJ, Carter, Clinton and Gingrich (among many other traitors – think Huckabee) have played a huge role in destroying America. You blame Yankees way too much. BTW, VDARE is mostly run by non-southerners. I’m from the “wicked” northeastern US but I’ve been strongly anti-immigration since about 1990, and I supported and contributed to Buchanan’s campaigns in ’92, ’96 and 2000.

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the grotesque open borders lobbyist Haley Barbour, the southern open borders evangelicals like Richard Land, and open borders cheerleader Rick Perry. The Bush brothers are also appalling, but then you may reasonably say they’re jus phoney wannabe southerners. They sure know how to get real southerners to vote for them though, don’t they!

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