To the ‘Racists’ of Arizona


I was genuinely surprised to see a pretty compelling case for disunion at National Review of all places:

“You’re an American citizen living in Arizona. You pay thousands of dollars in taxes to the federal government and expect, in return, that the government will discharge its basic functions, including securing the borders.

Federal officials in Washington, however, make it clear they’re happy to take your money but not particularly interested in securing the borders, preferring instead to pay lip service to the notion while pandering to small but powerful open-borders constituencies. Not surprisingly, it’s estimated there are now more than 400,000 illegal immigrants in your state — some of them from countries known to be havens for terrorists.

You know many illegal immigrants. Some are your friends, good people. That’s not the point. Public services — schools and medical facilities — are burdened. State and local law enforcement and correctional facilities are swamped. The undermanned Border Patrol strives valiantly but they’re overwhelmed; agent Brian Terry is slain by members of vicious drug cartels (whose weapons were obtained with the help of your own federal government).

There are swaths of your state that are no-go areas, ceded by the U.S. government to foreign drug and human smugglers. Rather than protect the nation’s sovereignty, the feds put up signs warning you against traveling in these areas. In your home state. In America.

So you support SB 1070. If the feds aren’t going to do their job, the people of Arizona will do it for them. Yet the attorney general of the United States suggests you’re a racist for supporting the bill — even though he admits he hasn’t even read it.

The Department of Justice sues your state to invalidate the bill. The Supreme Court strikes portions of the bill but upholds its central feature, allowing Arizona state and local law enforcement officials to check the legal status of individuals when there’s reasonable suspicion that they may be illegal immigrants. The very same day, however, the Obama administration issues a directive to federal authorities to decline calls from Arizona law-enforcement officials reporting illegal immigrants. And the next day the Department of Justice sets up a hotline for the “public” to report civil-rights violations by Arizona authorities trying to enforce that portion of SB 1070 upheld by the Court.

You wonder what the federal government is doing to protect your civil rights. When will DOJ set up a hotline for you? After all, what country — which constitution, did the president swear an oath to protect?

But voicing these concerns, according to your moral superiors at the New York Times and MSNBC, is manifest evidence of your racism. Elites within the Beltway agree. You’re a right-wing crank, a jingoistic redneck. Shut up and stand down. Listen to your betters — they know how to make the country work.

Don’t they?”

No, because you’re fucked! You’re not a “person of color”!

That’s exactly how I see it too. This should have been included as a Preface to the Federalist Papers. A useful summary of why Arizona is completely justified in seceding from the Union.

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  1. Landshark – WHY do you think I keep talking up Adolf? Simply to be irritating?

    Until Whites, and every-one else, un-masks the Hoax – we are screwed.

    Clytemnestra – Hitler was no general. I don’t worship him, I think you are being unkind, and unfair. He was very straightforward in what he planned to do.

    He was very GERMANIC. Germans and Teutonics seem to have a problem when dealing with slippierer types. Regardless of what-ever faults he had – HE did NOT CREATE the problem.

    Do not EVER forget this.

    Blaming and dissecting Hitler, and the Reich – it is important to get the facts straight, etc – but piling on, and not putting the blame SQUARELY on the genuinely guilty parties is the key. White leadership aka European royalty, and Cromwell, began sellign their own people out for Sheeny Gelte centuries before poor old Adolf was born. If you want to blame Whites – start with Crown Prince Wilhelm of Hesse. She bought pretty shiney coins off of the head tentacle of the Vampire Squid Tribe. Then blame the mind-bogglingly retarded cow, Empress Victoria. A pal of mine used to call her the “Hessian Witch”. The Hessian Moo Cow is more like it. She let the Hebes run riot, behind her capacious skirts, while she stuffed her face, and popped out dysgenic cretins.

    Don’t blame poor old Adolf.

  2. Until Whites, and every-one else, un-masks the Hoax – we are screwed.

    Nothing will significantly change until the Hoax is fully exposed to the masses.

    There’s a very good reason why EU countries have strict laws against Holocaust denial. Not to mention that almost all the prominent deniers have been either killed, beaten up, imprisoned, careers ruined, financially ruined, forced into hiding, etc.

    ” Victims of Zion ”

    I’m hoping Putin comes out and admits the Soviet’s part it if the Iran and Syria thing starts getting worse. It may turn public opinion against Israel, Hollywood, etc.

  3. Outlier – yup. Jail time for denouncing the HollowHax is to protect lies, not truth.

    “I’m hoping Putin comes out and admits the Soviet’s part it if the Iran and Syria thing starts getting worse. It may turn public opinion against Israel, Hollywood, etc.”

    He’s just been photographed with Palestinian children. The benevolent protector, etc.

    It’s a distinct message.

    Where it will go, who knows? The Kikes have already been warned, multiple times, NOT to attack Iran. Their blood-lust grows worse by the minute. Thay cannot contain themselves. They’ll bring on a Holocaust for real, this time. Which is WAY overdue.

  4. There is outcry that ancient Christian settlements in Syria will be destroyed by Muslims. Not a whimper when they were destroyed in Palestine by Jews. The double standard is becoming impossible to ignore.

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