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  1. The New South imported many of his clones, apparently.

    Could somebody please explain (because people s/a that really need things spelled out) that they are useful tools, used to change zoning laws and get other peoples’ property?

    If 50 bike riders were going up and down in front of their home, causing traffic jams, in a climate where this means an excuse for a meeting to claim a strip of front yards, you know this guy would be up in arms— really two-faced, you can smell it.

  2. Don’t worry. He’ll get his. Some Diverse enrichment type will do a lot more than knock him/it off his/it’s bike. All kinds of things wil happen to that thing’s well-worn anal tract. That creature is SCREAMING, in a psychic sense, to the Cosmos “I am Orce Meat. CUM and get me!”

    The Black Undertow is roiling around the edges…..waiting just waiting for Chrissy, the night when He/She/It comes home a little too late…..takes a wrong turn….it’ll happen. The Undertow tows all under….


    Double Ewwwwwwwwww…………

  3. Gotta wonder if that tool has any idea where his fancy bike tires come from; or his synthetic shorts; or his plastic helmet; or…
    I think not.

  4. It would be so unfortunate if a Pakistani cabbie clipped him as he whizzed by him…

    Boy, does he sounds effeminate or what? He’s another fool worshipping the global warming hoax.

  5. Laughing my ass off at what Denise said: All kinds of things wil happen to that thing’s well-worn anal tract. That creature is SCREAMING, in a psychic sense, to the Cosmos “I am Orce Meat. CUM and get me!”

    I hate these people. I take a cab to work. I walk home. These people are nothing more than white niggers demanding something that takes away more from a more significant portion of the population. I hate when my cab has to slow down for a fucking POS lib asshole (receptive I am sure) on a bicycle when two streets west there is a dedicated southbound bicycle lane they won’t use.

    I need to start chewing again …. and spiting out cab windows.

  6. RJP – I am so busy of late I barely have time to do one thing…..but I’m glad I made you laugh.

    I live to serve!

  7. Effete liberals don’t need to help others to be good people, they’ve already done their righteous deeds of the day by eating free range bagels and riding a huffy to work. I’ve always found it odd someone can find themselves to be righteous based on what kind of coffee they drink, or how they get to work. What simple minds.

  8. These effeminate young White males are everywhere in America now. It’s very sad. Some have speculated that they are the reason why so many young White women are sexually attracted to niggers. Of course, the media blaring Black Superiority all day, every day, has a lot to do with it, too. But I can’t imagine that a young woman would be overwhelmed with lust by an obviously weak, girlish, “up-talking” specimen like Chris Hayes.

  9. they maybe be common place in the city, but a guy that would be an outcast here in the rural South

  10. I really doubt a TV talk show host would be an outcast in the rural south. He’d just blend in with the douchebags down there just like he blends in with the douchebags up there. But keep on pretending you’re somehow superior, dipshit.

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