What Hath Transplants Wrought

North Carolina

There are few subjects which get Southerners more fired up than the Transplant Question:

“About two months ago I mentioned my disappointment that Raleigh, NC lacked Southern culture, only to be informed in the comment section that true sweet-tea-drinking Southerners don’t even consider the city to be part of the South. The longer I stay in this godforsaken place the better I understand why real Southerners share the sentiment.”

Note: The invaders keep descending upon the South via I-95 in caravans of Toyota Priuses with Obama 2008 stickers just above their New York and New Jersey license plates.

Fortunately, I believe this will be a passing phase. The Sunbelt economy tanked during the 2008 financial crisis when housing prices collapsed and the suburban sprawl economy stalled. Census Bureau data shows the Yankee Invasion has slowed to a trickle since 2008. Florida is actually losing transplants and illegal aliens now.

Seeing as how BRA’s economy will collapse over the next ten years, the South will become far less attractive to illegal aliens and transplants than it was during the Sunbelt decades. Those who are planning to stick around after 2016 or so better start prepping themselves for living in the post-Sunbelt South for the long haul.

That means being around in Atlanta, Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte, Tampa, Orlando, Hampton Roads, Houston, and Dallas to witness how the welfare state “unwinds” following The Day The EBT Card Stops Working.

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  1. Raleigh was such a wonderful town before the damnyankees. So beautiful, so easy to spend time in, full of polite Southron men, women and children. Damn near brings a tear to my eye thing about the destruction wrought on her. I’ll hate the bastards to my dying for what they did to her, and us.

  2. There was a quote in an F. Scott Fitzgerald book I think about how you knew a place was ruined once a certain group of people find their way there. It’s not necessarily the first wave, the explorers. But those that come after. Seen it my whole life. Once a particular group of faces show up, it’s over.

    Can’t say they’re all Yankees, though. A particular breed of wealthy southern SWPLs has invaded my section of the mountains here and I don’t particularly care for it.

  3. want to compare numbers because its for damnsure more yankees moving here than the other way round

  4. No question there. But we’re talking about small town with no real prior settled culture, so it doesn’t take much to upset the applecart.

  5. In Texas we’re being invaded by Yankees, Illegals and Californians. Luckily most of the Californians relocate to Austin which is already a Multicultural Cesspool.

  6. Whites are a Manifestation of pathfinder genes (it’s the only explaination that fits the record) BUT the world has become ever so small. So a new frontier must be found. Or else.

  7. They really are like locusts. After having destroyed their own homes, they migrate south to despoil our homeland.

    Don’t forget the trash from Massachusetts. They are the worst of the lot.

    When things go south in the South, they’ll either go native and become like the rednecks they so disdain, or the savages will have them for breakfast. I vote for option two. There are just too many parts of the South that they have destroyed in my lifetime.

    Deo Vindice

  8. People who find themselves being invaded need to immediately define who they are and fight tooth and nail against change. People see other Americans and think there is nothing to worry about. That makes it more dangerous than otherwise. Be especially leery of those who drive fancy cars, wear fancy clothes, have fancy degrees or push pencils for a living. They will take you for all you are worth.

  9. I keep my mouth shut in my town for fear I’ll turn it into something like what I left. Not that I left for any reason I was cognizant of. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. Just heading out for adventure. Nevertheless, I don’t mess with local culture. Unless it messes with me, of course.

  10. I always had a love for The American South. Its beauty, its morality, its refinement – a place I wanted to be a part of. The only thing wrong with The South is these damn foolish Confederates who can’t distinguish between a genuine friend who had the unfortunate luck to be born in Yankee territory from those who are their real and present enemy. It’s a state of mind and not a place of birth.

  11. We can see that quite clearly. That is, until you have a “snap back” moment and remind us where you’re from.

    Like a bad spot on an apple, you know.

    Still, if you’re a real Copperhead, you’re okay by me.

    Deo Vindice

  12. that because you think there are yankees who are our friends and we no better. Look at how many yankees here insult our people and ways

  13. “They really are like locusts. After having destroyed their own homes, they migrate south to despoil our homeland.” I know some of those transplants, and l agree, you MUST keep them out, at any cost! Work it from an environmental standpoint if necessary. Create local historical zones, cultural preservation areas, more ag preservation areas, anything you can devise to discourage them.

    In a similar way, we hate northern city people and city-minded people buying up and ruining our pure white rural North, always followed closely after by the invasion of other races. The flow must be not only stopped but also reversed!

  14. I’m from Jersey and I totally agree, my fellow Jersey folks suck and I even see this attitude among my own family. I’ve been to North Carolina several times and northern Virginia because my brother is stationed at the base in Dahlgren. I’ve been to Raleigh and Carolina and it’s just like the posters above mentioned, Yankeeland and ugly. Some of my father’s relatives live in Orlando and that place sucks too, it’s like the biggest, ugliest suburb of Jersey got plopped down in the middle of Florida. It’s funny, though, my brother who was born and raised up here in Yankeeland, is a total Copperhead and really acclimated himself to the South. He has a lot of guns, hunts, goes mudding in his Jeep, and has a big Confederate flag in his house and decals on his Jeep, all his friends are Southerners and they call him an “honorary Redneck”. As a Copperhead stuck here in the craphole that is Jersey, keep the South Southern. No more DamnYankee morons, no more immigrants, and no more transplants who make the cities ugly and hell. From a Copperhead to Confederates.

  15. I am more than a Copperhead, at least in my mind.

    Do you honestly think all northerners are anti-Confederacy? I can assured you there are many that wish The South had won. They just don’t run things up there. They are prisoners longer than you.

    It’s the bankers, folks.

  16. Ladyfarian! My poor dear! I lived…errr…served tiem for crimes I did not commit, in NJ, for four Hellish years – and no-one….especially these Dixie Folk, cannot imagine the soul-killing, dreary, ugly, crasser than crass, repellent, aggressively STOOPID Suburb of Hell that is Joizy.

    If any of you have ever watched “Jerselicious” or whatever it’s called, about the denizens of some grotesque clothier to Satan’s Whores (female and Tranny NJ types) – it’s pretty accurate.


    That “New Jersey Sucks” thing? It’s the de facto Official State Motto. And they are bitterly, maliciously proud of the designation, too. NJ is Amerikwa as a Marxist Tarpit. Zombie Apocolyspe, indeed.

    If I come across as a motormouthed, sarcastic, combatative shrew (I prefer to think of myself as a termagent, or a virago) – it’s because of NJ. I used to be a nice sweet, well-meaning, very polite Christian Pennsylvania Lass. I changed…..in order to survive. Survie NJ. A swear to God – I kissed the ground, when I finally moved out, even though it was a cold night in December. I’m NOT kidding.

    Southrons – NO slurs, or stereotypes, or vile rumours about the sheer Awfulness does the place justice.

    Believe me.

  17. I traveled through alabama and the rest of the deep south once and all it was was fetid swamps, inbred hillbillies, meth heads, indolent negroes, and brain-dead zionist baptists praising IZZYRAEL to the heavens.
    I guess the ones who weren’t on meth were in uncle sam’s commie army in afghanistan or only god know where, busy dropping depleted uranium on people around the world- people who’ve never done us any harm– and the southerners have the audacity to complain about the yankess penchant for invading certain “lands”.
    The southerners complain about commies, but then the southerners join uncle sam’s commie army in droves. Smart. Great Stragegy for secession : Join your enemies’ military in droves.
    I’ll stay here in northern california.
    Beats the f*ck out of jersey and the south put together.
    Good luck with your secession. See “ya, you all.
    fortune cookie say “keep dreamin’ whitey”

  18. termagent and termite kinda/sorta sound related. Are they of the same species– distant cousins perhaps?
    “termagent” sounds awfully noxious, poisonous even.

  19. I think Hunter and other writers like Paul Kersey make a mistake including Dallas and Houston in the list of southern cities which will experience black riots when the welfare state unwinds. I am skeptical because they are now la-ti-no cities more closely following the fate of LA or Miami rather than, say, Atlanta. Houston is 44% Hispanic (versus LA which is 48-49%) according to the census, which is probably a floor because of the huge population of illegals. They are even a higher percentage – 62% – of the public schools. Blacks and whites represent only a quarter each of the population. I can tell you from living here Hispanics are capturing more and more areas every day, and soon they will politically run the place. They are probably pushing the blacks out as they have in LA. I can’t tell yet because of the injection in 2005 of a couple of hundred thousand Katrina blacks. The county (Harris) also has a plurality of hispanics.

  20. “…….South is these damn foolish Confederates who can’t distinguish between a genuine friend who had the unfortunate luck to be born in Yankee territory from those who are their real and present enemy. It’s a state of mind and not a place of birth…..

    Now, that’s so yankee, imo.

    Since NC is under question, it’s state motto is esse quam videri —to be, not to seem

    Yankees are Trotskyite-Maoist at heart. All of them. History is nothing, you erase it. You move to the south and it’s like “We love it! We drink sweet tea! We feel traditional, too!!!!”

    Just no depth it to, lol. They go to south, and think it’s like NYC, where some Bloomchosenbergerite uses tax funds to throw a fake parade for the ethnic group, and bring out kilts and bagpipes one day, the puerto ricans the next, then some Little It-Lee noodles. As if “culture” and “races” can really be boiled down to some freaking foodstuff. It just doesn’t get more grossly superficial and unsouthern than that.

    “We are sweet tea!!” We are grits! Well, you get the point.

    A NORTHERNER acting like a southerner, would do what a southerner does—- and when somebody asks, “where are you from,” you’ll go back countless generations and talk about that, and value whatever you really were. Southerners do not value airbrushing history out ever ten seconds.

    Only people with NO SENSE OF HISTORY WHATEVER could have descended on Raleigh (they really did a number on that one) or South Florida—- AND NOT EVEN NOTICE, lol.

    That’s the funniest thing—- most of them (until they are told) don’t even realize anything has occurred— so cut off are they from real loyalty to kin, real loyalty to place, real heartfelt confusion when separate from their extended families, and so on.

    Yankees just seem mostly like Maoists. More that than affected by Puritans.

  21. Sorry, didn’t mean to be mean.

    But there is so much more to “southernness” than just wearing some kind of clothes or eating various foods.

    It hurts to see culture reduced to that. It is truly genocide.

    That’s how genocide occurs through demographics.

  22. Oh—- and once they started hiring out-of-town people, I know that there was some new newspaper columnist awhile back in Raleigh, arguing that the Confed monuments needed to be removed.

    that kind of thing.

  23. “I’ll stay here in northern california.”

    As long as you are above the Bay Area. It gets progressively better the further you move north from Ft. Bragg-Willits-Portola.

  24. Dixiegirl,

    Snowwhitey identified herself as a friend of the South. You responded by comparing all Northerners to Maoist/Trotskyites when it was plainly evident she wasn’t calling for erasing traditional Southern culture, what’s left of it anyway, which isn’t much.

    Maybe you need a refresher on Southern manners, basic critical reasoning and common sense. That comment, with its added emphasis on “all of them,” says more about you than I think you realize. It combined confused thinking with real animus.

    I’m a Southerner. My ancestors fought for the Confederacy. Quite frankly, I’m embarrassed that a woman who signs as “Dixiegirl” would say something like that.

  25. @Rudel
    Yes. The Bay Area should be avoided. It stinks. I’m nowhere near the Bay Area.
    It does get progessively better the farther north one goes.

  26. So, Joe claims to be pro-White. And yet, the first thing he does is sneer at Southerners — like a Jew.

    Anyone who is truly pro-White can only feel love and sympathy for those Whites, who have borne the full brunt of the anti-White animus in America. That the South continues to exist at all, despite the entire nuclear arsenal of White Genocide strategies launched against it, (including that heresy Christian Zionism, which is promulgated by sell-out Whites funded by Jews) is testament to the Will to Live that stirs still in the heart of White man.

  27. I’m very proudly and terminally hostile to Obama but I will join the military and take orders from uncle sam /yankee communist Obama– who is The Commander-In-Chief of the U.S. military.
    I’m proudly and terminally hostile, very anti-uncle sam, and terminally anti-Obama , but I will join communist Obama’s yankee /uncle sam’s military anyway. I will Volunteer to take my marching orders from communist Obama ’cause I am very proudly and terminally hostile to Obama. I’m very proudly and terminally anti-Obama and I’m terminally hostile to yankee /communist Obama , but I will Volunteer to take orders from yankee /communist Obama The Commander -In- Chief of Yankee Uncle Sam’s military anyway.
    I’m very proudly and terminally hostile, very anti-yankee, anti -uncle sam, anti-Obama, and very terminally hostile to communists — but I will join yankee /communist Obama’s uncle sam’s military and get my arms and legs blown off for communist Obama and yankee /uncle sam anyway.
    I hate yankee /uncle sam and I am very proudly and terminally hostile to communist Obama , but I will join yankee/communist Obama’s uncle sam’s military and die for yankee uncle sam’s /communist Obama anyway. That’s ’cause I’m terminally hostile and a proud rebel. To my dying day.
    And when I get shot down dead after volunteering for yankee/communist Obama, who I am terminally and proudly hostile towards, I will never be able to sire any white children for the future. I was shot down dead ’cause I Volunteered to fight and die for a government I’m proudly and terminally hostile towards. I’m opposed to yankee/communist uncle sam/Obama because communist uncle sam doesn’t like white people like me and my folk. The communists want to see us dead. The communists don’t like white children.
    So I will Volunteer to go fight and die for a communist government that wants to see me dead and doesn’t want any white children around. Then I will get killed in the war and I will not be able to sire any white children after I’m dead.
    The best thing for Southerners is to stop Voluntering to join the army of an enemy government who hates white Americans — especially Southerners. Stay home and sire white children. Start siring white children. Lots of ’em. That’s the best hope for America– and the South– at this point in history.
    Don’t get yourself maimed, or get yourself killed, for a communist /enemy government.

  28. It would be alot more beneficial for Southerners to stop joining uncle sam’s army in such large numbers. Stay home and open a business and/or get a good education. Build a solid life for yourselves here in the States instead of dying in endless wars that are inimical to white Americans– especially Southerners as they take the largest amount of casualties in the wars. Southerners make very good fighting men– that’s why uncle sam aways puts Southerners on the front lines. Unfortunately, the same uncle sam that puts Southerners on the front lines hates Southerners with a passion here at home.
    Much better to stay in the States. Get an education. Open a business. Start a family. Have children. Don’t hand yourselves over to uncle sam. The communists in Washington hate your guts. Don’t lose an arm, or a leg, or your hearing or your vision for people who hate you. Don’t give your life for the communists in Washington.
    Let them go fight their own wars. Stay home and start families. Have children. Get an education and/or open your own business.

  29. Joe, you’ve made your own views and position clear enough, I think, and now rather than continuing to try to correct or change the position of this website, would you try to understand it? Although you are an “outsider” (as I am) to the natives of the southeastern states there is much worth learning from this unique website, that can also be shared and can be applied in your OWN area.

  30. The best thing for Southerners — secession or no secession– is not to join a military that belongs to an enemy government. My suggestion is not at all inimical to the goals of the Occidental Dissent. Not at all. The less Southerners that die in the endless wars, the better. The more white Southerners there will be. The wars overseas don’t do the Southerners any good. The less dead Southerners and the more white Southern children, the better. I shall continue to make my “views and position ” clear enough, just as everyone else who posts here makes their views and positions consistently and very abundantly clear.
    And yes. I learn much from this website. I appreciate having it. I appreciate the time and the work Hunter Wallace and Jack Ryan put in so we can have Occidental Dissent. I never once ever tried in any way to “correct” or “change” the position of this website. Taken as a collective whole, my posts to “OD” over the past two months (when I first found the site) are very pro- white and pro-South.

  31. Dixiegirl has the right of it about yankees and the Southron clothes they were, its skin deep. These so called pro South yankees say all manner of things that should earn a trip to the dueling grounds. All of them here expect Landshark do so many, many times. The anti Southron stuff is deep down in their soul and comes to the surface all the time if you read what they write carefully.

  32. “But there is so much more to “southernness” than just wearing some kind of clothes or eating various foods. It hurts to see culture reduced to that. It is truly genocide. That’s how genocide occurs through demographics.” Very true. Some transplants can learn to ACT like they belong, but it takes generations, if ever, to belong REALLY to a different place, even with essentially identical DNA. The “outsider” is bound to come out long before then.

  33. Genocide also happens when soldiers get killed down on the battlefield before they sire children. Dead soldiers don’t return home and sire children. They’re dead.
    “Cide” means death. That’s why I don’t want to see Southerners dead in wars that don’t even benefit Southerners. Dead Southerners don’t sire Southern children. That is genocide . And alot more intense, and much more serious, than clothing and/or food and/or cultural issues. When a soldier is killed in a war he can’t sire children ever, never. He’s dead. The loss of the dead soldier’s progeny is an Eternal Loss for the race.

  34. Any Southerner, or any other white American, thinking of joining the military, you may want to consider siring children before you join up. If you die in the war, your children can carry on. Carry your blood and your spirit into the future. If you die before siring chidren, your blood and your spirit will be forever lost to the white race.

  35. Murders of white Americans at the hands of blacks increases with every year. That is another reason to stay here in States. Stay here in the States and protect your families from the black criminals and murderers . The blacks are becoming increasingly more violent and murderous against us white Americans. No need to die overseas for an enemy government when the blacks here in the US are killing white Americans down in record numbers. The blacks are subtlety encouraged to attack and kill us by “our” government ( via hollywood, via 24/7 anti-white propaganda in the schools, etc.).
    Stay home and protect your family from black murderers.

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