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This post at Daily Kos is worthy of its own comment thread:

“Let ’em secede!”. That’s the latest challenge from some here at the Great Orange Satan.Some politicians in a Red state are unhappy with the Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act? Call their bluff! Screw ’em! We can keep the United States of Blue, and cut those ignorant, greedy Red States loose!

Some of us happen to live in a Red state. We may have been born here. We may have relocated here for school, military service, work, or love. I moved to a very large Red State – Texas – when my husband relocated here for work. Having grown up in Massachusetts and lived in New Hampshire, life in the Lone Star State has been a revelation.

Our Progressive values are strengthened, not imperiled, as a result of living in Red surroundings. Every day offers us the chance to hone our powers of persuasion and to reach out to others of our kind to work together to support Progressive candidates and causes.

As chronicled in my many Texas-related diaries, those of us in the Lone Star State have heard more than our share of derogatory remarks. When Texas was plagued with epic drought and widespread wildfires, we heard from some – including some here – that this was God’s wrath or some other form of divine or secular vengeance for our political views….”

If the Southern states seceded from the Union and formed the Republic of Dixie, that would leave millions of transplanted DWLs trapped behind enemy lines.

Note: The official religion of Dixie ought to be Christianity for no other reason than to rid ourselves of these people.

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  1. Many in this country have become, or are encouraged to become, “generic Americans,” mostly because it serves both corporate and political interests. Many of these deracinated Americans are simply chasing the Yankee dollar. No more, no less. It’s not healthy or even humane. People need roots. Unfortunately, we are ruled over by the unholy alliance of Big Government and Big Business that is BRA. That must change.

    I moved around quite a bit after I left the service, from Georgia to Texas to California, always job related. After I moved to Florida from California, I made a promise to myself that I would never live outside the South again. Aside from brief contract jobs in Mexico and the Bahamas (chasing that dollar, again), I have not worked outside the South since. I am a Southerner and the South is my home. I love my Southern homeland and its people. I will die in my homeland. My only wish is to see a free and independent Dixie before I go.

    Love of money really is the root of all evil.

    Deo Vindice

  2. Rudel: I was referring to one state, namely Texas. The beauty and genius of a Republic of sovereign States was that each one would be different in it’s own way. She can pick any other one. I live in New England and I’m not up here trying to convert these people or change them one iota. Southerners don’t do that.
    “There is no denomination called “Christianity” (at least since the 16th century.) What you’ve got is a large agglomeration of squabbling sects who think all the others are going straight to hell!” — I spent years in a non-denominations (leaning Pentacostal) church and everyone I dealt with recognized every other Christian religion as Christian, including Catholics. I think they drew the line at Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses.

  3. IMO we cannot fault white women without looking at ourselves (white men) first. Nature and/or Nature’s God has ordained equally important roles for man and for woman. If women are behaving a certain way, it’s because we white men have allowed the environment for such behavior to fester. We’ve allowed hostile competitor groups into our lands. Perhaps not us, but somewhere in our past our ancestors did that.

    Keep in mind too that white women have born the full brunt of ZOG’s propaganda/brainwashing machine. They call them “chickflicks” for a reason. Every effort has been made to seduce them, pervert them, and drive a wedge between them and us. If you think about the amount of informational warfare directed specifically at them, one would have to agree that they’ve done a magnificent job resisting. But the fact they had to undergo this attack speaks to us, white men are responsible for their protection, from propaganda as well as physical attack.

  4. My comments in this section have been willfully misinterpreted by a coterie of female radicals. Please look my ex-gf from Argentina in her green eyes and tell her she is “non-white” or just white “spanish”. Then ready your face for a slap. Eva Longoria is a Castiza, she’s a 4 foot tall ugly strawwoman my detractors are pecking at.

    As an American derived solely of much ballyhooed “founding stock” I find concerns regarding subracial mixing to be perhaps the furthest thing from my mind. To those that wish to be super endogamous, I think that’s great – go for it. Logistically speaking it’d be an effing feat to find an English-American girl, find her attractive and successfully woo her, marry her and have children. Not ruling out the possibility one bit but my sights are considerably wider. Guess that means I’m ready to settle.

    I am a New-Worlder at heart. I didn’t enjoy the culture gap with European women whatsoever. White Latinas are of the West and are FAR from the doormats an asp here implied them to be.

  5. I’ve seen a lot of fair skinned blue eyed honeys in South America, but only in the upper class, and I’ve not seen a crazier or money hungrier group of women going. Still less hateful then american women but that’s ain’t saying much.

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