The Cost of the Union: Federal Judge Blocks Mississippi Abortion Law


Earlier this year, the new Republican-controlled Mississippi legislature passed an abortion bill that would have required any doctor performing abortions in Mississippi to be a board-certified OB-GYN with admitting privileges at a local hospital.

Enter “federal supremacy”:

“JACKSON, Miss. – A federal judge Sunday temporarily blocked enforcement of a Mississippi law that could shut down the only abortion clinic in the state.

U.S. District Judge Daniel P. Jordan in Jackson issued a temporary restraining order the day the new law took effect. …

In the order, Jordan wrote: “Plaintiffs have offered evidence – including quotes from significant legislative and executive officers – that the Act’s purpose is to eliminate abortions in Mississippi. They likewise submitted evidence that no safety or health concerns motivated its passage. This evidence has not yet been rebutted.”

OD readers know how these things go in the “Glorious Union.”

In theory, BRA is a “democracy,” but in reality this means that whenever the “majority” of White people in a state try to “democratically” govern themselves in a way that is objectionable to the political class, an unelected federal judge can reliably be found to step in and strike down the reform.

Note: The existence of the Union which made the Roe v. Wade decision possible is the only reason why abortion on demand is still legal in Mississippi. If the Roe decision were ever overturned by the Supreme Court, the Mississippi trigger ban on abortion would immediately go into effect.

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  1. “And abortion isn’t the cause of low birth rates in Europe. No one in Europe is forcing the European women to have abortions. It is the European woman’s acceptance of feminsim that is the cause of low birth rates.”

    Abortion is the ultimate enforcement arm of feminism.

  2. “You shortsighted Bozos have exactly the same mindset as the assholes who turned the goddamn niggers loose. It wasn’t Yankees who did it. It was religious zealots like you.”

    Well, so glad to know that those who are perfect can cast stones without impunity….

    I am opposed to abortion for ADAM’s children. The bestial negroes should be aborted consistently, or sterilized. I mentioned Eugenics in a prior post, as an ALTERNATIVE to Abortion. One has to start somewhere… but to cast stones in such a cavalier manner shows that, even if abortion were limited to the non-European, sooner or later, the desire to avoid the responsibility of intercourse outside of marriage would make the murder of the unborn available to OUR KIND, and then we do reap ‘the whirlwind,’ so one loses no matter how you view the procedure….

  3. “abortion isn’t the cause of low birth rates in Europe”

    That statement kind of flies in the face of logic, doesn’t it?

    Deo Vindice

  4. @Fr. John+

    Human females, of all races, have been terminating pregnancies since as far back as they’ve been having babies. Abortion is not a Jewish construct designed to exterminate white people, and it’s not a feminist weapon designed to wrench complete dominion over women away from Landshark. Abortion is as old a humankind. And it will continue to happen as long as human reproduction involves uterine gestation. So just worry about your own situation and don’t obsess about the decisions of complete strangers. It’ll cut the stress in your life in half.

  5. As I’ve said before, I don’t care if a woman has 60 abortions and rolls around in dead fetuses in her basement. We’re talking about what is legal and allowable by law. Legalized abortion has destroyed a function of the Constitution and its purpose, which ostensibly is to protect people from Government. If a bunch of people consider laws against abortion an important element in channeling mating habits (and historically they have), it’s not for the Constitution to tell them they can’t.

    Leave it to States, leave it prosecutorial discretion, but legalized abortion has made FedGov the arbiter of white culture. And of course it is FedGov’s greatest desire to destroy white culture, because white culture is the only bulwark against FedGov’s overreaching.

    It’s not that the Constitution should allow legal abortion, it’s that the Constitution HAD to allow legal abortion to keep FedGov’s steamroller of white genocide moving. Not genocide necessarily because who knows how many millions of the 50 million aborted babies were white, but genocide because it dismantled what was historically an integral part of white culture.

    We are no longer masters of of our own destiny. That’s the problem.

  6. Should we legalize theft since it has gone on since the beginning of time? Why not?

    Because it would destroy an element of how we define ourselves.

    We value responsibility. It is our right to expect it of each other.

  7. Murdering your offspring in the womb doesn’t leave you with much of a destiny.
    At least one worth having, anyway. If you can kill your own child, you can kill anyone. If you can kill anyone, you are no better than a savage.

    Witness how the negroes behave toward their children. Ghetto lobster, anyone?

    Something else the propagandists don’t tell you is that repeated abortions increase the likelihood of future sterility in a woman. I suspect this is why so many women seem to have trouble producing offspring and have to resort to fertility drugs with all the attendent mishaps.

    But then promiscuity also leads to sterility via STDs and their effects, such as scarring of the fallopian tubes. Declining white birthrates? Bah, humbug.

    Deo Vindice

  8. I believe you missed the point Apuleius. Which is unfortunate because we agree on the issue.

  9. “Abortion is fine for Yankees. I just hate to see white Southern children aborted…. In many respects, controlling the Yankee population is every bit as important as controlling the negro population. The current unholy alliance…is simply another Yankee attempt to annihilate white Southerners…. the Yankees still bear us considerable ill will, and now enjoy complete control of the federal government….”

    This is why the website sometimes seems foreign to outsiders. I try to understand why you think so.

  10. because Mosin you fail to see how much harm damnyankees have done to us and continue to do. If you did, you’d understand, but you think since hey i didn’t do etc yankees haven’t done etc. yankees are worse to the South then negros.

  11. Mosin, you know I like to lay it on thick. My remarks are as always tongue in cheek.

    What Stonelifter says is true, though.

    I was just a little shaver when the CRM hit town. The inchoate revulsion of the “outside agitators” that I experienced as a child has colored my view of your people permanently. I didn’t understand much at the time, and my parents really did not want to explain, but I did not like it. The chaos, fear, and intimidation they brought in their wake was palpable.

    Contrary to the popular image, the 1960’s were not about peace and love. Especially among the hypocrites who espoused such. Northern liberals are a vicious brood of vipers.

    Then I learned about history, first the “official” version, then my people’s experience. After high school, I went to school up north. Now I live among northern transplants here in my homeland and hear their continual snide remarks every day.

    Don’t pretend that the majority of your people are overflowing with kindness toward mine. We both know that is bullshit. Their contempt and their readiness to display it at all times are well known to me.

    I despise BRA and those who made it possible. Your fellow citizens.

    Feel free to substitute “DWLs,” “SWPLs,” “Obama supporters,” or whatever term for “Yankees” if it troubles you. You know who I am talking about. You probably have at least one or two or more who live next door to you.

    It’s all the same to me. I don’t need to mince words or walk on eggshells to avoid offending Yankees on a Southern Nationalist website. I’ve had quite enough PC already, thank you.

    Deo Vindice

  12. Thank you kindly Apuleius.

    Something you said got me to wondering. Down South, Southrons are Southrons and we don’t see much inter White ethnic conflict. Seems to me we are more of a untied people then the Whites up north. This was more true when I was a kid and yankee kids would say Pollock, Italian etc jokes. We stuck with negro jokes. Most Southron White men I know, even when they bash Catholics aren’t bashing our Catholics but yankee and European ones. I mean you should hear my Cajun and Catholic ex father in law go on about Catholics. The Pope would fall out. Got to Jewish friends who family fought for the South and they don’t care for what passes for Judaism, negros etc either. Any rate, even liberals with long time Southron roots don’t care for yankees much, or BRA. Got to two of those in my family and my uncle’s woman is the biggest progressive I know but she’d gladly push negros and yankees into a wood-chipper if you hold her hat for her. And you Southron boys know the kind of hat I’m referring to.

    I was wondering if the surviving the War of Northern Aggression, Reconstruction, the CRM etc has made us more of a One People tribe due to shared hardships. We have a common foe, cracker, caviler or koon-ass. Hell seems to me, we only have the argument of who is more Southron. I’m not explaining this very well. I can’t quite put the words together on paper as they are in my mind, but we see a version of that in the military all the time. With extremely tight bonds forged forever in a relatively short period because of what you survive/ accomplish/ endure together.

    Well tamer, this is the progeny of one the talent tenth you want to live next too. TNB coming to your upper scale multi-racial neighborhood. Imagine the trouble it got into as a younger groid and their pack get togethers right next door–ncaab.html

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