The Cost of the Union: Arizona, State Sovereignty, and Immigration


Here’s an unusually clear eyed article from Andrew McCarthy at National Review on the Arizona decision:

“Justice Antonin Scalia, in a characteristically electrifying dissent, seized on the cataclysm at the heart of the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Arizona immigration case. It came in the form of a question: “Would the States conceivably have entered the Union if the Constitution itself contained the Court’s holding?” …

A year ago, Texas Republican congressman Lamar Smith proposed a national requirement that all employers use the E-Verify system to check the immigration status of new hires — with the caveat that states would be barred from taking punitive actions against businesses that hire illegal aliens. . . .

In any event, it is quite remarkable that, in the fourth year of Obama, many on the right still cannot imagine what there should be no need to imagine because it is all too real: a federal government that not only has no interest in stopping illegal immigration but is run by politicians who affirmatively encourage illegal immigration.

If you are going to cede exclusive control of enforcement to a single authority in Washington, without any guarantee that this single authority will always be committed to the enforcement mission, you are inviting catastrophe. And now the invitation has been accepted.”

No Southern state would have joined the Union in a million years under the terms of the suicide pact with Washington that exists today.

In Federalist #45, James Madison promised that the powers of the federal government would be “few and defined” while the powers reserved to the state governments would be “numerous and indefinite.” History has vindicated the Anti-Federalists who were prescient in their criticisms of the U.S. Constitution.

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  1. “Would the States conceivably have entered the Union if the Constitution itself contained the Court’s holding?”

    More important: would the States have entered the Union if they knew we would eventually have a black president? The answer of course is “no.” Imagine you could teleport back to 1776 and show them a video of their future leader, ‘gettin his groove’ on with Ellen Degeneres. They would have told King George to come back.

    Similarly, if you could have gone back in time and brought Winston Churchill video of Londonistan in 2012, he would have helped Hitler form a pan-European coalition. Too bad we don’t have a time-flux capacitor, and Marty McFly has Parkinson’s, damn it.

  2. “If the federal government, on a mere inferential theory crafted by federal judges, can usurp the power that Arizona must have, then we no longer have dual sovereignty. That is, we no longer have the core guarantee that induced the states to join the Union. It is cold comfort that conservatives are fine with this arrangement as long as Leviathan proclaims its usurpations with sufficient clarity.”

    Which clearly illustrates how the Constitution has indeed become a suicide pact. Then again, Southerners knew this much in 1860. The alternative is plain to see.

    Deo Vindice

  3. This is all quite true. Although ww2 wasn’t the direct cause of the emigration. Arguably it had more to do with discussions in cabinet in the 1950s. Then racism was criminalized.

  4. I do wonder about that moment. A black dweeb dancing with a dykie Lezza. How did he win after that?
    Steve Erkel prepped the way…

  5. Similarly, if you could have gone back in time and brought Winston Churchill video of Londonistan in 2012, he would have helped Hitler form a pan-European coalition.

    You should checkout this new video (series) on youtube:

    Part 1. Adolf Hitler – The greatest story NEVER told! (June 2012)

    and it’s in 4 parts (14 min each) , with more parts to follow.

  6. You know, I’ve never really been about this North vs South thing, since all white people the world over faces the same deadly threat. Serb, German, American, we all all face it. Just before Edmund Ruffin wrapped himself up in the Confederate flag and shot himself rather than live under the US Government, he wrote this:

    I here declare my unmitigated hatred to Yankee rule — to all political, social and business connection with the Yankees and to the Yankee race. Would that I could impress these sentiments, in their full force, on every living Southerner and bequeath them to every one yet to be born! May such sentiments be held universally in the outraged and downtrodden South, though in silence and stillness, until the now far-distant day shall arrive for just retribution for Yankee usurpation, oppression and atrocious outrages, and for deliverance and vengeance for the now ruined, subjugated and enslaved Southern States!
    …And now with my latest writing and utterance, and with what will be near my latest
    breath, I here repeat and would willingly proclaim my unmitigated hatred to yankee rule–to all political, social and business connections with Yankees, and the perfidious,
    malignant and vile Yankee race.

    That day is here, Uncle Edmund.

  7. The reality is this about immigration and the border states:

    California – gone, abandon hope all ye who enter here. Permanently dysfunctional mess; read Victor Davis Hanson on how large swaths of the central valley which used to be civilized now resemble third world Mexico. Everyone knows what LA, San Diego, and the rest of the large cities look like.

    Texas – soon to be history because of RAPIDLY deteriorating demographic trends; the Republican party will be extinct within 10 years as the coalition of black and hispanic voters take over; that and the combination of rule by Obama’s EPA will turn it into truly a hellish place – think of California but without the climate and scenery; brownouts galore in 100-degree-plus summer heat; sky high electricity and water costs;

    Arizona – well we already know how things will turn out here;

    New Mexico – same as California;

    Colorado – you will be surprised how fast things are deteriorating here; RAPIDLY increasing hispanic population, huge numbers of DWL’s from California, wealthy leftist fags and trust-funders have already turned this into a democrat state.

    Nevada – run by Latinos and unionized hospitality industry workers; even in an off year election with the highest unemployment rate in the country they felt like the piece of human excrement running the senate deserved another chance;

    These states will all soon be extensions of corrupt, third-world Mexico (and third world Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua). If live in one of these states and you care about your children, you need to leave. And don’t tell me you can make a viable life for yourself in a majority latino/black state – you are dreaming.

  8. In Federalist #45, James Madison promised that the powers of the federal government would be “few and defined” while the powers reserved to the state governments would be “numerous and indefinite.” History has vindicated the Anti-Federalists who were prescient in their criticisms of the U.S. Constitution.

    I’m willing to cut James Madison and the founders a lot of slack. In following 18th century standards of the time, Madison was educated to level that is almost beyond comprehension by today’s standards. As such, he was too smart for his own good. He thought it was obvious a Bill of Rights was not be needed because the Constitution specified the Federal government’s “few and defined” enumerated powers.

    Madison thought it obvious the federal government did not have the power to anything beyond what the Constitution literally said it could do, hence his “few and defined” argument. Most of the “few and defined” powers related to foreign policy, not intervention in state affairs. There were no 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th amendments back then, and only select White men could vote.

    The anti-federalists were indeed prescient, and we owe them a great debt. Nevertheless, after Madison lost the argument, he wrote a Bill of Rights that continues to serve us well to this day, even the face of the post-WW2 onslaught, especially the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th.

    There are lessons here for any independent White nation in the South, and any other White “ethnostates” that may eventually form in North America. One of them is that the enumerated powers model doesn’t work. The foundational legal charter for society, assuming a form of Republican government, has to spell out what the government cannot do. The law would have to read “The government will make no law admitting non-European peoples or Jews under any circumstances,” or something to that effect.

  9. With key questions answered by the Supreme Court over illegal immigration, our nation must now analyze the growing problem presented to us nationwide. We now have a fair indicator of what each sovereign State has the ability to do, regarding its own sovereignty provisions? Does the Supreme Court’s ruling reject the main aspect of Arizona’s S.D.1070? NO! It has given Arizona a right to control its borders. The courageousness of Arizona that daring to go against the Marxist, Socialist agenda in Obama’s administration, has been seen by most as ruthless grab on power. Attorney General, Eric Holder forever branded by the ‘Fast and Furious’ gun walking outrage and the senseless murder of U.S border agent Brian Terry will ever be on his conscious; if he has a conscious? This man, thirsting for absolute power decided to teach the Grand Canyon State a lesson and in turn, has turned the majority of law abiding Americans against the Obama administration for his actions.

    Arizona can now adopt its original statute; ‘ATTRITION THROUGH ENFORCEMENT’. So rather than take their chances in Arizona, I foresee hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens families fleeing, thereby adding financial torture to the nearest Liberal orientated states like California and Nevada. ILLEGAL ALIENS MUST BE SAYING TO THEMSELVES, “WHY BOTHER WITH A STATE, WHERE YOU COULD BE PULLED OVER FOR A TRAFFIC VIOLATION, WHEN YOU COULD EMPTY CALIFORNIA’S HAMPER OF FREE GOODIES? Hey! California gives free handouts of taxpayer’s cash, so why stay in that border state? Currently California is suffering from a $16 billion dollar deadfall deficit, because of a Liberal Mayor and lobotomized governor. They have been brought upon themselves, by a radical group of politicians who have more loyalty to countries south of the border, than an alliance to the U.S. Constitution. They have allowed the giving of huge amounts of taxpayers’ money to illegal nationals; even as far provide drivers licenses. Soon California and other members of our 50 state unions, will be crying foul? Those states will be monetary hurting even more as the evacuation begins from locations that espouse Arizona’s law. States as Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Utah that are already financially hurting from the influx of impoverished people, will adapt their statutes so as not to conflict with federal law.


    To really make life hash for illegal alien criminals, our spineless Republicans should assume these two bills without fail. Rep. Lamar Smiths bill ‘The Legal Workforce Act’ (H.R. 2885) better known by Americans as E-Verify. Judging by its success as currently a volunteer law, it has become a remarkable electronic program, which detects unauthorized non citizens hired, but then flagged and can only be resolved by stepping into Social Security offices. No illegal alien would dream of doing that, even if they are in possession of procured ID documents? Of course a mainstream Liberal press has carefully tried to demonize the E-Verify business checking Database?

    Second in line, but just as paramount in important is the BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP (H.R.140) amendment law. This disqualifies illegal alien mothers able to gain immediate acceptance of their unborn baby smuggled through ports of entry, either across the ocean or through our limited border fence defenses. Foothold children are costing $100 billions of dollars in welfare, cash payments, education and health care treatment. Only the obstacle of pro-illegal alien forces in the Democrat and Republican Party and stopping these bills from becoming the law of the land.

    What is that old adage, about ‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it’? Something like that?

    Therefore we must remove as many incumbents and any politician and retain the services of true TEA PARTY members. Otherwise whether Obama wins, we will just have a second term president ready ‘to Tax and Spend America into the toilet But then we have Mitt Romney and his crew of wealthy politicians, who could cause just as much trouble. The TEA PARTY is now part of the American ideology? Unlike Obama it believes in free will and an individual’s right to choose his own path. The TEA PARTY believes in a government to deal with the basic essentials of defense and so forth, but not getting involved in health care think most American have credence in this issue, as since when does any country other than the United States allow illegal aliens to come here, without true retribution-such as exacting it as a Felony. Wouldn’t you come here if the all you were going to be prosecuted for is a simple civil infraction? . In a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 58% of likely U.S. voters think the policies and practices of the federal government encourage illegal immigration for decades. What we need is a voter revolution against both political parties, because whoever gets in November will repeat the same laws as we have always had. Of course the Left now is crowing about ‘Voter Suppression’ that is far from the truth.

    All Americans want is a fair and Equitable election, because currently not? Non-citizens are voting and certain Democrats are allowing this to happen. Remember that large numbers of these people, who will vote for Obama, are those who are playing the welfare system, who want ‘Something for nothing’. I have a family to support, and I don’t want to support the poverty from banana Republics. We have our own disabled, veterans without homes and others; so why are we forced by federal mandate that our money should go to foreign nationals.

    JOIN YOUR LOCAL TEA PARTY and put an end to illegal immigration. Put an end to President Obama’s socialistic philosophy and that does not exclude Mitt Romney’s idea of a government. There are thousands of TEA PARTY chapters around the country involved with a new agenda for America. The TEA PARTY statement is securely seal the border; halt the ‘FOOTHOLD’ baby racket, sanctuary cities, dream acts and then talk about building a secure minded fair immigration system, not importing more poverty and foreigners that have to be supported with taxpayer money?

    This is the time when every American who believes in the ‘Rule of Law’ and steps forward to let their Senator or Congress person knows how you will vote. Tell the politician’s aide and that you want them to pass E-Verify and the Birthright Citizenship bills. Citizen voters should phone Congress at the central Switchboard at 202-224-3121. Insist YOUR CONGRESSMAN/WOMAN TO fulfill their obligation to the oath of office and stop pandering to the businesses that use cheap labor, or the Democrats who are overlooking illegal aliens who are voting. You have the empowerment of your VOTE to demand they sponsor these to policies or we are doomed to a future, without any restrictions to our out-of-control U.S. deficit.

  10. You mean the Tea Party that panders to the likes of Marco Rubio? The Tea Party that was riding the Cain Train so they could have another minority skirt to hide behind? The “I’m a Diverse, Vibrant, Non-Racist Tea Party”, watch me step and fetch everytime someone tries to float an explicity good-for-whites-and-whites-alone idea?

    The Tea Party was a great idea, totally corrupted. Sorry. I want someone who will speak our for EXPLICITLY white interests and stop pandering. The Tea Party ain’t it.

  11. Dave Francis: If your vote could change things, it would be illegal. Democracy is a sham, a lie, a cruel hoax. This country was never meant to be a democracy. Any “Tea Party” should know better!

  12. Dave Francis: I’m waiting for you to know tell us all the Judge Roberts actually did us a FAVOR by oking Obamacare. Isn’t that the shit sandwich the Tea Party types are serving now?

  13. the biggest problem, I think with our Founding Fathers thinking is, they could never imagine a day when people left God and become so dishonorable and soft

  14. @ Sallie: Colorado has been completely “Californicated” for many years.
    Similarly, Denver has been a “sanctuary city” for illegal aliens for many years.
    It is, indeed, going downhill fast there.

  15. We must stand tall and defend our land the cowards stating that we must run are disgraceful. Our States were forged by our ancestors and left for us to protect. We must not give up our land without a fight. In Texas we will have war the way things are going before we leave our land to brown and black garbage.

  16. I would suggest you think in terms of root causes rather than symptoms if you’re not already doing this. The people foisting the blacks on browns on us are white and jewish.

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