Amurrica Series: Obama Says America Must Remain a Nation of Immigrants

District of Corruption

He uses July 4th to push for “comprehensive immigration reform.”

Note: The lesson of these 236 years is clear. The Revolution increasingly looks like a terrible mistake. King George III wasn’t nearly this bad.

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  1. That’s a good one.

    Although if I took two punches in the face I’d probably be staggering. Of course it’s a mataphor.

    Turning the other cheek is a but more aggressive that that though.
    It can be interpreted as saying in front of a crowd to a ranker:

    “go on then take another shot big man.”

    hitting a guy with his guard down in front of a crowd isn’t good crowd control. Had the Roman struck twice it would have led to Real revolt.

  2. “really Mosin how is that supposed to work?”

    When did I say it was going to work? I expected the primary results as well. No charge or penalty for voting and it’s the other cheek required.

  3. The Instruction to Peter to shealth his sword during the near riot was also connected to this sentiment.

    I don’t know if this is interpolation after the revolt in Judea though. The Gospel writers were making a very heavy contrast with the fanaticism of the sicari and Zealots.

  4. “The Instruction to Peter to shealth his sword during the near riot was also connected to this sentiment.”

    No, it’s from the “discourse on moral perfection” in the Gospel of Matthew.

    “Turning the other cheek is a bit more aggressive that that though. It can be interpreted as saying in front of a crowd to a ranker: ‘go on then take another shot big man.’ ”

    In the film, the preacher isn’t daring the villain at all, just takes the first two with the taunts, and the end result is completely unexpected. He beats him unconscious.

  5. Mount of Olives with the Sword. Might not have been Peter anyway. The cheek business was in a sermon.

    I think one of the 1970s-80s Jesus of Nazareth episodes literally took the face slapping into a scene. My bag. A roman slaps a disciple ect and the Discipline offers up another go. The Roman backs off. It blends together.

    It’s interesting to think about literal interpretations like that.

  6. By the way: go see BRAVE. There isn’t a whiter movie this side of THE SOUND OF MUSIC. The whole film is basically a celebration of how beautiful White people are and how wonderful their culture is. It’s fantasy, of course, but it’s definitely a white, white flick. No Magic Negro, no street-talkin’ black animal sidekick, no Negro Norse gods, just beautiful pale skin and kilts. There isn’t so much as a guy with a tan in BRAVE! Two hoods up!

  7. “The fucking Lutherans who keep bringing Somalians into White communities are doing God’s work” – +90% of their revenue(and of the other “religious” institutions doing this) comes from the federal taxpayer. no one is donating to have 3rd worlders dumped in their neighborhood.

  8. George III might not have been so bad, but Elizabeth II the Useless and the Governments she has tolerated like an abrasive tampon (er, ‘Charlie’, after her genius son who allowed himself to be taped talking such trash to his equine, geriatric mistress whilst his wife Diana was off elsewhere) are in fact far worse than even what we have now. We still have a hard core of a dozen million or so true patriotic and American people: I doubt England has ten thousand real Englishmen left, and while the Scots and Welsh probably fare a trifle better, not enough to matter.

  9. Neither the founding fathers nor 95% the people who lived in the original 13 colonies were immigrants. They were, in fact, native born Americans who happened to be British Subjects. It was not until the 1990s that America’s immigrant population reached such high percentages of the population, and it has only gotten worse. It is game over for America regardless of who wins the Presidency.

  10. The Lutherans ( and all other churches that are sponsoring and bringing in immigrants) taking federal money to bring in Somali immigrants could say “No” to the feds, but they don’t say no. The say “Yes”. They say a collective Yes. Uncle Sam supplies the fiat dollars; The church-going types supply their time and energy. I was raised Christian– and it goes against the grain to criticize so much– but it’s obvious to me that the kind of christians who love third world immigrants have their heads -up -their -asses. I have church-going neighbors who love the massive immigration. Communist Uncle Sam has it very easy with so many Christians so willing and so enthusiastic to bring in even more immigrants. My neighbors eyes glaze over in some kind of wierd cultish way when they talk about their work “reaching out” to the immigrants. Christianity has devolved into something destructive to the white race. I’m not happy to say it. It’s just what I’m seeing. What I’m seeing coming out of the churches is very nihilistic. Nihilism covered up with smirks and so-called “good works”. I haven’t heard anyone say, ” Charity begins at home” since I was a kid. I’m a little past middle age now. I haven’t heard anyone use that old-fashioned expression in a very long time. Haven’t heard the expression even from church-going Christians. One would think they’d be the first ones to say it. But they don’t say it anymore — let alone act upon it. Very sad.

  11. Neo-Confederacy is a noble cause.
    Agitation for a White America is over.
    Move South or accept – as I have – that Whites form a defacto Aristocracy in the North and do what the New Englanders have done since Puritan days: use your money to insulate yourself from the Negro horde.
    Displace them, gentrify.
    Whatever you do, support a Free South.
    Small government and freedom help Whites.
    Anything short of total primogeniture and abolition of death tax hurts Whites.

    I would advise Whites to buy property in the South and Caribbean (non-US territories).

  12. Be wary of the New World White woman, but submit to her charms and give her the benefit of the doubt. They are the most beautiful creatures on this Earth and will do your progeny well. And the most loving song written by a father for/to his son is “Kooks” by David Bowie.

    That’s all the wisdom I can muster at the moment.

    Oh and Negroes are proof positive that God either doesn’t exist or doesn’t deserve our worship.

  13. Well said, Istvan. Something the non Founding Stock rarely grasps is, Founding Stock were not immigrants we were colonist and conquers

    well well well tamer of savages also gets somethings

  14. “….. a fickle, vacillating, inconstant Diety, or a cruel, bloodthirsty, savage Hebrew or Puritanic one ; and we are but the sport of chance and the victims of despair ; hapless wanderers upon the face of a desolate, forsaken, or accursed and hated earth ; surronded by darkness, struggling with obstacles, toiling for barren results and empty purposes, distracted with doubts, and misled by false gleams of light ; wanderers with no way, no prospect, no home, doomed and deserted mariners on a dark and stormy sea, without compass or course, to whom no stars appear ; tossing helmless upon the weltering, angry waves, with no blessed haven in the distance whose guiding-star invites us to its welcome rest”.
    Albert Pike: ” Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Masonry”
    Christianity needs to purge Herself of her Hebrew and Puritanical influences, or die.
    I don’t care for secret societies, but the above quote seems to me to describe the modern state of the White Race throughout the West in these troubled times.
    We, members of the White Race, desperately need a new faith. One that is straight-forward, manly, with no mixed messages. The Light of Christ and The Light of the Holy Spirit can easily be incorporated into a new faith without it devolving into a namby-pamby philosophy of handing everything the white race worked so hard for, and fought and bleed for, over to the third world.

  15. IMO your country is really no different than a very large country club. Dues are paid in exchange for privileges and rights to use the clubs facilities. Everything the club does should be for the pleasure and benefit of it’s paying members. Our very expensive country club, the USA, has essentially thrown open it’s gates to non-dues paying members. There’s no room in the pool for me and my children because the dregs from all over town have overpopulated it, and they piss in it too because they don’t value it (one does not value what he does not earn). Our golf courses are ruined by non-golfing beginners with no respect for the game for other users. Nobody in their right mind would keep paying for a club that is non-exclusive. Unfortunately, for our club, the USA, you are forced to pay even if it doesn’t benefit you at all.

  16. Joe that’s your first good post about charity begins at home. You are getting your sea legs.

  17. Everything in creation has a place but one
    Thou, oh Englishman hast none

    Shelley. (written at the time of rapid enclosure and industrialization)

    It’s the same for the Southerner today.

  18. I was treated to a “fair and balanced” immigration discussion on NPR on my drive home. Of course, in fine marxist fashion every angle was covered with the obligatory hand wringing over children brought to the US under 16, undocumented workers and their irreplaceable contribution to American labor markets, etc. Of course, their voice from the “right” was none other that Marco Rubio.
    Not once was the interests of the native American population considered. Not once was it even brought up. The simple concept that immigration, like anything else, should be designed for the sole benefit of the current citizens was totally lost.

  19. another good point tamer and Wayne… what a great way of explaining things. I know some country club types to use it with

  20. @John
    My legs are seaworthy, thank you. I’m still having a problem making sailor-type knots, however. I was never good at it– almost failed making knots in boy scouts. Fortunately, I did eventually pass , but it was a big challenge. Guido that I am– I’ll probably wind up under deck in the kitchen/mess hall slinging hash. That’s not so bad, I guess. I can always shoot off my opinions to my fellow sailors while throwing slop on their plates. I hope my opinions are of a better quality than my cooking, though. Not exactly : ” deorum cibus est” ; food for the gods. I guess my fellow sailors will just have to deal with it the best they can. Thanks.

  21. You have it exactly backwards. Communism was invented as a secular, inferior imitation of Christianity designed to subvert the real thing. It worked very well.

    After all, “religion is the opiate of the masses,” right?

    Deo Vindice

  22. Tamer of Savages says:

    “Christianity is Communist kindergarten”.

    That is some funny shit. Even funnier to hear some keyboard commando say that to someone like my husband for instance.

    You’d last about a nanosecond, after which he’d say a prayer for your sorry whipped ass.

    We Christians HAVE turned the other cheek, for far too long IMO & you’re about to see who is on your side (and who isn’t) when the cookie crumbles.

    Work on taming that Ego, how ’bout it?

  23. My comment was directed to the gallery and not a particular poster. When I get out of work today I’ll expand on my post. It is a topic that I’d like to discuss with the fine folks here.

    I don’t want to be around BRA when the cookie crumbles, I’m already looking for a new cookie. This cookie is stale and overpriced and smells like Niggers.

  24. “Christianity is Communist kindergarten”.

    Yes it is. Christianity is psychological communism. Perhaps you have heard of Communion.

    He body of christ- each communicant is a cell in a “higher” organism- the body of christ.

  25. Interestingly enough Obama implied in this speech that we could stop being a nation of immigrants, say by overturning the 1965 immigration law.

  26. The Light of Christ has nothing to do with communism. It’s the hebraic and the puritanical dynamic , and the ancient egyptian , elements in Christianity that informs the communistic spirit in Christianity ; All 3 are based on heirarchy, oppresive and tough heirarchy, too boot. Kinda like how the pharaohs and the ancient hebrew tribal leaders would immediately kill anyone who disagreed with them; Kinda how the pharaohs loved to throw people into slavery ; Kinda like how the puritans were constantly spying on one another to make sure everyone stayed in-line and in-place, securely corralled in the holding pen ; Kinda how any “heretic” amongst the puritans (especially female) was shunned and ostracized, if not outright burned-at-the-stake.
    The Christian Communion represents Christ’s Sacrifice for us so we no longer need to sacrifice ourselves to the ” gods of the world” : the “gods of mitzraim”, nor any of the gods of the epyptian pharaohs, nor the gods of any of the ancient Middle-Eastern tribes from 5,000 years ago.
    We have been set free by -and -through Christ. Christ comes to us from the mountaintops of Iran and Zoroastrianism : actually, in Truth and in Light, Christ comes to us from the Domain of The Spirit. Christian Communion , both Protestant and Catholic : Especially the Catholic Eucharist as it transcends time and place and connects us to the Light of Christ and the Light of The Holy Spirit , is a gift from the Heaven’s via the Zoroastrianism faith ; Christ’s Communion has nothing to do with communism.
    Jews, puritans, those who worship mammon [ bankers and pharisees] ; Those who love to inflict horrible tortures on their fellow brother-men and sister-women [bankers, pharisees, and run-of-the-mill sadists] ; Those too cowardly to speak up in the least bit for liberty : like the apostles who turned their back on Him, like many Christians too chicken-shit to speak up for The Truth, are the ones who are ” “psychologically” communists.
    Not the true partakers in The Gift He Bestowed upon us the night He was betrayed : The same night He suffered in the Garden for the sins of the world : One sin, an incredibly evil sin , being communism. Christ was very much opposed to the pharisees : Pharisees = communists.
    Christ has nothing to do with communism.

  27. The key prophets of Islam and Judaism are warrior kings, made wealthy through conquest.

    Muslims accept Christ as a prophet but believe he has yet to fulfill his warrior role: leading an army against the Dajjal (anti-christ). Jews reject him because he didn’t fulfill a warrior king role in the first place.

    The concept of Christianity is embodied by an acceptance of humiliation and ultimately slaughter. Worse, accepting this death for the sins of others. Still worse, that man is born “fallen” and only can be saved through sacrificing his intellect to the collective. This belief system is on its face so anti-Human that it requires powerful hierarchical organization and syncreticism unseen in either Judaism or Islam just to make it palatable.

    The Christian ethos glorifies the poor while damning the wealthy and successful: “Easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle….. ”

    Some white racialists here support Bolshevism because it became Europeanized. Others support Christianity for the same reason. But both are universalist creeds that have true believers. True believers that follow both ideologies to their logical deracinated conclusions.

  28. The things that made Christianity great, belong to us.
    Our ancestors tossed them in the wishing well and hoped for the best.
    They’re our hopes, our dreams.
    And we ought take them back.
    And believe in ourselves and eachother.
    God is dead, but the New World White lives on.

  29. “God is dead, but the New World White lives on.”

    True conservatism would never seek to establish a new agnostic world.

  30. Unfortunately, Christianity was greatly undermined and usurped by Hebrew and Egyptian influences from the very start . The Zoroastrian contribution to Christianity is the only aspect of Christianity I care for. All in all, I think the White Race should throw out the bible and write a new book of faith. The concept of the Light of Christ and the Light of the Holy Spirit can easily be integrated and interwoven into any new faith without it devolving into Hebraic, Egyptian, and puritanical impulses that only serve to weaken us as a race. The Zoroastrian concept of Christ is very enlightening and the story of Redemption and Salvation is seen as something that happens in the Heavens ( which I agree with) and not through anything that happened here on earth. As Christianity has been around for 2,000 years and for many whites it has great meaning, some aspects of Christianity should be included if the white race should ever write a new book of faith. I see the story of Jesus in the New Testament as metaphor for the forces of good and evil that takes place in the spiritual realm, forces that reach through the veil between the world of the spirit and the world of the physical. Both forces very powerful. Both forces greatly affecting us : A Savior Son doing battle for us in the Domain of the Spirit and in Name of The Father ; A Savior Son whom we have Holy and Sacred Communion with is a powerful concept. It need not devolve into any type of religion the ancient tribes of the Middle East, or in Egypt, worshipped ; Nor , it need not devolve into any kind of namby-pambyism.
    Such a faith would still connect the White Race to our past history (very important) ; It would include — and not at all ostracize* — all those whites who would be very reluctant and unwilling to give up Christianity ; It would release us from the constraints of the ancient gods of the Middle East ; It would release us from preachers who use the bible to constantly remind us of our differences thereby making the white race weaker– not stronger ; And it would greatly free us and inspire us — members of the White Race –to build a viable and sustainable future for our progeny.
    * It would not ostracize white Christians– except if the white “christians” are die-hard and intransigent communists ( my guess is most of ’em are commies out of pure stupidity more than anything else– useful idiots ) . I don’t care what would happen to them if they remained intransigent . Their commie god can take care of them. If we had to go to war against communists, I would fight. The christians in the churches who are communistic are either very severely confused and/or intentionally antagonistic. I’m not a pacificist. I’m only opposed to going into internecine war so quickly and so mindlessly as the white race has done many times throughout history. Usually for the benefit of the ruling class — jewish and otherwise.
    See what happens. The white children being born today will have great challenges. A great struggle awaits them. If we pray for anything, we should pray (and work) that the children of Our Race will have the strength and fortitude to face the hardship and turmoil that will be their lot.
    Dirige nos Domine : Direct us, O Lord.

  31. World without God is a dangerous, destructive anti-white movement.

    No joke. Secular Europe is more anti White, less free then us, smaller birth rate then us etc etc. Secular people living in secular cities and regions of the USA have smaller birth rates, less liberty etc as those of us living in my Godly regions and yet the godless want more of what has already proven not to work for our people

  32. Mormonism is positively correlated with large White birthrates. But that doesn’t make Joseph Smith any less of a charlatan. Arguing for mainstream Christianity solely because it results in large families mocks it as a religion and reduces it to a cynical breeding program.

  33. Wurope was always less free than the New World. I disagree that Europe is more anti-White than BRA.

  34. “Arguing for mainstream Christianity solely because it results in large families mocks it as a religion”:

    Who is arguing on that basis, or for “mainstream christianity,” rather than for true Christianity? But this is a digression from the thread topic!

  35. A true old-time, old-fashioned Christian speaks of America’s decline. If all Christians were like Schwiesow , the white race would be in alot better shape. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. He’s an exception, he doesn’t represent what Christianity has devolved into. He is an anomaly (and probably one who should be shunned) in modern-day Christianity. It’s sad how devolved it all is. Nothing namby-pamby and/or communist about this Christian, however . Good for him:

  36. True Conservatism would – at one point in western history – call for feeding Christians to Lions. Appeals to conservatism couldn’t save the old gods and they won’t save the new.

  37. “Appeals to conservatism couldn’t save the old gods and they won’t save the new” are words of unbelief, as in: “Let him come down from the cross, and save himself, if he is God.”

  38. Not sure anyone here is arguing for main stream Christianity, I’m certainly not, because there is no God in the modern church

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