Andy Griffith Passes Away

It is with great sadness and with great love that we report the death of the actor/authentic Southern comedian Andy Griffith. American television has been insulted and dismissed as a “great wasteland” and on balance, American TV has been a terrible propaganda weapon against our people. But, the Andy Griffith TV show 1960 – 68 was outstanding. If I make it to heaven, I hope that heaven is half as nice as the all White Southern world of Mayberry North Carolina. There was even one Andy Griffith show episode where a regular White guy from the North – New York dreamed that he could be welcomed as a local in Mayberry – The Stranger. Many of us dream this dream.

God bless Andy Griffith and all those who dream the Mayberry NC dream.

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It's OK to dream


  1. jim says:
    July 5, 2012 at 4:12 pm
    Hunter, thanks for correction but the substance of my comment, which seems to have been removed, stands. The show was produced, written and directed by Jews. Except for Danny Thomas, who was a Lebanese Christian and not Armenian…

    Jack Ryan responds:

    Thanks for clearing that up – and that does make sense to me as Lebanese Christians are a group that is very similar to Armenian Christians – a Western oriented, White Christian oriented group that is oppressed, threatened with genocide by NW Muslims in their home countries. Armenian Christians were subject to oppression, genocide by Turkish Muslims, Lebanese Christians oppressed, threatened with genocide by NW, lower caste Arab Muslims.

  2. The B & W episodes of the Andy Griffith Show are sacred to our folk. our enemies like Tim Wise understand this.

    Please defend the sacred cultural texts, movies, rare TV shows of our folk.

    Actors, producers, writers come and go, they age, sell out, that’s life under BRA, ZOG.

    The AGS will live forever.

    14 Words

  3. “Please defend the sacred cultural texts, movies, rare TV shows of our folk.”

    Our folk could possibly do without the TV shows, but not the sacred text that needs no defense.

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