Rural Americans For Obama

American Midwest

Obama is casting out some bait for Midwesterners like Matt Parrott on his YouTube channel:

Note: I didn’t see anything in here about how Goldman Sachs was Obama’s biggest campaign contributor or the free trade agreements he signed with Panama, Columbia, and South Korea.

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  1. Ahhh, you southerners. I honestly feel some sympathy. The short sighted pride in a history that is forever gone.
    You shit shoveling folks are oblivious to the real vicious outside world.
    You all think you can turn back time to the good old days.
    It’s gone folks, not coming back.
    Reminds me of some backwards slavic nation.

  2. By the time you are actually serious about succession, the jews in power will have your precious dixie flooded with wetbacks, niggers and Muslims.
    But, keep blaming northern Whites. Ignore what is happening in all of Europe, ignore what is going on up north.
    Just ignore it, be ignorant.
    Just be southern, it has always worked for you in the past.
    Dixie is a world power, too big to fail.

  3. the why waste your time here?

    ever notice how when you point out an yankee, they say he’s a jew? yep, kids, women and yankees never take responsibility for the mess they make

  4. The true leader of the confederacy was a foreign born jew- Judah Philip Benjamin. After leading the confederacy to defeat and disaster, Judah skipped town and went back to Europe. The leader of the confederacy– Judah Philip Benjamin– was a member of the Queen’s Council in London. Gee. This is really impressive. The great Southerners — so proud and independent-minded –allowed themselves to be lead by a jew — and a foreign born jew, too boot. And Stonelifter thinks he’s the cat’s pajamas.
    The Southerners went to war : the Southerners started the war, the Southerners fired the first shots ; They loved the idea of war ; They loved starting the war. All this war so the Southerners could defend the large plantation owners ( many of the largest plantation owners were jews) and at the orders of the jew Judah Benjamin– a jew on the Queen’s Council* no less. The founding stock Southerners went to war against the Northern founding stock ( both northern and southern founding stock share the blood and same heritage to an extremely large degree, in spite of what Stonelifter has to say)— All at the orders and the direction of a jew: Judah Philip Benjamin. The founding stock Southerners cared more about this jew Benjamin then their own very-closely-related-in-blood Northern founding stock.
    All readers better start to respect Judah Philip Benjamin and the Southerner’s collective willful choice and willful decision to take the orders of this jew to go to war against the Northern founding stock ( their own kind to a very large degree, in spite of what Stonelifter says) and rip the US apart : all at the orders of a jew, and a foreign-born jew, too boot ; Or cat’s pajamas Stonelifter will continue to wet his diapers and will continue to have his usual “manly-man , bam-bam” baby temper tantrums.
    Very impressive. Southerners would do well to examine the collective behavior of their own ancestors in the war of 1861; The took the orders of a jew– again, a foreign born jew — to go to war against their own white race and rip the US apart . The founding stock Southerners share the guilt of the war as much as any founding stock yankee. All the bullshit in the world, all the temper-tantrums in the world**, all the jack daniels and mint juleps in the world, can’t cover up the truth of history. The truth is the Southerners were willing to go to war against their own white race and rip the US apart all on the orders of big-shot jew large-plantation owners ( 1,000 slaves or more) represented by a foreign-born jew on the Queen’s Council* : Judah Philip Benjamin.
    Stonelifter can go sing Dixie onto eternity. Doesn’t change the facts. Southerners started the war in the very first place. And at the orders and direction of a jew– a foreign born jew, too boot.
    *Queen’s Council– Google it. Lots of info online.
    ** Try to be nice to Stonelifter — every time Stonelifter has a temper-tantrum, his mommy has to change his diapers all over again. We’re giving Stonelifter’s mommy alot of extra work.

  5. joe I’ve never said the Founding Stock north and South weren’t closely related in many ways. You are a lying piece of shit. Which is an insult to lying pieces of shit. It’s good to see just how stupid and insane you are with you theories

    i can’t wait until the beaners over run your state joe and rape your family in front of you. what ever horrors you face in life aren’t evil enough for your stupidity, insanity and lies

  6. “The truth is the Southerners were willing to go to war against their own white race and rip the US apart all on the orders of big-shot jew large-plantation owners ( 1,000 slaves or more) represented by a foreign-born jew on the Queen’s Council* : Judah Philip Benjamin.”

    But let’s not repeat THIS mistake that the study of history reveals: living fantastically in conflicts of the past, rather than realistically in the present — working to make practical progress in the present. The purpose of this weblog is, I think, to make practical progress in the present.

  7. I think most of us are here primarily to learn how the movement for secession from BRA/WRA/JRA/DWLRA can proceed, not to concentrate on reviewing the errors and imperfections and apparent failure of the original movement.

  8. @Mosin
    Go tell it to Stonelifter. Then go tell it to yourself. You, like Stonelifter, also talk about the past and the faults and errors the white race made in the past. The past has to be faced truthfully and honestly. At least I face the past with truth and honesty, and in the spirit of not wanting to repeat the same mistakes. I shall continue to do so if I think it necessary.

  9. @Stonelifter

    Actually, everything Joe said about Judah Philip Benjamin and his role in the Civil War, is factually verifiable. There is no “theory” there.

    Why don’t you take the steroid-needle out of your ass-cheek, have a glass of water, and actually do a little reading up on the very history that you can’t seem to get over.

  10. Stonelifter has said many times that the northerners and southerners are somehow different. Not really of the same “kind”. It’s okay to kill northerners ’cause northerners are somehow different. Any regular reader to “OD” knows this already.
    Stonelifter’s latest post proves how anxious and eager he is to see violence done to a fellow white American.

  11. FWIW, speaking as a Southerner, I can say for sure Stonelifter is an exception among Southerners. The only Southerner I know in IRL, or in the world of online debate, who looks at things the way he does is him. A lot of Southerners would like out from under the Fed Gov/BRA/JRA. And so would many White folks outside the South. But, Southerners in general are not itching to kill Northerners simply because they live in the North, much less because of events over 150 years ago.

  12. I can understand wanting to distance yourself from stonelifter.
    He calls for the murder and rape of Whites in the north. I have never come across such a loon either.
    It most likely comes from being a foot soldier for the US government and pumping steriods his entire life.
    I wouldn’t worry much about his lunacy, cancer or some other illnesses is right around the corner for him. He is a drug addict and a life of drug use has consequences that come up in old age.

    I wouldn’t tak anyhow, he is just around the corner from cancer or some other

  13. @Lew
    I know many Southerners. I’ve never met one that is in the least bit like Stonelifter. Not at all. The Southern men that I’ve met in my life where all straight-forward and honest with me. Down-to-earth and friendly. The Southern women I’ve met have been nothing but gracious and polite– real politeness, not phony or put-on in any way. All had a great sense of humor. All were easy-going and friendly. That’s why I hope and pray that war doesn’t come to this land. Too many white Americans — esopecially Southerners — have lost too much blood over the issues being discussed here at “OD”. The Southerners lost more blood than the Northerners even : And that’s saying alot. The Southerners don’t deserve it. Neither does the average Northerner. We Northerners, and all white Americans all over the US , who are conservative and have a love of race and country in our hearts are just as overwhelmed by what’s going on than the average Southerner. Those who write comments here to “OD” with bloodlust and an eagerness to see white Americans get involved in another internecine war need to seriously examine their hearts and their thinking.

  14. Joe, thanks for that bit of info on Judah Benjamim, I did not know that.

    Interesting information such as that is the reason I continue to read here.

    That info kind of takes the wind out of the incessant whining and victimhood argument so often seen here

  15. @Sean
    Some comments I shoot off to “OD” are alot harsher than what I actually think or feel about Southerners. I wrote the harsher comments to try to put an end, or at least lessen, all the gung-ho talk about internecine war. It’s was going overboard.
    The truth is — as I see it — the big-shots in the South, in the North, and in England, all were responsible for fomenting the war of 1861. I don’t blame the average citizens in either the South or the North. We’re all indoctrinated and pushed-around by our respective so-called “leaders” via the media and history books that are chock-full of lies ( mostly lies of omission). That’s why I post links to websites where we can learn some truth about how power works in the world, so we don’t get fooled again ; So we’ll have some knowledge and some idea of how power works so we don’t allow ourselves to be so easily indoctrinated to point fingers at one another.
    Considering the fact that there’re now millions upon millions of third world foreigners in the US now after 50-60 years of massive immigration, and a communist regime in complete ascendancy in Washington — and many state capitals ( like here in California) ,the last thing white Americans should be doing right now is encouraging and goading fellow white Americans unto division and violence towards one another. Our enemies would love nothing better than for white Americans to be at one another’s throats. I’m not opposed to seeing the US break up into different white countries ( all allies to one another, though separate). Still, that’s way in the future. Right now we white Americans — especially those with love of race and country in our hearts— need to show one another some support and encouragement. I will try to refrain from shooting off harsh words about Southerners the best I can. (Still, I don’t think Southern leadership is any better than Northern leadership, when looking at the full picture). I will constrain my critical remarks to the leaders and rulers of this country from now on. As far as the average Southerners go, I have alot of respect for them overall. Still, we all need to wake up and see clearly how we are ruled. All of us have been greatly lied to and greatly indoctrinated — both in the North, the South, and throughout the whole USA.

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