The “Anti-Arizona” Bill


Rah, Rah, ‘Murika.

“(Reuters) – While America’s debate over immigration has been dominated recently by crackdowns in states like Arizona and Alabama, California legislators are trying to turn that tide with a bill to protect illegal immigrants that they dub the “anti-Arizona.”

Last week, the top U.S. court upheld the most controversial aspect of Arizona’s immigration statute: a requirement that police officers check the immigration status of people they stop, even for minor offenses such as jay-walking.

Enter California, a border state that is home to the largest number of illegal immigrants, most of whom are Hispanic, and is considerably more liberal than its neighbor Arizona.

A bill currently working its way through the California legislature would block local law enforcement from referring a detainee to immigration officials for deportation unless that person has been convicted of a violent or serious felony.”

I will say openly what is being whispered this afternoon: I don’t want to preserve the Union.

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  1. Can’t wait for the huge earthquake that will destroy that rotten state. I won’t give a penny in aid relief.

  2. If there is a god, it would be most unjust for him to leave NYC and LA unscathed after he destroyed Sodom and Gommorah.

    I say we just get it over with and give California back to the Mexicans. Let them deal with the mess.

    Deo Vindice

  3. Of course the cracker god worshiping Catholics and their primitive Goddess Mary will approve of this. The LA archbishop is a bona fide Mexican born cracker worshiper.
    (disclosure) I used to be a Catholic when they were a patriotic church..yes, there was a time when they were.

  4. ahh the land of joe. what else do expect from that place? look what Ca as and look at what it is. The perfect example of how quickly leftist ideals crush White people, but hell at lest ducks and geese are free from being force feed

  5. There are some here in California and all over the USA who are not leftists at all. We are overwhelmed just as Southerners are. I have no say in Washington or in Sacramento ( CA’s state capital). Heck. I have no say in my local neighborhood group. I was shouted down by my own neighbors just for suggesting starting a neighborhood watch group. All my neighbors are white. I told some of the catholic priests ( all white) and protestant ministers ( all white) in the local churches around here that the 501c tax break is a form of control by the government they should eschew the tax break. I was ever-so-politely shown the door at all the churches.
    There’re plenty of Southern lawmakers who got us white Americans into this mess along with lawmakers from all over the USA. If you ,Stonelifter, are as truly angry as you pose– Go tell it to your Southern lawmakers. See how far you get.

  6. clearly jew-joe you’ve not paid attention to HW posts on the way yankees vote vs Southron men and lawmakers. which isn’t surprising giving how little you know about every topic you spout off on

  7. As others have pointed out CA is headed for secession. For one reason or another the increasing Hispanic majority will eventually tell the gringos in DC to go to hell. We are New New Mexico, not USA!

    After the remaining Whites have been completely milked and dispossessed CA will become another 3rd world country. This same trend will continue in other states dominated by Hispanics.

    This should cause Hunter to take heart. Once the dominoes begin to fall things should get very interesting.

  8. Penty of Southerners involved in the mess the country is in : Both Southern lawmakers and non-lawmaker Southerners . Plenty of white Southern women filing for divorce at the drop-at-a-hat, plenty of white Southern women getting abortions. Same issues as in the North and all over the US. Same promiscuity. Just as many Southerners going “gay” and going “lesbian” as anywhere else throughout the US, and the whole West for that matter. The Southerners aren’t any better. I think the Southern baptists have a higher rate of divorce than any other group in the US. So much for Southern honor and Southern unity and Southern pride in kin and folk.
    Although the communists– many jewish, some not– push the communist agenda and have managed to pass all kinds of laws inimical to white Americans, including white Southerners ; We still have a choice as to our personal behavior. Just because abortion is legal, doesn’t mean you have to get an abortion. Just because there’s “easy-divorce” laws , doesn’t mean you have to get a divorce. If Southerners truly have such a high respect for their family, kin, folk, people, heritage and culture, the Southerners wouldn’t be indulging in nihilistic behavior that results in ripping their families apart; But that’s not the case.Southerners aren’t behaving any better than any other group of people in this country — including the “damn” yankees : north, midwest, and west.

  9. A Southern president signed the federal reserve act handing All Power and Authority to print money in the US over to the jews. A Southern president signed the bill that opened the US up to massive, unrestricted third-world immigration into the US. Plenty of Southern representatives and senators signed the bills as well. Enough Southerner lawmakers supported both bills that the Southerners don’t really and truly have too much to boast about. Not really. I don’t blame the average Southerner for this. Still, the truth is Southerners don’t have very much hard and objective evidence to truly prove how much better they are than any other group in the country. Doesn’t mean I don’t like Southerners or that I am against secession or what’s best for Southerners : I’m not against for what’s best for Southerners. Just pointing out some truth. Gotta face the truth before one can make things better. Daydreams and fantasies and wishful thinking ain’t goin’ to get Southeners anywhere. Fantasies and delusions will get you nowhere — it will get you nowhere, and get you nowhere real fast.

  10. Why hasn’t a family member of a victim of illegal alien crime successfully sued the State?

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