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  1. There’s an interesting article at AmRen today. It concerns pathological altruism. The article is basically a review of a new book.

  2. I love the way the media is deriding any White dissent as older out of touch cranky old codgers. I think this is directed at the Baby Boomers in the belief that their vanity will make them vote along with the more enlightened youth for Obama. We are all very touchy about our age, LOL.

  3. “Unfamiliar terms”. I don’t think so. I’m sure the book will be chock-full of very familiar, politically-correct terms. The reviewer of Walsh’s book at “Salon” says that Walsh is “lonely”; I guess one is to suppose to believe that she somehow doesn’t have the backing of the whole liberal/ communist establishment behind her ( hah!). I guess we’re expected to see her as some kind of joan of arc, brave, determined, and going up against an incredibly defiant and powerful enemy (hah!). Somehow we are to believe she is actually going up against uncle sam himself ; Premise: uncle sam is very conservative really ; uncle sam is not really a communist, no sir and no ma’am .
    Putting all the mendacity of her work ( I’m being presumptous. Just a hunch I have) and the very sympathetic review at Salon aside– putting all the horseshit aside :
    Walsh’s work already strikes me as sophomoric, judging by the review I read over at “Salon” and what I read about it here at “OD”. I’m not quite sure, though , what category of traitor to the white race she righfully belongs. But that’s just quibbling. In the final analysis, Walsh is another sell-out. I imagine she”ll be doing the talk-show circuit soon. Gee.

  4. …what’s wrong?

    Lost nerve sometime around 1918?

    Decolonization, granting equality, altruism, feeling guilt.

  5. The freedom with which Joan Walsh and Salon repeat and embellish the Anti-White Narrative has a lot of information to be unpacked.

    First, her choice of her book title goes out of its way to verbally smother our diversity and our nationality. Her writing about other major demographics in America emphasizes their diversity and their nationality. This might sound strange to newbies, but every slur and every stereotype in the Anti-White Narrative does the same thing, and it makes a straightforward platform for an attackback to:

    Joan Walsh, Editor at Large

    Second, you can send blind copies of your short, punchy remarks to Walsh’s co-workers by locating them here:


    Second, the video clip above illustrates a particular WEJ trick employed by proponents of the Anti-White Narrative, and that is to shift the ground of the argument from point to point. She ends up making Republicans = the Political Right = Conservatives = the White Older Base. We need to listen for this kind of ground shifting because it is a hallmark of the Anti-White Narrative. Her entire argument is based on disordered categories of discourse as you can hear.

    But multiracialism provides a niche for us to work from whereas Republicans, the Political Right, Conservatives, and the White Older Base have pretty well left us twisting in the wind by failing to help develop ideas and techniques for rebuttal. The much touted First Amendment’s free speech protection is based on the notion that the cure for hate speech is “more speech.” But the categories of people attacked by Walsh have been callously silent on the “more speech” part of the First Amendment.

    Let’s create the “more speech” to cure Walsh’s hate speech, and lay it right on Walsh’s computer screen.

    I hope we can re-visit this topic when the book has come out, it’s bound to be hateful.

  6. They’ve got another thing coming with the youth.

    The money’s running out, and we lived their stupid social experiments. The millenials in the south, at least, are more like their grandparents than their parents when it comes to race.

  7. That’s why I sometimes go on about the catholic thing on t.v.—- she’s Irish working class, etc. Doubtful ages in the country—-

    From experience in various places, some groups try to identify such “weak links” who will naturally project their own personal experience and biases as THEE objective reality of the world (i.e. clinically narcissistic personality types). Hannity is a good example: he fancies it’s a “meritocracy” because he merits his salary (in his humble opinion) and comes from working people, so he knows all about ‘pulling up by the bootstraps.’

    Gotta love the wincy-smile at ‘those old codgers who are afraid others get something for nothing.’

    Um… so she is pro-theft… in addition to Anti-white?

  8. Is this another European-American woman attacking her own people? Has there been women from any other ethnic/racial group who are so happy to see their own people destroyed? Maybe Joan’s mother is from Scandanavia.

  9. The very title is anti-White. What’s wrong with White people? If she were neutral (ha, ha) and wanted to examine wealth trends, divisiveness, or whatever,, she would have written a book titled What’s Wrong with America?, or some such. But, no. She lays the squarely blame on Whites. Who else?

    It is going to take awhile to untangle the dishonesty in this book. Deconstructing this book might be worth the trouble as the book appears to take the standard anti-White ideas, memes and narratives and move them in new directions. The gist appears to be Whites have no valid grievances. The proof that there is something wrong with Whites is that many believe they do (have grievances).

    Joan Walsh, incidentally, shows that if every anti-White Jew disappeared tomorrow, there would be a White Gentile ready to take his or her place.

  10. From the press release link posted:

    “The right wing resentment machine has worked hard to depict the president’s modest efforts on behalf of the middle class as “reparations” to black people for years of slavery and discrimination, making race-neutral programs like “Obamacare” and even the auto bailout seem a handout to the undeserving – even as struggling white Americans stand to benefit most from the president’s policies.”

    Aww, she found some great white guilt ganja and smoked some. She’s up high now, offering wisdom to those still bolted to the ground.

  11. It should be taken up as a direct talking point.

    She is half right. These things are now seen as racial guerrilla war directed at YT. Because they are racial war directed at YT. “Seeing” in this case is correct.

    Who you gonna believe Joan D’ark Wealhish or your own lying eyes?

    Welsh, Walsh, Wealh, means foreign in Old English.

  12. Haven’t you guys learned anything? WALSH is her MAIDEN name. She writes under her MAIDEN name to obscure who is now pulling her strings. She is a judas goat. BTW, the last time she got some wide spread play is when she reviewed Pat Buchanan’s latest book. She’s the go-to woman with a gentile name who can be relied upon to make anti-white arguments seem reasonable to foolish and easily misled white women.

  13. “(D)eriding any White dissent as older out of touch cranky old codgers” reminds me of that dangerous dissenter Paul who was MUCH TOO OLD to be a President, and had a very squeaky, old voice, and should have retired and gone fishing while he can still operate a fishing rod.

  14. White women like this Walsh beast are what’s wrong with white people. It reminds me of an article Bad Eagle wrote some time ago which recalled an old Cheyenne saying, “A nation is never conquered until the hearts of its women are on the ground.”

    Yankee feminism has done irreparable damage to white people.
    Here’s the original article:

    Deo Vindice

  15. John says:
    July 6, 2012 at 11:17 pm

    Cohen refers to himself as an upper middle-class-white, Jewish brother. Are they white, are they not white, so many of them, so many of us – all confused?
    He ended with the mush about he hasn’t lived as a poor black man. Well, he hasn’t lived as a poor white man either!

    I am so sick of race and Americans of all stripes. I wish I could leave tomorrow and never look back.

  16. “John- Here is a jew nailing Walsh to the mast.”

    The jewish writer of the article does no such thing- he makes no harsh criticism of Joan Walsh. He actually defends black activist West in the last paragraph. Do you think, John the Jew, that someone wouldn’t check your linked article?

  17. This has nothing to do with altruism. She married an out-grouper. She made a judgment that the connections she made by marriage will place her children at an advantage vis a vis the children of her peers who did not marry outside the group. Believing her children won’t be burdened by being “white only” she has no qualms about advocating anti-white positions. Just so you know, in all likelihood her in laws (and particularly her mother-in-law) probably hate her.

  18. What’s wrong with White people? We turned our backs on what worked.

    Eve ate the apple so she could be God; then con’ed Adam into eating it so he could be like God. They lost their strength and paradise because of it

    Fast forward a few thousand years and we embraced the anti God jewish refined marxism and cultural marxism, most esp our women so we could attempt to be God all over again, turning our backs on what was working. More of us have turned their backs on the old ways, and all that we were warned against has come true.

  19. “(W)e embraced the anti God jewish refined marxism and cultural marxism, most esp our women so we could attempt to be God” — and goddesses: WRA.

  20. Dixiegirl..your Anticatholic shtick really gets old. The last three Presidents who were born in the states of the Old Confederacy and who wrecked us with liberal policies were all Southern Baptists..Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton..so why don’t you focus on the Southern Baptist role on undermining the USA???

  21. How about BOTH then, Jedediah? Anti-the apostate-Papacy AND anti-the-apostate-Southern-Baptist-denomination!

  22. no doubt Mosin, but I didn’t want to get the hatchet wounds or the White knight pedestal-izers all spun up

  23. In all likelihood this woman is an effective apostate as well. Nonetheless, her parents probably regularly welcome her back into the family bosom ignoring the fact that she now denies the faith that she was raised in. The old ways were the best ways. They should have made it clear to her that marrying outside the faith without a clear understanding that any children would be raised Christian would sunder forever after the familial connection.

  24. “What’s the Matter with White People?”

    Is this a children’s book? The title kind of has that ring.

    Or is it more like “What’s eating Gilbert Grape?”, except in this tale niggers are the retarded useless brother, the oligarchic oppressive federal government stands in for the obese mother, and the white middle class plays the exasperated Gilbert Grape.

  25. Phil, you misunderstand.

    Cohen appears to think race is actually real. Most Jews claim it’s a social construct, like Walsh. Cohen might have a Negro fetish but that’s not the point.

    A flag is nailed to the mast btw. That’s a figure of speech. He’s suggesting her eye rolling about the black jive talker who mentions Jews, is rubbish.

    Walsh really is a goddamn halfwit as he points out.

  26. Oh yeah, Walsh is an intellectual lightweight, what else is new.

    She belongs on the View with the other shrews and harpies.

  27. Or is it more like “What’s eating Gilbert Grape?”, except in this tale niggers are the retarded useless brother, the oligarchic oppressive federal government stands in for the obese mother, and the white middle class plays the exasperated Gilbert Grape

    Great movie reference and comparison, Jim!

  28. Her ilk knows exactly what the “matter” with white people is — their country is being stole from them, the very country their ancestors settled, fought for and carved out of vast wilderness. This is pure tongue-in-cheek. And when/if the lid blows off this pressure cooker, her ilk will be saying “I don’t understand where all the hate comes from, I don’t understand how this could happen? What did we do??”.

  29. “Great movie reference and comparison, Jim!”

    Thanks Kiev, it just struck me that just like the movie’s title, the question “What’s wrong with white people?” should be considered rhetorical.

    Anyone with eyes can see what is wrong.

  30. She’s a Vanden Heuvel wannabe that isn’t to be taken seriously.
    While Vanden Heuval is the real deal and a real intellect,Walsh is a dumber, slower replica – this is attested to by her uncritical Obamaism and self-hating.

  31. Some of the silly anti-female comments on here are ridiculous, especially the myth of Eve and the apple or “yankee feminism” causing this. Please. There are plenty of men who think like this silly woman and are destroying society. It was men who created marxism/socialism. Look at Tim Wise shall we or the men who passed the Hart-Cellar immigration act of 1965. Look at all these male republican politicians who are in with big business and want all these illegals flooding in for cheap labor. Look at the democrat men who want the Mexican votes. Women are partly to blame but men equally.

  32. I believe there are over a billion posters that post on the internet on a daily basis… unfortunately, it seems I have found the most dumbest ones on page:-(


  33. Is it wrong to think Van Den Heuvel Is sexy? I think she is. Marxist chicks with leather jackets are a bit of a turn on.

  34. “Is it wrong to think Van Den Heuvel Is sexy?”

    Not at all, she’s rich! Despite her first name she has a Jewish mother, if that makes any difference to you.

  35. There is much time wasted in trying to intellectualize an argument. Ms. Walsh is apparently trying to make money and sell a book based upon a controversial argument such as race. I think we as God’s people should just see it this way.

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