South Sudan: Africa’s Latest Failed State

South Sudan

Washington has a hypocritical track record of supporting secession abroad while opposing secession at home: Panama from Colombia, Kosovo from Serbia, and most recently South Sudan from Sudan.

South Sudan, the newest independent African country, was a bipartisan cause of promoting negroes, promoting evangelical Christianity, weakening Islamic Sudan, fighting terrorism, and lobbing off the oil fields in South Sudan from Sudan in a “Game of Thrones” move against China:

“One year on, the jubilation that accompanied South Sudan’s independence has vanished. Its first year as a nation has been a disaster by all but the lowest of standards. Sure, worst-case scenarios of sustained full-blown war with Sudan or a complete implosion of the state have not yet materialized. But good luck finding many other silver linings: South Sudan is already the target of a sanctions threat by the United Nations for military aggression along its border with Sudan; its internal strife has already resulted in thousands of civilian casualties; and the country’s oil — its sole source of revenue — stopped pumping in January as part of dangerous brinkmanship in negotiations with Sudan. The country desperately needs visionary leadership: It has only one paved highway, three-quarters of its adults are illiterate, and extreme poverty is widespread.”

since 2005, and the SPLM used that time to loot its way to personal riches, leaving development projects penniless. In May, South Sudan’s government acknowledged that South Sudanese officials had “stolen” $4 billion of missing funds that were supposed to go to developing the war-torn state — the equivalent of roughly two entire years of official revenue. Worse, this money was looted directly under the noses of the international community, which agreed to supervise the peace process and even provided consultants to do South Sudan’s own bookkeeping.”

BTW, the one paved highway can be attributed to Europeans.

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  1. So what they’re saying is that it is a conventional African country? Did anyone actually expect any thing different?

  2. The only people that should be surprised are people like themselves that were surprised by what happened to Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), South Africa (of course, after Apartheid), Haiti (after white rule), … name your third world hellhole. Economics and even sociology (the so called “social sciences”) have few, if any, laws (unlike the “hard” sciences), but allow blacks to rule and you always get Detroited (i.e., only unless whites are keeping it together for them). Cultural Marxists kill me, it’s like that scene in Casablanca:
    Rick: How can you close me up? On what grounds?
    Captain Renault: I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!
    [a croupier hands Renault a pile of money]
    Croupier: Your winnings, sir.
    You wonder if they actually believe their falsifiable religion, or like most DWLs they are more interested in justifying feeding the parasites to kill off their white hosts. It’s both, but it sure is funny how shocked they seem when black rule turns a first world place into a hellhole, a developing place into an undeveloped hellhole, and the Sudan (i.e., a crappy or third world place) into an even crappier place. Anyway, it’s as close to a law of nature with respect to humans as it gets; but, of course, don’t mention it before, during, or after the event. Even for a racist, “I’m “shocked!”

  3. The idea of a nation-state is not one that should be applied to Sub-Saharan Africans. They were fine before colonization. Giving money to hunter-gatherers is not wise.

  4. The nation state is a concept entirely original to the European. Hobbes perhaps, maybe a Frenchie. It’s certainly not viable in Subsaharan Africa.

  5. Fr. John

    it’s probably because some type of YT actually did make them. Deep in the brainstem the darkies know it.

  6. The best way to help black Africa is to leave them alone. European people’s “help” has increased the populations to levels that the black africans themselves can’t sustain. Which then leads to starvation and constant warfare for resources.

    If people truly care about black Africa- leave them alone.

  7. It’s a good phrase.

    Secession for Slovaks, Kosovans, South Sudanese, Quebec, East Timor, but not for you bubba.

  8. That limestone statue at the British Museum is fascinating. I’ve never been too deep into the racial identity of the Egyptians, figured they were some combination of Levantine, Semitic, Berber North African, East Mediterranean, and later, some admixture from the Nubian kingdoms.

    But if you look at the faces of the couple, they almost look… Russian.

    (ps anybody know why they all wore those wigs?)

  9. They do look a bit Slavic. Here’s the intersting thing. The Mameluks were Ukrainians. Additionally the Janissaries were Serbs or Greek. I’m tempted to think similar things about Ancient Egyptian elites. Look at the Syrians and Russians today. That Syrian general who defected recently looks Like a European metrosexual. Assad! A Belgian baker.

  10. What the janisseries and mamluks prove is that slavery as an institution is not overridingly oppressive. The cream will rise even if they are slaves. Just as the Negro fails as an “equal”.

  11. more details in this link:


    Black Sentinel Hat

    Published August 31. 2012/

    By Abou-Bakr Marouf

    World’s great nations vying for control African resources and the exclusion outside the rest of contenders, it’s one of National Geography show; when a group of wolves in forest , planning to attack a deer …Planning together , working together to control the prey, but they differ in the Booty sharing….Always disagree. George Clooney is one of the most famous actors in Hollywood traveled to what is now known as South Sudan in January 2011, Clooney and Enough Project (Satellite Sentinel Project), Sentinel Co-founder John Prendergast had an idea: “What if we could watch the warlords?” , Within a year after December 2010 launch date, the Satellite Sentinel Project was already spying on an independent state, republic of Sudan , under false slogans and weak reasons …

  12. Is South Sudan Weak Failing State?

    Under above title i m developing a paper to be presented in a workshop this Jan.2013 and The Paper will focus on the capacity of government to deliver servicies to the public, eecurity, economic , political and social services and set forth mechanism.

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