Condoleeza Rice as VP

District of Corruption

(1) She is pro-abortion. Can’t wait to see how that would go over with the Republican base.

(2) She was an affirmative action disaster under Bush.

“Let’s briefly review Noonan’s argument for Rice to appreciate just how wrong it is. Rice is a figure of “obvious and nameable accomplishment”? Which accomplishment would that be? Completely failing to do a competent job as National Security Adviser? Presiding over the worst period of U.S.-Russian relations since the Cold War? Facilitating Hamas’ takeover of Gaza? Advising Bush as he embarked on one of the greatest debacles of post-WWII U.S. foreign policy? Helping to shape one of the most disastrous foreign policy records of modern times? Take your pick. No one can take any of that away from her. Her accomplishment is obvious. Noonan says that Rice wouldn’t be “learning on the job.” Certainly not. She didn’t seem to learn anything while she was in her previous administration positions, so why start now? Choosing her as the VP nominee would have a “certain boldness.” Then again, driving off of a cliff demonstrates a “certain boldness.”

The problem with Larison’s analysis is that we are living under BRA.

Why did she get the NSA job in the first place? Was there any other compelling reason aside from the fact that she was a black loyalist?

Note: Obama has his job because he is black. The same is true of Eric “My People” Holder. Romney himself almost lost the Republican nomination to the Herminator. Don’t ever underestimate the racewhippedness of mainstream conservatives.

“Colonel” Allen West is the Tea Party’s choice for VP.

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  3. like the lie about italians and the slave trade which I backed up with all those links, some of which themselves have footnotes for?

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    Italy wasn’t a united country at the time. Those areas of Italy that were independent from foreign rule, or at least had a degree of autonomy and say, slavery was illegal in all those independent areas. In addition to this, the Italian people for centuries had to fend off slave dealers who would try to invade, especially Southern Italy, and tried to drag Italians off into slavery. They were always repulsed. Slavery was always repulsive to the Italians. Of those Italians who did get involved in slavery, most of them were jews. Again, many jews living in Italy a te time moved to England so they could get involved in slavery legally and not have to deal with any legal hassles. In Italy, anyone who tried to get involved in slavery had to dodge the law.
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