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  1. They’ll probably use it for some street hustle ……

    “I Can See! – Trading Places (1/10) Movie CLIP (1983) HD ” – 2:00 min

  2. Socioeconomic versus genetic expression ?

    ” Trading Places – Eddie Murphy Bum/Racist Old Men ” 0:41 sec

  3. Every one is “shocked”., Same old MSM crap..a bunch of low-life niggers stole it.. half breed nigger president’ friends

  4. Trading places could be done for real. I’m sure the experiment has already been conducted.

    Stick 50 nigs on an island with some rudimentary tools and then come back in 1 year. They’d have eaten each other for supper. Stick 50 Scots on an Island next for a year without tools left for the nigs… and they’ll build a bridge to the next island and build weaving machines. Stick 50 Jews on an Island with the remnants of the bridge and Scottish factory and they’ll sell it to the Chinese and flee to Israel on ElAl.

  5. Then the jews will count our [ their?] “Diebold” computerized votes after they arrive in Izzyrael:
    Also: Google “Diebold + Israel”
    Lots of info online.

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