The Walking Dead Season 3 Trailer


Here’s something to look forward to in the fall: the return of Merle to the group.

Update: Daryl as the Redneck Jedi.

“The Redneck Jedi is the latest iteration in a long line of film, television and literary archetypes that help Americans get comfortable with the unfamiliar. Of these, the “Magical Negro,” a term popularized by Spike Lee, is most noteworthy. An African American supporting character often portrayed as wise and spiritually deep — usually by Morgan Freeman — the Magical Negro’s sole purpose is to help a white protagonist get out of a jam.”

Note: Merle vs. T-Dog is likely to generate considerably more excitement than the Romney presidential campaign.

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  1. It was brilliantly clever when the Blondie shot him. Almost as if Stonelifter wrote it. Stupid chicks.

    Daryl thought it was a pretty good shot too and forgives her.

    I see him as a William Tell or Robin Hood. Affable fellow really.

  2. If I wrote the show… it would be realistic. Women , negros etc would be screaming to pull it off the air. It would also be less dramatic since folks would actually know/ figure out how to set up a perimeter and the like. There is no shortage of vet’s in the South to pass these things on.

    Not sure I’ll watch the show now there’s a magic bad ass she-boon; and the zombies trailing behind on a leash makes no sense compared to how they are driven to eat folks.

    Also, motorcycle leathers are fairly common/ abundant and would save folks from bites/ scratches.

    The show makes less sense by the episode

  3. It will jump the shark.

    I watched the marathon to the end of season two. Seemed like a fitting end point.

  4. I’d have killed the entire series when they gunned down the barn full of Zombies.

    I think that had this been realistic in any way the larger quantity of the zombie would be black. The survivors would be almost exclusively rural whites. Possibly people who figured out ways to get to small islands or remote mountain tops.
    I also question the ability of a zombie to beat a tank or an apc.

    “The road” by Cormac McCarthy was the most convincing apocalypse I’ve read.
    It’s a book that made me cry a bit. Film didn’t do it justice.

  5. YAY!!! MERLE!!! My TV Soul Mate!!!!

    The show is confused cause our society is confused. Of course a Magic She boon “doesn’t trust” a clean White healthy man, in full control, in a postion of complete authority. All the Sheboon fun and games end, in that scenario.

    It’s actually beautifully psychically accurate. Manly Sheboon leads two deformed, mutilated, un-natural ghouls around, in chains – for this is the only way and only THINGS Sheboons are really capable of leading. Study various African mythos – all their founding Myths revolve around their own malevolence and evil. I told you months ago, that David Morrissey is a SUPERB actor, He will turn the intended slant of his character – Uber White Man Debbil Supreme -into a SYMPATHETIC character – no matter what the writers make him do – as the Judaized writers cannot reconcile, or finally elude White Man as Heroic Figure. The Govenor is running a clean, functioning, orderly town. An oasis. Of course he must be evil and depraved! Jews cannot imagine that a clean, White, orderly town is just what it seems. They, due to their own Natures, must assign the same malevolence and depravrity that they hold, in their own gene codes, to all others. But fear not – the “audience” will read the Message VERY differently.

    Don’t worry about the confusing elements. The Audience responds to primal archetypes. Merle, Darryl, the Governor – Natural Man into Civilized Man. An illustration of an ancient Continuum. Rick is modern Multi Culti Man. He’s trying to reconcile the wholly un-natural and unstable Friendly Modern Multi-Culti Deracinated, and virtually neutered Good Guy role, assigned by the Machers, in our Strange Days Kosher Times, to White men. Rick is the embodiment of the ONLY mode of being that White men are allowed to function in – and it’s a train wreck. Natural Law keeps screwing with Rick, every single second, as he deals with the REALITY of …..well…Natural Law. As Civilization dissolves – so does Rick’s mental, emotional, and psychic contructs. Rick has a LOT of trouble with Natural Law. Merle, Darryl, and the Governor – they don’t.

    Darryl may have seemed like a traitor, etc, to his ostensibly murdered brother – but he was doing the right genetic thing – staying alive to reproduce. Barabaric, desperate social orders CUT THIER LOSSES. With the establishment of a sacred, defensible turf – and Merle – things will CHANGE.

    Rick is unstable, and un-natural. He is having a terrible time dealing with scrubbing out an entire lifetime of brainwashing, courtesy of a very sick social order. Merle, Darryl. and the Governor, they eluded the social conditioning, to varying degrees. They are Imagos of a Heroic Tradition. They may be slandered, de-legitimized, dispossessed, and finally banished – but only for a time. Ultimately they cannot be denied. They can be held at bay, for a while – but the Heroic Man – who IS White Man NOT be kept out, or destroyed. The Throne of Power IS White.

    All forms of drama are story-telling – retellings and variations of Foundational Mythos. This one little TV show is retrieving and restoring our Heroes, into the Collective Psyche.

  6. Rick does keep them going though. Hes get a few folk killed on the way however.

    What the series needs is a Sergeant Major figure. R Lee Ermy or something.

  7. He gets…D’Oh.

    I only watched it all recently as a marathon.

    The suicidal Blondie is a clever portrait. Rick’s wife is pain in the arse. The black guy was a liability nicking his artery like that. It’s quite a clever snapshot of things.

    The Cholos at the old folks home was touching. They were presented as alien which
    also made sense.

    It’s quite a good mythology. Samuri Sheboon is complete crap though so missing series 3 is a must.

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