The Dark Knight Rises


So the new Batman movie is about the collapse of New York City into an Occupy Wall Street mobocracy … I can see the perfection of democracy happening as we approach the final days of BRA, but it doesn’t sound very “progressive” here.

“He also has the courage to grapple, however superficially, with two big themes – the fear of terrorism and economic collapse.

The bad guy of the picture, Bane (Tom Hardy), is like a French revolutionary of the 18th century, hoping to unite the oppressed masses against the capitalists, police and authorities who have kept them under control for so long.

A ‘people’s court’ dispenses death sentences to anyone deemed reactionary. That’s me done for, then.

I wouldn’t go so far as to claim the film is a political heavyweight, but there are echoes of Dickens’ big novels about rioting masses and political anarchy, Barnaby Rudge and A Tale Of Two Cities.”

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  1. The Batman movie should have been set in Chimpcongo.
    There we see the perfect balance of 1/3 Black, 1/3 White (primarily central Europeans) 1/3 Hispanic ruled over by an Israeli: Policed by Irish.

    It’s the killing ground of the midwestern racial war. It’s Bleeding Chicago.

    Manhattan is a trustfund playground for picking up leggy models.

  2. Ahh!!! Springtime in Manhattan when the heavy winter coats come off and the short skirts start appearing!

  3. @Stonelifter

    It may have been on the news, but this is the first I’ve seen of it. I think that article was being a little dramatic. I’ve never been to the Middle East, but really, that didn’t look like a “stoning” to me — more like just a hot afternoon and some do-gooders agitating for no reason, and some coward punks threw a few rocks at them. Nothing serious by local standards. Honestly, I don’t like the sight of all those ragheads in Dearborn, and I don’t trust them one bit, but they’ve been there since the 1940’s and their pretty quiet and never cause any trouble. A lot of them get murdered by niggers during robberies, and unlike whites here, very few of them carry guns.

    I live on the East Side, and Dearborn sits on Detroit’s western border, so I don’t get over there much. If anybody’s interested, I’ll drive over there one of these days and walk around and make a video for YouTube.

  4. Just wondering Chris. Anything like that is liable to be over blown because hajjis are their hobby horse. However, hajjis are horrible and do stuff like that on the regular in their own nations, and increasingly in Europe as they gain in power

  5. Hamas operates out of dearborn, they had ben caught selling truckloads of cigs for uzis and the rest. personally i grew up in the jew haven known as ann arbor, bring those hajjs over here after the collapse, i’d gladly make a video of jew professors and liberals being macheted by the people they wanted over here, the people they defend from the poor farmboys sent overseas to fight their savage nations for our great plutocratic octopus

  6. Muslims in Dearborn are an insignificant matter, when compared to the nigger problem in Detroit.

  7. well clearly, all the major cities on the huron are fucked beyond all repair. we should sell them to canada as “investement zones” or something. the best would be to sell them to multinational corporations as a sort of “bantustan” form the aparthied model, have detroit niggers mine for salt, have them do it and pay them shit or expell them from our state.

  8. Our cities aren’t fucked beyond repair, and we won’t be selling them to anyone. That kind of defeatist attitude is wrong.

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